5 Accountant Client Management Software to Grow Your Accounting Business

Do you run a small accounting business? Do you help companies to sort their accounting operations? 

Then, you need to get the best accountant-client management software. 

Running a small business is always hard. But when you offer technical services like accounting, things get a bit harder. 

That’s why you need all the help you can get to support your business. And client management software is the best support system for you. 

It not only helps you manage your clients. But also build a relationship with them.

So, without further ado, let’s check out the best accountant-client management software and its benefits. 

What is Accountant Client Management Software?

Accountant client management software is a program that helps to manage your clients. 

Accountants can use the software to interact with their clients. They can also use them to build relationships with clients.

Accountants can better run their operations with a client management portal. For example, they can upscale and manage several projects at once.

Plus, accountants get free time to focus on their work. Instead of chasing behind clients. 

A powerful client management software can help to engage customers and focus on customer loyalty. 

What to Look For In Your Accountant Client Management Software?

Looking for the best accountant-client management software? Then, there are several great options available in the market. 

But finding the best software to meet your business needs is not at all easy. You have to go through several software and check their features to find the perfect one. 

Here are a few points that you should consider to find the right client management system: 

Complete automation 

Accountants are already busy offering financial management services. So, they don’t have time to enter repetitive entries or prepare reports. 

They want a solution that can automate core operations for them. So they can save their time and focus on offering the best quality services to their clients.

Look for client management software that requires limited human support. Get software that can automate your workflow and communication system. 

Flexible portal 

Customization is a vital factor to look for in accountant-client management software. 

You don’t need a tool that has you running to a developer every time you want to make a change. This will only waste your time. 

Thus, you need simple and easy-to-customize software. You can add or remove new clients and projects with ease.

It should have enough strength to scale up or down with your business needs. 

Simple interface 

You are an accountant, not a developer. So, don’t get a tool that you can’t run with minimal knowledge. 

The software must have a graphical interface with no hidden features. Ensure that all the features are simple and easy to use. 

If you have a team, make them first use the software before getting it. This way, you can know whether your team can use the software or not.

Various features 

Client management software not only helps you manage clients. It also helps you run different projects and tasks at the same time. 

You can use this tool to collaborate with your team. It can create invoices and proposals for your clients. 

So, you should look for software that can provide you with a complete solution in one dashboard. 

There is no purpose in using different tools to manage your business. It will only reduce your efficiency.

Single dashboard 

Always use the client management system that can provide you with important information in one place. 

With custom dashboards, you can view your different projects. You can better understand your team’s performance and clients’ requirements. 

You can also run reports to analyze your business growth. A dashboard will help you meet your income goals and business objectives. 


Integration can make your work a lot easier. You don’t have to move from one software to another to complete your work. 

You can get all the support from one dashboard. So, ensure that your software integrates with your other business solutions. 

For example, client management software should integrate with payment-receiving services. 

Why Do You Need Accountant Client Management Software?

Since accounting is your main work, why waste resources on the client management portal. 

If you are wondering the same, get one thing straight. If you are running a business, you must use client management software. 

That’s because if you don’t have clients, whom will you provide accounting services to?

That’s why it is important to use a client management solution to build a solid relationship with your clients. Besides this, accounting client management software account also helps you:

Better know your clients 

Do you want to provide the best accounting services to your clients? If so, you need to first understand your client’s pain points. 

Based on your clients’ problems, you can better come up with the right solutions to help them. 

And that’s only possible when you have your clients’ information available with a click. So, with client management software, you can manage your clients’ databases in one place.

This way, you can access your clients’ information to plan your sales and marketing strategies. For instance, if your clients face problems with taxation, you can offer them high-standard taxation services. 

Easier segmentation 

With a client database, you can better segment your audience group. This will help you plan personalized marketing services. 

Let’s take an example. Suppose you provide accounting services to both startups and big companies. 

Now, the budgets and accounting needs for both businesses are different. So in that case, you can’t deal with them in the same way. 

You need separate strategies to approach both groups. And for that, you have to first segment your audience using your client database. 

Customer retention 

It takes great time and resources to find new clients. That’s why it is always a good idea to focus on your existing customers.

Moreover, retaining your customers takes less time and effort. As a result, you can build a loyal customer base with higher customer satisfaction levels.

So, you should use a client management system to better understand your clients So that you can provide them with high-quality customer support systems.

Grow your business turnover

With an accountant-client management system, you can increase your sales and revenue.

