Drupal Project Management: Everything You Need to Know About It

Do you have a Drupal website? Then, the Drupal project management toolkit is a must for you. 

Whether you want to manage projects or teams, the Drupal PM package can help you with everything. 

The project manager is a package of tools that enables tracking and management for each task. Finally, Drupal PM is set up of modules that help with particular functions, such as: 

Each module permits control of data sharing with other Drupal users. It also supports the project or task assignment to particular users. 

But unfortunately, not many Drupal users are aware of this awesome toolkit. 

So, let’s change that and learn all about Drupal Project Management. 

What is Drupal?

Drupal comes from the Dutch word. It means “druppel” or “drop”. 

In 2003, Drupal first supported 50 websites across the US in a political party campaign. It is an open-source community to develop and supports websites. 

However, the software was used 1.4 million times within one year.

It is a PHP-based project management portal. It is a sophisticated platform, and administrators need no coding skills in installing Drupal

Top 10 Drupal Project Management Modules and Distributions 

Screenshot of Drupal

Drupal has various core versions. A core is the stock mode. It is an essential program that results in running a website. 

Drupal core functions are further divided into different distributions, themes and modules. 

A theme helps to customize the installation appearance. A module extends the core’s built-in features. 

The distribution is a package version that contains a core, pre-configured module and theme. 

Drupal has several modules and distributions. Also, many developers contribute to adding more features to several Drupal project management functions. 

Here are the top 10 Drupal project management modules and distributions:

1. Open Atrium Distribution

Do you want to design a customizable and collaborative knowledge management system for Drupal sites? 

Then, the Open Atrium distribution is the best. 

This Drupal PM has file management capabilities that let you store and share documents. It is a secure platform to share project details with your team. 

Also, you can customize your system per team, project or organization. 

It works well with web browsers and mobile devices. The extension also offers strong access control to content. This way, people only in your project subgroup can access your content. 

2. ERPAL Distribution

ERPAL distribution is a web-based business management system for service providers and developers. 

It allows you to manage business processes supporting these features: 

  • CRM solutions — contact database and activity management 
  • Project management — time tracking, Gantt charts, payments, etc. 
  • Document management and creation 
  • Contract management 
  • Employee management — costs, overtime, vacations, etc.
  • Invoice management 
  • Calendars, PDF export and much more. 

The main purpose of ERPAL distribution is to save time. It allows you to perform all administrative operations within a dashboard.  

3. Case Tracker Module 

It is a simple tracker that allows developers to track and monitor several tasks. 

However, you can extend Case Tracker functions as per your needs. For example, you can use it as a ticketing system to enhance users’ experience. 

It has a clear user interface that lets you track pending cases with your team. After that, you can assign tickets to the right person to take instant action. 

If you wish to resolve customer queries faster, you must use this Drupal project management module. 

Drupal project management

4. Support Ticketing System

This Drupal module works as a simple helpdesk and ticketing system. It is a complete customer support system module with features like: 

  • Seamless email integration 
  • Assign tickets to users 
  • Check tickets status 
  • Generates charts
  • Email notifications, etc. 

However, this module needs other modules’ support to boost your user experience. For instance, Support Timer for time tracking and Support Deadline for adding due dates. 

5. Conference Organizing Distribution

Do you want to host an online event? Do you want to have a conference meeting with your team scattered across the globe?

Conference Organizing Distribution or COD is the best Drupal distribution for you. 

It works well with Drupal 7 and 8 to create a website for events. The distribution has many great features, such as: 

  • Create and manage event tickets 
  • Manage session selections 
  • Allows event attendees to vote for their favorite sessions 
  • Manage sponsors 
  • Event management dashboard 
  • Track events and sessions 
  • Sell event tickets using Drupal commerce 

6. Project Management Module 

This is a tool package to manage and track several projects. Drupal project management module contains everything that you ever need to run a project, such as: 

  • Manage team and other people associated with the project 
  • Handle several projects at ones 
  • Time tracking on each task
  • Add notes 
  • Track ticket status 
  • Generate invoices 
  • Control expenses and more

7. Project Management Junction 

This is another Drupal module for project management and invoicing. In 2009, the module was first introduced to manage backend operations. 

It can manage projects, calendars, contacts and resources. It also has reporting features like creating charts. 

Project Management Junction has three main modules: 

  • Contact Manager helps to manage client database 
  • Project Monitor to monitor and analyze project statuses 
  • Project Invoice lets you record billable hours and generate invoices 

However, you need to separate Module Manager if you want to add more extensions to your Drupal site. 

8. Contenta

Contenta offers a framework that is API ready. The distraction makes it easy to use headless Drupal. 

It comes with preinstalled codes and demo content with front-end applications.

If you are new to Drupal, Contenta offers an easy way to get around the Drupal CMS. 

