10 Robust Client Management Software for Nonprofits in 2022 

Nonprofit organizations don’t chase higher sales or revenue. But they still need client management software to organize customer databases and workflow. 

Client management software for nonprofits is essential for managing leads and stakeholders in the organization. 

However, nonprofits need CMS for different purposes than profitable businesses. Thus, the client management software for nonprofits must have different features. For example, marketing automation and data analytical capabilities. 

So, here I’ll share the 10 best client management portals for NPOs. Just scroll down and understand which client management solution is perfect for your nonprofit. 

What’s Exactly a Client Management Software for Nonprofits?

Simply talking, client management software is a tool that helps nonprofits manage their clients.  

It helps nonprofits to build relationships with their clients and other stakeholders. 

Usually, businesses use client management tools to nurture leads and convert them into paying customers. However, nonprofits use these tools to contact leads for fundraising or donations. 

Besides this, NPO managers can use the software to record and manage funds. The software also gives donors receipts for their donations. 

In short, these tools help nonprofits know where the money is coming from and where it’s going. 

As a result, nonprofits can create a transparent workflow to keep all the stakeholders in a loop. It is also a great way to keep organizations on track. 

Also, nonprofits can meet all the legal compliance requirements to collect funds and manage operations using the software. 

Why Should Nonprofits Get Client Management Software? 

Nonprofits are a big sector. Almost 10% of American workplaces, or 11.4 million jobs, are a gift from nonprofit businesses. 

So, profits might not be NPOs’ priority. But NPOs are still a huge part of the economy. Therefore, they must organize their workflow and clients. 

Besides this, client management software for nonprofits is vital to support several operations, like:

Nonprofits’ client base and donations are increasing as you read this post. 

According to Charities Aid Foundation, the number of NGO donors has spiked from 1.2 billion to 1.4 billion between 2011-2014. In fact, the number will touch 2.5 billion by 2030. 

So, to manage this large database, client management software for nonprofits is a must. 

Without software, it is impossible to manage such an amount of funds. 

Nonprofits are answerable to their donors and governments. Therefore, they have to provide transparent information to gain people’s trust. 

Thus, nonprofits need client management software to communicate with stakeholders. And show them clear financial details. 

Plus, for government-funded NGOs, it is compulsory to maintain certain financial records. 

Manually, it is harder to provide real-time updates to primary stakeholders. But with tools, it is a piece of cake. 

Nonprofit goals don’t include revenue growth or higher turnover. But it is responsible for providing livelihood to many people around the globe. 

Thus, NPOs must organize their operations to support industry workers. 

Moreover, nonprofits are still businesses with proper goals and objectives. And automation is the best way to keep business floating today. 

Types of Client Management Software for Nonprofits 

There are mainly two types of client management for nonprofits available —

Charitable nonprofits use this software to manage relationships with donors. It helps managers to tap into long-term business opportunities. 

Trade associations might have a few traits similar to charitable. But their formation and goals are different. 

The association management tools have features to support those specific needs. This software includes features like website builders, email marketing, etc. 

Client Management Software for Nonprofits Must-Have Features 

Since nonprofits are not chasing clients for sales. Thus, NPOs client management software needs a few particular features, such as: 

Nonprofits are not here to make profits. They are simply using donors’ money to follow their goals. 

So, nonprofits don’t have big budgets to get client management software. That’s why an ideal client management software for nonprofits is less expensive and more efficient. 

Nonprofits are always short on staff. As a result, most nonprofits rely on volunteers to manage fundraising events. 

Therefore, they don’t have the budget to hire professional IT staff to help them with software. 

That’s why you should always get the client management solution with a simple interface. Also, ensure that the software has well-documented tutorials and guides. 

This way, your non-technical can easily find their way around your client management software. 

Your client database contains confidential details of your donors. 

So, poor security can put your donors’ personal information in the wrong hands. 

Thus, your client management tool must have high-end encryption and password protection to safeguard your databases. 

Also, a data security breach can damage your business’s reputation. It can make donors less trust your organization. That leads to fewer funds. 

Always ensure that your software comes with good customer support and maintenance services.  

Nonprofits often have to handle several customer queries in a day. In this, they can’t have a slow server or system failure. It simply looks unprofessional. 

Thus, check for a client management software vendor that offers around-the-clock customer support. Always ensure they provide many touchpoints to contact, like calls, emails, or chatbots. 

This way, if you don’t get a response from one contact channel, you can move to another. 

Top 10 Client Management Software for Nonprofits in 2022 

Now that you know what a perfect client management software for nonprofits looks like, the next step is to find the best one. 

And here, I present the 10 best client management software for nonprofits in 2022:

1. Kosmo 

Price: Free forever or $9 per month 

Screenshot of Kosmo

If you have a small nonprofit, Kosmo is your best and free client management portal. 

The tool has all the features to run a nonprofit organization. It can manage several clients, projects, invoices, etc. 

Kosmo can also help you accept online donations from several clients via PayPal, Credit Card or ACH transfer. 