The software allows you to understand your customers’ needs. Using this information, you can offer custom services to your clients.

Suppose you provide bookkeeping services to your clients. So, you can also approach them with your accounting and taxation services.

That’s because if your person is using bookkeeping services, they might also need accounting solutions to grow their business.

So, you should keep an eye on your existing customers’ preferences and needs. Depending on their buying history and interaction with your brand, try to cross-sell or upsell them. 

Faster communication 

Nothing makes customers happier than fast communication. Quick information and real-time feedback will improve your client’s satisfaction level.

A client management system can offer excellent communication support to your clients.

This will help to bridge the gap between the team and clients. Your team can receive feedback or give feedback to/from clients in real time.

There is also client-facing project management software available. This allows clients to check their progress within a dashboard. 

Meet compliance 

Data privacy is a big issue these days. Digital platforms have made strict rules for collecting and sharing data.

So, client management software can follow the right procedures and rules to collect your clients’ data.

Most software has in-built support to record and process data following the latest privacy laws.

Besides this, client portals come with high-end digital security services. This way, you can use a secure platform to store your clients’ information.

Today, losing your clients’ information is a big problem for your business reputation. So, always get to the client management portal with secure data management features.

5 Best Accountant Client Management Software 

So, now that you know the features and benefits of accountant-client management software. Let’s check out some of the best client management software for accountants:

1. Kosmo 

The first management software for accountants that I will suggest is Kosmo. It is a simple project management software for freelancers and contractors.

This is the best solution for you if you run a small accounting business or offer free accounting services.

It is a complete accountant-client management software with many great features. The software helps you generate invoices and receive payment from your client.

You can create all your clients’ databases and access your information with one click.

There you can also create contracts and proposals for your individual clients. You can send branded emails and receive email alerts with Kosmo.

Moreover, you can check all your client’s data in a dashboard. You can see which client’s project is complete and which is in progress.

You will receive all the vital information from the dashboard to run your accounting business.

The best part is the software is available for free. You can use the software for free if you are a freelance accountant.

You can get Kosmo’s pro version for only $9 per month if you have an accounting team. Or $90 per year. 

2. Drag

Drag is the best software to automate your workflow within your Gmail account. Since most people use Gmail for work purposes. So, you can save a lot of time with this tool.

You don’t have to move back and forth between your CRM and Gmail accounts. You can connect with your clients using one dashboard.

Besides this, it is an all-in-one purpose software to manage your accounting business. You will get project management and help desk services within Drag.

This allows you to manage your customers better and solve their queries in real time.

For solo users, it is free software. But teams have to get it for $8 per month. 

3. Zoho Books

Zoho Books is a one-stop solution for accounting businesses. This software helps you run all your accounting operations from a dashboard.

You can manage your income goals, check your payments, and manage your clients. Besides this, it is a powerful customer relationship management software.

You can collaborate with your team and clients to complete projects on time. You can maintain your customer’s database in a secure cloud environment.

This software not only helps you manage clients. But it can also help you with your accounting operations.

You can work on bookkeeping and track your bank feeds with this software. It can also send reminder alerts and help you track the team‘s performance.

4. Hubspot CRM

Hubspot CRM is free and customizable software. You can customize it for any kind of business, including accounting businesses.

It helps to automate your workflow with a visual dashboard. You can also use a customer manager to understand your clients better. 

You can also generate customer activity reports to know your customers. There are also productivity and team performance reporting systems.

You can run your accounting business without much hassle with it. Moreover, it is free software for small businesses.

5. ResultsCRM

With ResultsCRM, you don’t need to make replicative entries. This software integrates with QuickBooks Desktop, QuickBooks Online, and Microsoft Outlook.

So, you only have to enter your clients’ information once, and it will show on your client management portal.

Besides this, the software has an excellent reporting feature. You can also export reports in CSV format and share them with your team.

The software is available both on-premises and cloud-based. So based on your business requirements, you can select the right solution.

Have You Chosen Your Accountant Client Management Software?

There you go, people! You have learned all about the best accountant-client management software. I have also shared the top five software to use in your accounting firm.

So, I will suggest that you first define your business requirements. And based on that, you should choose the best software for your business.

In my suggestion, for freelancing and small accounting firms, Kosmo is the best solution. It is affordable and easy to use.

You can use it with minimal knowledge. Moreover, it has an excellent client management system.

So, that’s it from my side! For more client management-related articles, keep on following me.

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