10 Best Client-Facing Project Management Software in 2022 

Do you know acquiring a new customer is 5-25 more expensive than retaining a return customer? 

You need to get client-facing project management software to provide a good customer experience. 

This software also lets you control and organize your workflow. It has various resources that help you build a solid relationship with your clients. 

But, how can I find the best client-facing project management software? 

Let’s walk through this guide to learn about the best project management software.

What is a Client-Facing Project Management Software? 

Client Facing Project Management Software

A client-facing project management software helps managers to communicate with clients. It helps managers to complete several projects on time within a given budget.

Tools have various features to build client relationships, apply feedback, etc. 

Tools include features like a project planner, Gantt chart, communication portal, etc. 

Using this software, you can complete the client’s project on time. This, in return, will improve customer experience and retention. 

Also, project management software enables managers to work on several projects at once. The software also allows project managers to manage their workflow.

A team can even collaborate on a project to meet deadlines and objectives. It also allows people to work across different time zones. 

These tools are an efficient and cost-effective way to run many projects. 

Why Should I Use Client Facing Project Management Software?

A project management software with a client portal makes it easy to manage many projects. It also helps to establish a smooth communication flow and build client relationships. 

Besides this, client-facing project management software enables project managers with: 

Transparency in workflow 

This software helps to establish workflow transparency. Project managers can interact with clients in real-time. And keep them updated on the project status. 

Plus, managers get instant feedback from clients to deliver quality work on time. 

Project management software also allows managers to see individual team members. They can ensure their team is aware of deadlines and clients’ inputs. 

With transparency, project managers can win their client’s trust and motivate them. 

Establish a centralized communication portal 

Client-facing project management software provides vendors access to reports and status updates. 

The clients get a chance to view their project status using an intuitive interface. The client can also set up a timeframe to get regular project updates. 

The software enables clients to review the vendor’s performance and input feedback. 

Plus, the client project management software lets clients set dates, resources, etc. 

Create a better customer experience 

This software allows project managers to offer a 24/7 support system to their clients. With this system, clients never have to worry about project completion. 

They have to log in to the system and get real-time updates on a dashboard. 

The system creates an event timeline. Clients can use it follow to know everything about their projects. 

All this will help to improve the client experience. And a happy client will never mind recommending or reusing your services. 

Streamline your workflow 

Clients can demand change anytime. And it is a challenge for project managers to inform all stakeholders faster. 

Also, important messages might get lost in all the back-and-forth email threads. 

Thanks to project management software, clients can now share updates with all stakeholders. Now that clients and your team can directly communicate. This enables a better understanding between them.

Plus, it will reduce your workload of passing information between clients and the team. 

This can also remove the need for frequent team meetings. The software can keep all parties involved in a project on the same page. 

10 Top Client Facing Project Management Software 

There are several project management software available in the market. Yet, only some of the tools come with a client portal. 

Here is the best client-facing project management software to use in 2022:

1. Kosmo: Best Client Facing Project Management Software

Price: Free or $15 per month 


Kosmo is a simple project management solution for freelancers and creators. It helps to automate several business operations, including tracking time, managing projects, etc. 

The software lets you track clients’ contact details, invoices, and projects. This way, you can manage your many clients and projects with ease. 

Kosmo is a dynamic project management system with many advanced features, like: 

  • It helps to create branded invoices and send payment reminders. 
  • Allows receiving payments via Credit Card, PayPal, or ACH transfer. 
  • Track time spent on a session for hourly billing purposes. 
  • Customize contracts and get clients‘ digital signatures within a portal. 
  • Set measurable income goals and check your weekly, monthly, or yearly progress. 

2. Freshdesk

Price: Free up to 10 agents or a Growth plan for $15 per month 


Freshdesk is a cloud-based client service software for all sizes of businesses. 

It turns client requests received via email, web, phone, or chat into tickets. After that, you can share tickets across channels to resolve customer queries faster. 

