How to Write a Small Business Thank You Message to Customers

You might be wondering why you need to learn how to write a small business thank you message to customers. But, once someone buys your product or uses your service, you might feel overwhelmed, so happy, and just so grateful. The only logical thing to do is to show your customers or clients how appreciative you are of their support.

There are actually many reasons why you should write a small business thank you message to customers. But before we got to that, let’s start with the how first. Some freelancers don’t want to be bothered with thanksgiving message to clients, simply because it’s another task, another chore, another box to tick, something to put on the clock. But that’s not the right way to go at it.

A small business thank you message to clients is actually pretty simple. You can actually make a template to make things easier for you.

How to Write a Thank You Message

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First things first, every message has to have parts. Below are some of the things that must be included in your message:

1. Name of Customer

One of the most important parts of a small business thank you message to customers is the name of your client. You have to make sure that you spelled it correctly, making a mistake here can take away the purpose of your message.

When a customer sees that you made the effort to thank them, it allows them to connect with you in a small way. Customers will be appreciative too that you took the time to make a letter for them. It’s one of the key things that separate your small business from run-of-the-mill companies—you have personalization.

2. Message

When it comes to the message, this will depend on your time or workload. If you do have enough time to craft a special or unique message for a customer, then do it. However, if you are starting to get swamped, it’s okay to make a message that you can send to just about anybody. The key here is to write from the heart.

You can include a brief background on your small business if you want to. For example, if you started doing this business because of your passion or because you want to become independent, you may include these. Just make sure that these are true and that you are actually comfortable sharing your story.

Finally, include in the message how thankful you are for the support. That buying even just one item from your small business means a lot to you because it inspires you to do better.

3. Business Logo

Make sure that your small business thank you message to customers still has your branding. If you have a business logo, add that as a header to the paper. If you are on quite a tight budget, it’s okay to use just about any piece of clean paper and maybe add a sticker or a stamp of your logo to it.

4. Your Name

Finally, don’t forget to add your name to the thank-you note. This message clearly shows that you are a business owner connecting with a customer. Again, this is what sets you apart from major businesses. You have a face to show, you are a person who is trying to make a living, and you are a person who wants to connect with your customers.

If you are feeling it, you can sign the note, too. Just to show your customers that you do take the time to make these messages. If you are an artist, maybe you can put a drawing of some sort on the thank you note.

5. Optional: Call To Action

Although this is a thank you message, it is okay to put a CTA at the end of it. For example, it can be just as simple as, “Thank you for your support, please follow my small business’s social media accounts.” It can also be as simple as, please share what you bought from my shop with your friends. You can also ask your customers for feedback or leave a P.S. that they can message you if they have any questions or inquiries about your products or business.

Don’t think of it as a CTA though, think of it as a favor. One of the best things about a small business thank you message to customers is it’s simply as if you are friends with them. You can simply ask them a favor to help spread the word about your business. However, if they don’t want to, they don’t have to.

Tips for Thank You Messages

Type written Thank you in different languages

If you really want your message to stand out, remember that a thank-you note is all about personalization. Think of this message as mail that you would send out to your friend. Check out the tips below to make your message even better:

  • See where your customers are ordering from. If they are from a different country, why not write thank you in the country’s native language? For example, if your customer is from Germany, start the salutation with “Hallo” or “Guten Tag” and end it with a “Danke!”
  • Add a specific note in your thank you regarding the customer’s order. If you are an artist creating sticker characters, you can add a little fun fact or trivia on your inspiration about the specific product ordered by the customer.
  • If you are confident with your penmanship, create a handwritten thank you note. Simply scan it if you only deal with digital mail. It still shows how hands-on you are with your business.

Reasons to Write a Small Business Thank You Message to Customers

Maybe you are still wondering why you should make the effort to write a small business thank you message to customers. The survival rate of small businesses can jolt you back to reality. When you are a freelancer who has your own business, you do everything you can to survive. And if a small business thank you note can help you improve your chances, won’t you do it? Or at least try? Below are some reasons to help you understand the importance of a small business thank you message to customers:

Building Customer Relationships

When you create a message to your customer, you build rapport. You are not just an online seller, you are not just a faceless freelancer. When you make a thank you message, the customer is aware that you are not just a machine but a fellow human being who is trying to connect.

Building a relationship is important as it can create trust. Customers can possibly start relying on your products and services, which is important for the survival of your small business.

Another good thing is when you create a message, customers can also reply. It can be direct where they will send you a message. Or indirect, wherein the customer will post your note on their social media account. This can then help you with creating content for your professional or small business Instagram account.

Creating a Unique Buyer Experience

The buyer’s journey is certainly a long one but some small businesses and freelancers forget about the end. Some people think once the customer makes the order and gives the payment, that’s it. It shouldn’t be that way, especially for small businesses.

When you think of the buyer experience, you have to imagine that you are a customer, too. Imagine how you would feel to receive a product that you have bought. Now, think of the delight that you get when you see that the seller put in the extra time and effort to make a special, hand-written thank you note.

This is the buyer experience, it’s not just about the product. It’s also about how customers feel as they make a decision to purchase something right down to what they feel as they receive the product.

Repeat Buyers

Now, why make all that effort to create a small business thank you message to customers? When you build a good relationship with your customers and offer them unique experiences, they become repeat buyers. When you have repeat buyers, this can become a steady stream of income for you and your small business.


Woman smiling, sitting in front of a table, using a laptop

Don’t discount a small business thank you message to customers. Remember that one good word from the right customer can lead you to new customers or repeat buyers.

When it comes to writing a small business thank you message to customers, just remember the most important thing—you should mean it. The right customers will appreciate the gesture.

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