Harvest vs Fiverr Workspace vs Kosmo

Are you a freelancer who is struggling to keep everything organized? Do you feel like you are constantly running around, trying to keep your life together? If so, then you need a good project management tool. But with so many different options on the market, it can be tough to decide which one is right for you. Fortunately, we are here to help. In this blog post, we will compare some of the most popular project management tools available, to help you make the best decision for your business.

Let’s take a closer look at Harvest, Fiverr Workspace and Kosmo to see which one might be the best project management option for your business.

Harvest vs Fiverr Workspace vs Kosmo Features Comparison

FeatureHarvestFiverr WorkspaceKosmo
PriceFree, $12/monthFree or $24/monthFree or $9/month
Projects2 Free, Unlimited (paid)Unlimited (paid)2 Free, Unlimited (paid)
Time Trackingyesyesyes
Task Managementnoyesyes
Total Price Per YearFree, $129Free or $216👍 Free or $90

Overall the three platforms offer many similar features. In the end, users are likely to make their decision based on personal preference and needed features. Kosmo for example offers completely custom contracts that can be signed online as well as invoices that allow you to add your own branding.

Kosmo’s platform is simple to use and intuitive, cutting down on onboarding time so freelancers can continue focusing on what they do best.

Following are a few snapshots of what an Invoice would look like on each platform.

Invoice preview using Harvest

Invoice preview using Fiverr Workspace

Invoice preview using Kosmo

What is the price difference between Harvest, Fiverr Workspace and Kosmo?

Harvest offers a free plan that allows you to have up to 2 active projects within their software. When you need more projects, you’ll have to update to their $12/month plan.

Fiverr Workspace offers a basic free plan that allows you to manage 1 client, but to use all functions you’ll have to subscribe to their $24/month plan.

Kosmo’s free plan includes 2 clients, 2 projects, 1 invoice per month and more essential features. Plus, you don’t need to enter your credit card to get started. If your freelancing business grows you can upgrade to the unlimited plan for $9/month. Kosmo also allows you to add your own PayPal and Stripe account and does not charge any processing fees.

The yearly price difference when comparing all three platforms is significant. Harvest offer both a limited free plan and a paid plan at $129 per year. Fiverr has a limited free plan and runs at $216/year for the pro plan. Kosmo offers a free plan as well as a $90/year pro plan.

Harvest vs Fiverr Workspace vs Kosmo: The Final Verdict

Harvest, Fiverr Workspace and Kosmo are all freelance project management platforms designed to help freelancers (and other businesses) optimize their operations. All three platforms offer similar features that differ on complexity and customization options. In the end it comes down to what the freelancer truly needs to run an efficient business.

Harvest does a good job as a time-tracking app, but lacks some important features like proposals, todo-lists and standard contracts, that many freelancers are looking for in a project management software. Their $12/month plan is definitely more affordable than many competitors, but also comes with fewer features that several competitors offer as part of their standard premium plan.

If you don’t work for a large agency and are looking for a clean uncluttered interface, beautiful branded invoices, customizable documents and a competitive price – Kosmo will work best for you. Also, you can use your own payment accounts like PayPal and Stripe. Kosmo does not charge any processing fees on those payments.

If you work primarily with clients from Fiverr, then their Workspace could be an option. For some freelancers, being affiliated with Fiverr’s reputation of low budget jobs and of offering deals/gigs starting at $5 might be a turnoff. If you have more than one client you’ll need to subscribe to their $24/month plan which comes out to $216 annually and is comparatively on the higher end.

🤖 Why should I sign up for Kosmo?

  • Functional free plan with Clients, Projects, Time Tracking, Invoices and everything needed to get new and established freelancers going.
  • Simple and easy to use platform.
  • Beautiful invoices and proposals.
  • Founder level support that cares about your business.

Get Organized & Win More Clients

Kosmo has everything you need to run your freelancing business.

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