Freshdesk has several features to automate your workflow. It has an artificial intelligence algorithm to manage your projects without much hassle.

Freshdesk has over 50,000+ users, including pioneers like Hugo Boss, Cisco, Honda, etc. 

3. monday.com

Price: Free up to 2 seats or a basic plan starts from $8 per month 


monday.com is an open client-facing project management software. You can integrate it with several other business building blocks. 

Monday can better run your business, manage workflows, and boost team alignment. monday.com has a wide range of business automation tools that you can use based on your needs. 

You can use the Monday CRM tool to manage your client databases and track your team’s performance. 

4. Wrike

Price: Free forever or paid plans start from $9.80 per user/month 


Wrike is a leading collaborative work management software. When your employees work from different time zones, this software is the best.

It is a remote work software to ensure your team collaborates and delivers projects on time. 

Wrike’s CWM platform is powerful enough to meet enterprises’ needs. It is also flexible enough to support casual project managers’ needs. 

The best part is Wrike can integrate with other leading business automation tools. It works well with tools like Microsoft, or Adobe. 

5. Accelo

Price: Plus plan for $24 and Premium for $39 per month/user/product


Accelo is a simple client-facing project management software to manage many projects.

It is an end-to-end cloud-based solution. It can handle all aspects of client work. Including payment, project delivery, timesheets, etc. 

This platform offers a holistic view of your business data and financial performance. It also streamlines communication with your many clients. 

6. OneDesk

Price: $540 per year 

OneDesk Client Facing Project Management Software

Are you looking for a portal to serve your clients and manage team projects in a dashboard? Then, look nowhere else. OneDesk can combine online helpdesk and project management features for you. 

OneDesk’s project management dashboard helps to plan your projects and capture timesheets. You can schedule your tasks and projects on a timeline using Gantt charts. 

The helpdesk dashboard allows you to respond to customer queries. It can also help you manage tickets, send service requests, etc. 

7. Asana

Price: Free or $10.99 per user/month 

Asana Client Facing Project Management Software

Asana is an intuitive project and work management dashboard. Over 114,000 companies across 190 countries use this portal to manage their workflow. 

It helps to delegate tasks to team members. Asana boosts confidence among your team to complete tasks faster. The platform also offers scalability and reliability to users. 

Still unsure about Asana, here is a Asana vs Dubsado comparison that should help you with your decision.

8. AllClients

Price: Starter plan for $29, Standard for $41, and Professional for $66 per month 


AllClients is the all-in-one CRM and marketing toolkit. It is a perfect client-facing project management software, including features like:

  • contact filtering
  • contact management
  • autoresponders
  • managing to-dos
  • creating events in the calendar
  • maintaining client records, etc. 

AllClients also supports drip email marketing, deal tracking, sales pipeline system, etc. 

9. WorkflowMax

Price: $45 per 3 user/month 

WorkflowMax Client Facing Project Management Software

This tool creates a productive environment to manage your clients. WorkflowMax can help to record and report on customers. 

It can create a detailed client contact database, including information like birthdays. There is also a Global Search feature to make it easier to look for clients. 

Xero integration enables users to generate productivity reports, invoices, and better financial management. 

10. Insightly

Price: Starts at $29 per user/month 

Insightly Client Facing Project Management Software

It is a powerful CRM software that can integrate with the entire G Suite. Insightly is a one-stop solution to manage your projects, sales, and marketing campaigns. 

It lets you send emails to potential customers with a click. You can also route leads to the responsible person in real-time. 

Pick the Best Client-Facing Project Management Software 

There you go, folks! You have now reviewed the top 10 client-facing project management solutions. 

All the discussed tools are the best. So, based on your requirements, you can select suitable tools. For instance, freelancers must get Kosmo to track projects, generate invoices, etc. 

That’s it for now! Keep on following us for more insightful updates on project management. 

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