Top 10 Joomla Project Management Extensions to Streamline Your Workflow

Project management is a hard task. It gets harder when you have to manage several projects, teams, and clients at a time. Thus, many project managers use Joomla project management to align their workflow. 

Joomla is an open-source project with many great extensions to run different operations. 

It even has many free extensions to make your workflow easier.

So, let’s explore some of the best Joomla project management extensions. 

What is Joomla Project Management? 

Joomla is a popular project and content management system. It is an open-source project where community members add new extensions. 

According to the Joomla website, it has been downloaded over 3 million times since 2006, with a new download after every 2.5 seconds.

It uses the latest programming architecture to develop a powerful content management system. Joomla uses object-oriented and model-view-controller software design. 

The literal meaning of Joomla is “altogether.” And the Joomla team sticks to its meaning. To this day, it is an open-source project away from all corporate drama. 

Top 10 Joomla Project Management Extensions 

Joomla extensions make it the most popular project management software. There is a Joomla extension for almost everything, such as: 

  • User management 
  • Document management 
  • Link management 
  • Time management, etc. 

Moreover, Joomla is always coming up with new extensions. Almost 9,000 Joomla extensions are available, and many more to come. 

Extensions are further divided into templates, modules, plugins, etc. 

And every extension has a certain function. 

Here are the best Joomla project management extensions that can streamline your workflow:

#1. Time Worked for Joomla 

Time Worked for Joomla extension helps to report and track working hours. When many people are working on a project, this tool comes in handy.
Joomla project management


It allows employees to log in the time they spend on a task. This tool can reduce managers’ and accountants’ workload of preparing invoices or payrolls. 

Main Features

  • Sync with calendars to report accurate working hours. 
  • Filters to sort reports based on clients, employees, or projects. 
  • Administrators can reject items as no billable or time request changes. 
  • Receive report statistics per employee or project. 
  • Export reports into Excel sheets
  • Automatic notifications when employees don’t submit reports on time. 

#2. Macrotone Timesheet

Macrotone Timesheet lets employees record timesheet details. Later, managers can print or upload timesheets to the company’s CRM dashboard. 

Joomla project management


It can record the working hours of each employee. You can also create a separate timesheet for a specific project ID.

There is also an option to specify working hours in many variations, like:

Total number of working hours in a group or department

Working hours of a person, etc. 

Main Features

  • Every timesheet has a unique project code that makes it easy to manage an account balance. 
  • Simple interface with two buttons to create and save the timesheet. 
  • Administrators can ensure only one user submits a timesheet. 

#3. JoomProject

JoomProject is a premium Joomla project management software. It has a series of features to manage your CMS content.


You can manage unlimited projects and clients on this platform. It comes with both front-end and back-end support.

You can also organize and style your project elements with JoomProject.

There is an interesting option to add details to your projects. This helps to keep different members working on the project on the same page.

Main Features

  • Simple filters to find projects. 
  • Let’s change project deadlines. 
  • Insert files and attachments from the repository. 
  • Color coordinate your projects. 
  • Manage several group permissions in each project 
  • Customize the dashboard per your requirements. 
  • Joomla custom fields support. 

#4. JC Project

JC Project is a complete project management system. It allows you to manage all your projects within a dashboard.


It has all the right features to manage your team to complete a project on time. 

This system also allows you to share information with your clients. This way, you can build a smooth communication line with your clients.  

Also, you can add as many projects and users as you want. 

Main Features 

  • Support tickets to resolve customer queries faster. 
  • A dashboard to view all your projects and clients. 
  • Add events, comments, messages, and documents to your projects. 
  • Email notifications on important dates. 
  • Create invoices and quotations. 
  • Assign specific roles to your employees on a project. 

#5. PaperShape

Do you want to track time and plan and organize projects within a dashboard?

Then, the best Joomla project management extension for you is PaperShape.

It is an all-in-one that allows you to manage your entire team. It can increase your team’s productivity with effective reporting.

You can get rid of all paperwork with PaperShape. And better focus on running your business.

You can inform your clients and create invoices with just one click.

PaperShape provides a 360-degree view of your projects so you can know what’s going on with your projects.

Main Features

  • Track a project’s progress. 
  • Know which task is completed and which is not. 
  • Control which information is visible to which user. 
  • Set priority tasks. 
  • Track time spent on each task and project — in automatic and manual mode. 
  • Filter tasks and reports. 
  • Export reports in CSV format. 

#6. JoomCompany

JoomCompany is a nice office suite for freelancers and SMBs. It helps to create invoices and bills and manage client databases. 



You can coordinate projects across different team members with JoomCompany.

It is a full customer management software to keep all your client’s information. 

It has the ability to manage several projects. You can add project details and define pre-settings. For example, set the rate of taxes or currency. 

Main Features 

  • It can divide document folders into revenue and expenditure. 
  • Ability to edit several locations. 
  • You can create different reports like documents, contacts, products, and so on. 
  • It has different categories to organize your documents. 
  • You can set document details like date, number, hint, etc. 

