How to Select the Best Client Management Software

Every business’s main goal is to make customers happy. Happy customers are equal to constant business growth and revenue.

But, it is not that easy to manage several clients and projects at the same time. And offer the best quality service to all clients.

Thus, businesses need client management software to keep things moving.

This kind of software helps businesses to maintain client databases. They can also communicate and manage projects within a portal.

Moreover, client management software is useful to save your team’s time and make them more productive.

So, do you want to use the client management system in your company? 

Then, follow this guide to learn all about client management tools.

What is Client Management Software?

A client management system is a portal that helps build customer relationships. Businesses can use this software to run their operations. 

It stores the client database in a dashboard. Thus, you can complete your projects on time. And make your clients happy.

Today, a client relationship management system is growing at lightning speed. According to a report, this technology is set to a value of $128.9 million.

Benefits of Client Management System

Client management is the backbone of a business organization. 

Those who use CRM software can not work without it anymore. Most companies start using client management systems within the first five years

Are you not yet using CRM software? Then, you are missing out on the following benefits:

Simple reporting 

Data is an important element for business organizations today. Companies need data to provide personalized marketing solutions to their customers.

Client management solutions can record all your client information in one portal. This allows you to analyze your client’s pain points and needs.

Based on this information, you can design sales and marketing strategies. 

Besides this, reporting helps you know the project timeline and progress status. You can ensure to deliver projects on time and impress your clients.

Quick information access

The client management system comes with a dashboard. It provides a complete overview of projects, tasks, and client details.

This helps team members to find the right information with a click. Moreover, project managers can share relevant information with clients.

Suppose a client wants to know about email marketing campaign results. In that case, you don’t have to go through a large excel sheet to find the right information.

You can find the information from the dashboard and share it with the client.

Client-facing project management systems let clients self-check work status.

You can make your workflow more straightforward and accessible with a dashboard.

Personalized services 

Personalization is not an option for companies today. Instead, customers want companies to deliver personalized services.

And companies that fail to deliver personalized solutions don’t have a bright future. 

Thus, you need CRM software to provide your prospect with personalized marketing, sales, and customer support.

Using this software, you can understand what your customers want. So, you can design solutions based on their real ones.

Suppose you provide marketing consultation services to B2B businesses. One of your clients is using your services to market their business on Instagram.

Using a client management platform, you can record details of your client clients. This way, you can design an Instagram marketing strategy to increase your client’s leads.

Supports sales team

Not only does the marketing team get help from a client management software. But, the sales team can also use this software to turn leads into paying customers.

Personalized sales pitches always work the best. When sales agents know what customers want, they can design their sales page based on that.

Suppose a customer has left his previous company due to a poor customer support system. In that case, a sales agent can offer a better support system to a lead.

Besides this, CRM data can help companies to target their old customers.

They can cross-sell or upsell products to their previous customers based on their buying history.

As we all know, legacy clients are the best customers. This is because they are already familiar with your brand and solutions.

So, it takes less time to make them come to a purchase decision.

You can meet your sales goals faster when you have a client management platform.

Save your time 

There is no doubt that automation can save time and effort.

With client management solutions, you can automate different business operations.

For example, you can better complete your project on time. This will improve clients’ happiness and trust levels.

Clients who receive good service from you will not hesitate to revisit. In fact, they might recommend your services to their friends and business associates.

Besides this, CRM solutions come with task management and team collaboration features.

This allows you to manage your team members working from different time zones.

You don’t have to communicate with your individual teammates. Instead, you can see each member‘s work status and progress from the dashboard.

You can save time by calling each team member for project updates. You just have to open your dashboard, and you will see all the project updates.

Moreover, your team members can access information with a click. This will seem a lot of time to move information back and forth.

Smooth conversations

Customer relationship management software can make smooth communication through your organization.

You can add notes to every project or task. This will tell the assignee what they have to do to complete the project.

You can also add important and priority tasks. This way, your team members can handle the important tasks first.

Moreover, clients can give their feedback on the project. This will save project managers from sharing clients’ feedback with team members.

Clients and team members can communicate in real-time. Also, project managers can control the privacy settings of each project.

This feature is helpful when you are dealing with confidential projects. So, you can only allow project document access to trusted people.

What to Look For in Your Client Management Software?

There are many great client management systems available. So, finding suitable software among so many great options is a hard task.