Besides this, you can track your weekly, monthly, or yearly fundraising goals with the tool. 

You can always upgrade to the Pro plan for unlimited client and project management. That only costs $9 per month. It is pretty much under a nonprofit’s budget. 

2. Bloomerang

Price: Starts at $99 per month 

Screenshot of Bloomerang

Bloomerang is the best donor management solution for SMB nonprofits. The tool comes with a better experience and support system. 

The software allows nonprofits to establish solid relationships with donors. Bloomerang is perfect for growing your donor base and team. 

3. ParishSOFT

Price: Available for $19, $49, $69, and $25K per month 

Screenshot of ParishSoft

This is a cloud-based client management software for Catholic Churches and schools. 

It can process or set up one-time or recurring donations and gifts. You can collect donations via a custom page, allowing access through websites or mobile devices. 

You can also record several payment methods and set up recurring donations with a specific amount. 

ParishSOFT lets churches accept payments via debit, credit or ACH transfers. You can import donation data and create graphic reports to show donors. 

4. Panorama Software

Price: Get custom quotes

Screenshot of FrontStream

FrontStream is the team behind this client management software for nonprofits. It makes it easy to raise funds and build relationships with donors. 

Panorama can help to plan, create, execute and measure fundraising campaigns. 

The simple web interface is perfect for expanding your donor base and managing events. You can set up a branded nonprofit page using premade templates to connect with donors. 

It has a seamless payment portal for making donations a hassle-free process. 

The best part is Panorama provides free support to all nonprofits. Rest, you can contact the vendor to know more about pricing plans. 

5. DonorPerfect

Price: Available for $99, $179, $299, $499 and $799 per month 

Screenshot of DonorPerfect

Do you want to manage, donate, contact and manage fundraising events on a single platform? 

Then, there you have DonorPerfect to do the job. 

It is an analytical dashboard to run email campaigns using Constant Contact to connect with new donors. 

DonorPerfect can set up online forms to accept recurring donations. You can track information about donors and volunteers with a click,

With this tool, you can manage live and online charity auctions from your mobile phone. 

6. NetSuite

Price: Starts at $999 per month 

Screenshot of NetSuite

NetSuite is a suitable solution for large nonprofits. It has a wide range of tools to support nonprofits. Including customer service management, accounting, and more. 

NetSuite CRM is a cloud-based solution to support several nonprofit events. It is a simple platform for organizing, managing, and running many nonprofit operations.

The software is mainly focused on ERP and financials. But it is also great for HR and automating other business operations. Plus, over 31,000 customers use it in 217 countries. 

7. DonorSnap

Price: Free trial for 30 days. Starts at $39 per month 

Screenshot of DonorSnap

DonorSnap is a cloud-based client management software for nonprofits. The software is the best for tracking donors and creating spreadsheets. 

It is a single solution for donors, volunteers and members. It comes with a complete fundraising toolkit, including: 

  • Export and import reports 
  • Send calendar reminders 
  • Email marketing via Constant Contact
  • Track specific data sets, etc. 

The software can handle databases with over 100,000 contacts. DonorSnap lets you track every interaction with your donors. 

8. Little Green Light

Price: Starts at $45 per month 

Screenshot of Little Green Light

Little Green Light is the software for small and medium-sized nonprofits. It is a cloud-based tool with features like: 

  • Client relationship management 
  • Event planning 
  • Activity tracking 
  • Mail merges 
  • Contact database, etc. 

The tool can support various nonprofits. Including faith-based organizations, cultural associations, environmental groups, etc. 

It is a flexible donor management dashboard that you can customize as per your needs. It can work with Mailchimp, Zapier, Stripe, Wufoo, etc. 

9. NewOrg

Price: Free 

Screenshot of NewOrg

NewOrg is the best solution for veteran, homeless and environmental organizations. 

This is a cloud-based tool for small and midsize nonprofits. It can support all marketing and event management operations. Besides this, the tool helps with activities like: 

  • Manage volunteer activities 
  • Track signups 
  • Helps with scheduling 
  • Manage fundraisers 
  • Communicate with donors 
  • Create development campaigns, etc. 

10. ResultsPlus

Price: $1000 one-time 

Screenshot of ResultsPlus

The final stop is ResultsPlus. It is a customer relationship management software for nonprofits. 

You can use this tool to communicate with donors and volunteers. Its key features are fundraising, reporting, and event management. 

Using a dashboard, you can view donor pipelines and analyze performance. It has dropdown menus and entry forms.

The reporting feature allows you to create periodic reports to analyze company performance. ResultsPlus can also sync a calendar via Microsoft Outlook to set appointments. 

Choose the Best Client Management Software for Nonprofits Now! 

So, nonprofits also need client management software to manage their customers. Since nonprofits’ customer base is different from regular businesses. 

Thus, get client management software for your nonprofit like Kosmo. It is a simple to use, affordable, and secure client manager for nonprofits. 

Now that’s it for now! You can follow this guide to find the perfect donor managed for your nonprofit organization. 

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