For a complete headless Drupal project, ContentJS is the best solution. It integrates Contenta CS with the front-end framework NodeJS for a powerful experience. 

9. Drupal Government Distributions

The aGov Drupal 8 distribution was created to meet the Australian government guidelines.

It helps government setups to follow digital standards and protocols. It supports the WCAG 2.0 AA, AGLS metadata, Australian government Web guide, etc. 

However, the aGov developers are no longer developing support for this distribution. They are now focusing on the GovCMS Drupal distribution. 

The aGov is the foundation for GovCMS to build secure and responsive government websites. 

10. Commerce Kickstart

Do you want to build an eCommerce store on Drupal?

If so, Commerce Kickstart is the best Drupal distribution. It is compatible with both Drupal 7 and 8. 

The Commerce Kickstart 2.x has several beautiful themes, payment, reporting, and other tools. Besides this, it supports all eCommerce features, including: 

  • Create catalogs 
  • Shipping and fulfillment 
  • Marketing Toolkit 
  • Search Configuration 
  • Custom back-offIce interface and more

How to Select the Best Drupal Project Management Module?

Screenshot of Drupal

Now that you know the best Drupal project management modules, the next question is how to select a suitable one for yourself. 

You might feel overwhelmed after checking all the amazing Drupal PM modules. But it is easy to find the best Drupal distribution or module for your next project. 

Here’s how to select the perfect Drupal project management solutions: 

Define your goals 

You need a clear objective and goal to select the right Drupal module. For that, you have to understand your project details and client requirements. 

For instance, your client wants real-time updates on the project. In that case, you need a time tracker module to track project updates and share them with clients. 

Here your team’s input is the best weapon for you. This will help you understand your team’s problems and choose the right Drupal module to support them. 

Open the communication line 

Seamless communication is important to find a suitable Drupal module. 

You can have open communication with your team and clients while selecting the Drupal project management tools. 

They can better help you understand roadblocks and risks related to your project. 

You should contact all the project stakeholders to find the right tools.  

Monitor your shortcomings 

Drupal modules are here to support your team. They make your workload efficient and effective. 

Thus, you should analyze your internal affairs and find problems. 

Do you face problems while coordinating with your remote team? Is it a problem to establish open communication with your clients? 

Once you accept your shortcomings, it will get easier to select the right tools. 

Alternative Drupal Project Management Software

Drupal project management is a great package to manage your Drupal projects. 

But what if you want to manage your projects on other platforms? 

In that case, you need some other project management solutions. And there are many great Drupal PM alternatives available in the market, such as: 

1. Kosmo

Screenshot of Kosmo

Kosmo is a simple and intuitive project management software for freelancers and creators. 

The software can handle all types of projects — from big to small ones. 

It can help you create invoices, track payments, and send proposals.

Kosmo allows you to track your tasks and time to generate invoices. 

The software enables you to customize proposals and contracts to meet individual client needs. 

Moreover, the software has a forever free plan for solopreneurs. However, the unlimited plan is available for just $15 per month or $90 per year. 

2. Jira 

Screenshot of Jira

Jira is an agile project management software. It helps development teams to plan, track and launch new software. 

Jira also has reporting features that help to boost the team’s productivity and create a better workflow. 

It is a part of the Atlassian family. Thus, Jira can integrate with several other project management tools and products. 

For eCommerce users, it is the best software. It has a unique process for shipping software. 

So, you can use Jira to create an agile workflow in your organization. 

3. Contentverse

Screenshot of Contentverse

Contentverse is a cloud-based and on-premise document management software. 

It can handle all the unique project demands with features like:

  • Batch uploading 
  • File sharing 
  • Workflow management 
  • Drag-and-drop interface and more. 

4. Doc.It Suite

Screenshot of Doc.It

Doc.It Suite is the best solution for accounting and tax professionals. 

The software offers various document management options like capturing, managing, and recording documents. 

The web portal allows clients to share documents and reports. Clients can also share files for editing purposes. 

On top of it, Doc.It Suite integrates with other accounting and taxation solutions. Thus, you can better manage your finances with this tool. 

5. CaptureFast

Screenshot of CaptureFast

CaptureFast is a content management software. It is perfect for businesses that deal with a large content base. 

It has basic document management features like capturing documents and image processing. 

The best part is that CaptureFast is available for Android and iOS devices. 

The smooth integration with Dropbox and Google Drive makes the software more powerful. 

Parting Remarks 

Drupal project management is essential to running your Drupal projects. It allows you to track, manage and monitor your projects in no time.  

Plus, there are so many great Drupal modules and distributions available. 

So, don’t waste your time managing your projects manually when you have Drupal PM at your disposal. So, don’t waste your time managing your projects manually when you have Drupal PM at your disposal. 

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