But, when you have a clear idea about your requirements, you can select the best software.

You must look into some features in your client management software. With these features, your software can offer you desired results:

Activity tracking 

Activity tracking is the most important feature of CRM software. It helps you track your clients’ movements and feedback.

You can also track your team members’ productivity and performance. This will allow you to complete tasks on time.

So, ensure that your software has different activity tracking features. Such as time tracking, productivity tracking, and so on.

Communication system 

Good communication is the secret to successful project completion. With a smooth communication flow, you can complete projects faster.

So, get CRM software that offers built-in communication support. 

It will only waste your team’s time when they use different communication software.

Moreover, it will increase your financial burden as you have to get two different software to manage your business.

Automated workflow

Okay, so always get the customer management software that can automate your workflow.

Get software that can automate your repeat operations. This will not only save your team time. 

But, they can focus on other important things like business growth strategies. 

Easy to use 

Never get complicated client management software.

If the software has a complex interface, it will be harder for your team to work on.

Plus, clients will face problems while providing feedback and tracking their work status.

It is only a time-consuming thing. So, look for software with simple navigation and interface.

There is much software available with a graphic interface. You don’t need to learn coding or any other technical skills to use the software.

In my opinion, you should get a software demo first. Then, you can ask your team members to use the software. 

If they find it easy to use, only then should you get the software.

Top 5 Client Management Software 

Now that you know the benefits and important features of CRM software let’s move to the next point.

Now, let’s talk about some of the best client management software that is available in the market.

Here are the top 5 client management solutions based on my research:

1. Kosmo 

Kosmo is a simple project management software for independent contractors and freelancers.

This software has several features that help you manage different clients and projects at the same time.

You can store your clients’ information and project details. Further, you can use this software to generate invoices and receive payment.

The software supports many other business tools. For example, it works well with PayPal and Stripe to receive digital payments.

Moreover, you can customize proposals and contracts for your different clients. You can also request clients to e-sign contracts on Kosmo. 

The best part is it is a free tool. You can manage up to 2 clients for free with this software.

To manage more clients, you can upgrade your plan for $9 per month and $90 per year.

Also, the software has a simple interface and features. Therefore, even a person with minimal technical knowledge can use Kosmo. 

2. HubSpot CRM

HubSpot CRM is an all-in-one customer relationship software. It is the perfect software for small teams.

It has many great features to manage your client base. For example, it can help you schedule meetings, track prospects, and store data.

In fact, you can manage up to 1,00,000 contracts for free. 

Moreover, HubSpot is a big software brand.

There are many other marketing and sales tools available under this brand.

This customer relationship software works well with the entire G Suite and Outlook family. 

With this tool, you have to spend less time on data entry and focus on your team building.

3. Honeybook

Do you struggle to generate invoices? Receive payments on time? Schedule meetings with potential clients.

In that case, Honeybook is the best client management solution for you.

It is simple and easy-to-use software. It is a perfect fit for small teams that often work on a per-project basis. 

Also, solopreneurs and entrepreneurs can use this software.

You can send a custom proposal to your potential client and schedule a meeting with them. Moreover, you can receive digital signatures on your proposal.

This software has all the features that you need to provide a good experience to your customers. From onboarding to project completion, you have all the right features in your hand.

You must spend around $9 or more per month to get the software.

4. Keap 

Do you have a small team? Is personalization not your mean priority?

In that case, you can use Keap to manage your clients. It is simple and clean software to generate leads.

The software has custom forms that you can add to your website. It will motivate visitors to take action on your website.

It has client management and project management software features.

The only problem is that it is an expensive tool. You have to spend around $40 per month to use it.

5. Nimble

Nimble is the best client management software for teams focusing on social media marketing.

Today, almost every person is present on social media. So, you can explore your customers’ social media profiles to know more about them.

With this software, you get support for 160 applications, including all leading social media platforms.

You can use a LinkedIn and Instagram tab to find relevant information about your client.

So, the simple function of Nimble is to collect customers’ information from their social media profiles and create a database.

Parting Note 

Clients are important. Heck, you don’t have a business without clients.

So, you should invest in the best time management software to support your time-related operations.

You should first understand your business needs and then look for the best solution to support them.

For your guide, I have already mentioned some great CRM tools and their benefits.

So, let’s explore those tools and impress your customers with high-quality services.

That’s it for now! Stay tuned for the more fine and informative article.

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