After sending a contract

Once you sent a contract, your client will receive an email to view the contract. The contract will open in a new window and the client can review it and download the contract as a PDF. At the bottom of the PDF, the client is asked to “Sign Now”. After the client signs, the contract will show both your and the client’s signature and the contract cannot be edited anymore.

You’ll receive an email notification to let you know that the client signed the contract. A little notification in the dashboard will also update you that a contract was signed. You can view the signed contract in your account and download it as a PDF.

As the last step, the client and you will receive an email with an attachment of the contract PDF, as well as the contract log PDF. The contract log shows the activity log of the contract, meaning when it was created, and sent, what was modified after the initial creation and when the contract was viewed, signed, and completed.