#7. vBizz

vBizz is an intelligent business management software. It has the ability to manage your account and offer help desk services.


It is suitable for all sizes of businesses across different industries. 

It provides real-time reporting and analytical features to grow your business.

vBizz lets you track your everyday operations. It is a single platform to organize your business. 

Main Features 

  • It has all-in-five business management solutions. Including CRM, project management, accounting, inventory, and vendor management solutions.
  • You can create invoices and accept payments.
  • Streamline your sales processes. 
  • Execute projects with ease. 
  • Manage stocks and other business assets. 
  • Manage start and due dates. 

#8. Advanced Portfolio by ExtStore

Advanced Portfolio is the perfect extension for people who are in the starting phase of their business. Using this extension, you can create a portfolio on your Joomla website. 

It helps you set your website in a minute with high flexible features. You can design project layouts and showcase them to your potential clients. 

Advanced Portfolio thumbnails contain several elements. It includes display images, external links, etc.

Main Features 

  • It allows you to manage projects across different categories and subcategories. 
  • It helps you create projects with different thumbnails. 
  • You can use filters to manage your different projects. 
  • You can create unlimited subfolders for images and files. 
  • It supports video formats from YouTube or Vimeo.
  • Allow you to view projects in up to 4 columns.
  • You can show projects in different filters like latest, oldest, alphabetical, etc. 
  • It has a clean and responsive design to create a portfolio.

#9. vChart

Charts are an important part of project management. You can better understand project status with charts. 

vChart is a Google API Joomla extension to create charts. It helps to present complex information in visual charts. 

This extension contains many customizing options to present your data in an attractive manner.

 It comes with several charts — line charts, map charts, pie charts, etc. 

Main Features 

  • It is available across web browsers and platforms, including mobile devices. 
  • You can create several types of charts with data set combinations. 
  • You can select any existing table and add your data to it. 
  • It can import chart data from CSV. 
  • It can copy data from a chart to create a new chart. 
  • Let’s connect any external database to your charts. 

#10. DPCases

DPCases is a responsive case management extension. It comes with several features like forums, tickets, and an issue tracker. 

Joomla project management


You can provide excellent customer support to your customers with this extension.

It can also organize your cases in a proper manner so you can resolve customer queries in real time.

Main Features

  • Allow you to organize cases in unlimited categories. 
  • Define a responsible person to address a case. 
  • You can view the history of each case. 
  • It has a search engine to find old cases. 
  • You can use tags to organize each case. 
  • Scheduler support allows you to solve cases in real-time.

Other Project Management Software 

Joomla project management extensions are great. But what if you want to manage your projects on other platforms? 

Well, there is nothing to worry about. There are many other project management solutions available than Joomla extensions. 

Some of the best project management tools for non-Joomla users are:


Kosmo is a project and client management software for freelancers and independent contractors

It is a simple software to manage different projects and clients at once.

You can create proposals and contracts with this software. It also allows you to generate invoices and receive payments.

The software can integrate with third-party services like PayPal or Stripe.

It is free for up to 2 clients. For more clients, you can get a premium version for only $9 per month.

Besides this, Kosmo has many great features, like:

  • Recurring tasks
  • Custom contracts
  • The option to change the fiscal year and date format
  • Save messages and notes
  • Save files and notes for each client
  • Income goal tracker
  • Change the currency
  • Create quick invoices
  • Export timesheets


Jira is the perfect project management software for development teams to plan and track their progress. 

It is a simple software to plan your project development. It can track issues and help managers provide up-to-date solutions. 

You can also integrate this tool with much other software. It is suitable for every member of your team.

When you are planning to launch new software, use Jira to automate your workflow. 

It will make it easy for your different team members to work on a project. And complete it on time without much hassle.


Wrike is simple and easy to set up project management software. It has a dashboard where you can manage all your projects. 

Wrike comes with features like Gantt charts and time tracking. It helps you track time spent on a particular task. You can improve your team‘s productivity with Wrike.

It can integrate with cloud storage services like OneBox, Box, Google Drive, etc. 


Basecamp is a veteran project management software. The software was first introduced in 2004, and more than 3.5 million users are using it. 

The software has the ability to replace many other paid tools like Slack, Dropbox, etc. 

It is not only project management software. But, it also helps you store files, real-time chatting, scheduling, and more. 

It has a simple interface to find tasks and create reports. Working with several clients became easy with this software. 

It has an email integration option to streamline communication with your clients.

Conclusion: The Best Joomla Project Management Extension 

Joomla has a wide extension gallery. You can find many great Joomla extensions to manage your projects. 

Just define your project management needs and easily find the best project management extension for Joomla. 

For non-Joomla users, there are many other great project management solutions available. 

In my opinion, Kosmo is the best solution. It is simple and easy-to-use software.

So, you can book a free Kosmo demo today to test the tool.

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