How to Turn Your Old Clients into Legacy Clients: Complete Guide

Let’s face it; finding new clients in this economic situation is not easy.

From the pandemic to the global recession — finding new customers is no less challenging than walking on fire. 

But, let me ask you one thing – why do you need to find a new client?

I mean, when you can turn your existing clients into legacy clients, why are you spending time searching for new clients?

You see, finding new clients takes more marketing and sales resources than focusing on your previous clients.

Your old clients are already aware of your brand and services. So, with little effort, you can turn them into your legacy clients.

Almost 82% of companies stated that retaining old customers is less expensive than finding new customers.

So, do you want to have a loyal customer base? A customer that will only buy from you, no matter what.

In that case, just scroll down through this post and learn about preserving your existing customers.

What are Legacy Clients?

As the name suggests, legacy clients are your previous clients who like to order from you again.

These clients trust your brand and services. They are loyal customers whom you can motivate to purchase again.

You must understand the pain points and provide a good experience to your existing clients. This will help to gain their trust.

According to Forbes, 81% of customers repurchase when they trust a brand. 

However, retaining clients is not an easy process. Your competitors are also working to attract and motivate your legacy clients.

Therefore, you must find your potential prospects in your old client database. 

You need to work on motivating them to repurchase using different methods.

For example, you can offer discounts to your loyal customers. This will not only motivate them to purchase. But also works as a social proofing and trust-building tool. 

Why Should You Focus on Legacy Clients?

Legacy clients are like bank FD. They provide regular returns under minimal risk.

Having these clients means your business will keep on floating despite all the odd conditions.

Moreover, you can take more risks and try new marketing strategies when you have a stable client base. That is because you have a stable income base.

Besides this, legacy clients can help you in many ways, such as:

Save your resources

Finding a new client is easy. But nurturing and converting them into your paying customer is a long journey.

It requires several marketing strategies and sales efforts to turn a potential lead into a customer.

To do so, you have to spend several company resources to onboard a client.

So, leaving a customer after one purchase is a foolish move. When you have already invested so much into converting a customer, you should not let them slide out of your hand.

You should keep your previous clients closer than new clients.

That’s because you have already nurtured your previous clients. So, it will take less time and resources to encourage them to repurchase from you.

Increase profits 

When you have to spend less time and resources on sales, this will help to increase your profits.

You have to spend less money on marketing strategies when you focus on legacy clients.

You already have a database of your loyal customers with you. So, there is no need to run paid ads or campaigns.

You can simply use the email address of your previous clients and send them custom offers into their inboxes.

Short sales cycle

As I have already mentioned, trust is a big factor for customers while buying.

When customers are familiar with your brand, they take less time to make a purchase decision.

This will reduce your sales cycle. You can convert leads into customers faster.

This removes the chance of potential customers slipping out of your hand. And you can get higher sales in a given period. 

Business continuity 

A steady customer base is important to keep your business floating.

You have fewer things to worry about when you have a legacy client base. 

When you are sure that you will make specific figures in a month. This will help you further plan your business growth strategies.

You can test innovative approaches to grow your business with a stable income base.

Moreover, you can keep your business moving despite the market condition.

Brand reputation 

Have you ever wondered what makes Apple, Microsoft, or Google leading IT companies?

Well, it is their reputation and long presence in the market. 

These companies have been in the market for over two decades. This has built their brand reputation and awareness.

In the same way, with legacy clients, you can stay in business for a long time. 

You don’t have to shut your business after every few years when you have a strong client base.

The client is what makes your business float for a long time. They can prevent your business from all uncertainties and unstable market conditions.

Social proof 

The best way to social proof your business is word of mouth. 

Your clients will share their positive experiences with their friends and family. This helps to build your positive social brand.

You can even use your previous clients’ testimonials and reviews to attract more clients online.

Quick to try new things 

Knowing your customers will stick with you no matter what will give you the confidence to try new things.

You can adopt new technology trends and business strategies faster than your competitors.

This way, you can provide better services to your customers. Moreover, you can attract more clients with your innovative brand image.

