Pro membership details

To sign up for Kosmo, you only need to enter your email address, no credit card required. We don’t charge any payment processing fees. With the free account, you’ll get access to Kosmo’s main features.

Free plan
2 Clients
2 Projects
1 Invoice per Month
1 Contract per Month
1 Proposal per Month
Accept Online Payment
Unlimited Time and Task Tracking

Get access to the complete suite with a pro membership. The pro membership is $9/month. We also offer 2 months for free if you choose the annual option. By signing up for the pro plan you’ll get unlimited features. You’ll also be able to create completely custom contracts and choose custom invoice and proposal designs to include your branding. Save message templates for invoice, proposal and contract emails and get priority support. Head over to your settings to sign up for a pro plan.

Pro Membership
Unlimited Projects
Unlimited Invoices
Unlimited Contracts
Unlimited Proposals
Accept Online Payment
Time and Task Tracking
Custom Invoice Designs
Custom Proposal Designs
Custom Contract
Saved Email Messages
Priority support