5 Strategies to Turn Old Clients into Legacy Clients 

Now that you know, legacy clients are essential for your business. So, the next big question is how to turn your clients into legacy clients.

It is easy to encourage your previous clients to buy from you. But, it is not a piece of cake either.

You must create a proper strategy to connect with your old clients and build a relationship with them.

So, here I present easy strategies to turn old customers into legacy customers:

1. Personalization is a key to legacy clients’ hearts

Personalization is not an option for modern brands. Today, customers do not want personalization; they demand it.

Thanks to brands like Amazon and eBay, consumers have experienced hyper-personalization.

If you offer simple services to your clients, this will not help them become loyal customers.

Therefore, you have to invest in data. That is because data is what you need to provide a personalized experience to your customers.

For example, you can provide discounts to your old customers using the previous buy history.

Besides this, you can implement your upsell and cross-sell strategies to sell your other products to old customers.

Imagine you sell online courses on different marketing strategies. And a customer has ordered your digital marketing course. 

In that case, you can also sell them your content marketing or graphic designing courses as they might be interested in them also.

Besides this, if you offer freemium and premium products. You can offer a discount to your freemium users to upgrade to a premium account.

So, the bottom line is that you should first understand your customer’s preferences. And then, you should create personalized offers to make them your legacy customers. 

2. Good customer service is the backbone of a legacy brand

Do you want to build a legacy brand? If so, you have to first behave like one.

Legacy brands are not built overnight. You have to work with dedication and passion for providing good customer support. 

A client will only show interest in your services or products when they have a previous good experience.

If your clients are unhappy with your customer support, they will not purchase from you again.

Therefore, you should focus on providing high-quality services to your current clients.

And the best strategy to offer a positive customer experience is automation.

You have to automate your business workflow so that you can serve several clients at once. 

You need software to manage different projects and contracts. You also need a solution to focus on individual tasks and complete each project on time.

For this purpose, Kosmo is the best solution. It is a project management software for small teams and freelancers.

The software is available in both freemium and premium packages.

Using this software, you can provide better customer support service to your clients. It offers features like:

  • Contract management
  • Creating invoices
  • Sending proposals to different clients
  • Set project reminders
  • Branded emails
  • Electronic signatures
  • Receiving payments
  • Integration with other business tools like PayPal or Stripe 

With this tool, you can provide high-quality and on-time services to your clients. This will help to improve their experience.

So, when clients receive a good experience for the first time, they will not mind reusing your services or suggesting them to their friends.

3. Stay in touch with your customers 

To build a legacy client base, you must first have a relationship with your old customers. 

You must stay in touch with your customers and keep them engaged with your dad.

You can drop emails on special occasions to them. Moreover, you can note down your customers’ important dates like anniversaries or birthdays. And, offer them special discount deals.

When you appreciate your customers and make them feel special, it will bloom your relationship with them.

Besides this, you can make calls to your customers and ask them about their experience. You can ask if they need anything from you or get their feedback.

4. Appreciate your customers

A simple ‘thank you can do wonders sometimes. Just sending a simple thank you email to your customers is the stepping stone to building a strong relationship.

You can also tell your customers how much you appreciate them. You can offer discounts or special coupon codes to your customers. 

Besides this, you can include customers on your special days. 

For example, on your brand anniversary, you can create special deals for your legacy clients. 

Just use your imagination and make your customers feel special.

5. Don’t hard sell

Okay, this might sound weird. But, don’t try hard to sell to your previous customers.

Hard selling is a big no-no when you want to establish a relationship with your customers.

Instead, you should tell your customers that you are introducing new products or services. Also, tell them how your products can benefit them.

And, in the end, you can tell them to purchase. But don’t push them.

You should leave that to your customers’ hands whether they want to make a purchase or not.

When customers think that they have the power to decide, they make wiser decisions. 

So, Let’s Focus on Legacy Clients!

So people, to grow your business and revenue, make legacy clients your main goal.

These clients can not only purchase from your company. But, they can also promote your brand without any effort.

Besides this, it is always easier to work with old clients than new ones.

That’s it for now! I will leave you to focus on your legacy clients.

Meanwhile, if you have any special tips to make relationships with your kind, do share them in the comments.

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