The Top 10 Client Portals for Accountants in 2023

Client Portals are in high demand. Not only in demand, but it’s also a must-to-have tool.

Client Portal for accountants is a cloud-based software for exchanging confidential files. Securing passwords, sending messages, and collaborating with clients, teammates and partners.

If you use Client Portal, it creates satisfaction and trust with your client. And this leads to building good long-term relationships with clients.

Most clients find taking out the time for long meetings with accountants challenging. And on the other side, it is difficult for accountants to have a timely follow-up with every client to update them.

So, here comes the need for Client portals for accountants.

Ongoing Covid-19 restrictions lead to difficulty for many accountants to have physical meetings. Clients also face the problem, so they look for accountants who can work from their location.

What matters to the client is the data they transfer will remain confidential and secure.

This scenario brought “Client Portal Software” to be in demand.

Security is the main feature for the accountant while searching for a client portal. Because there are thousands of files, this data is confidential, so security is the main priority.

There are many Client Portals for accountants in 2022 but searching for the best one is the main task. Today, I will tell you about The Top 10 Client Portal for accountants.

Be with me!

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What is a secure client portal? And What should a client portal include?

Client Portals are cloud-based software designed for different jobs like accountants, government and lawyers.

This software helps them in their daily activities. These activities include the confidential sharing of files and private messages, and emails. It also collaborates with the client to provide an easy interface & relationship with the client.

There are many options available online for secure file & document sharing. But you are lucky, though; I have done a comparative analysis of the top 10 client portals for accountants.

Below mentioned are the top software you can choose from :


Peppery is a modern cloud-based client portal used by accountants, bookkeepers, lawyers and various other businesses. The platform allows you to streamline your client communication, simplify file sharing, and effortlessly manage project timelines.

What sets peppery apart from many of its competitors is the ability to integrate various apps like trello, google calendar, dropbox, intercom and many more. That way your clients can find everything in one place without the need to switch between different apps.

Current Users – Accountants, bookkeepers, coaches, agencies and other professional service providers.


Key Features Of Peppery Include:

  • Secure client portal with username and password for your client
  • White label the portal
  • Connects with your favorite apps
  • Secure file sharing
  • Messages/Chat with client
  • File approval
  • Project timelines
  • Competitive pricing


Huddle is a top-notch cloud-based software for leading services firms. This tool helps collaborate with clients, teammates and partners to increase efficiency.

Current Users – Accountants, engineers and service or marketing professionals.

Their interface is professional so that client’s trust factor & transparency will remain constant.

Security : Huddle states that 80% of UK Central agencies prefer it. And it is the first vendor of SaaS collaboration that got FedRAMP certification in the US.

Key Features Of Huddle Includes:

  • Share all Types of Files
  • Collaborate with internal and external team
  • Secure interface
  • Automatic Version Control
  • Manage Tasks
  • Request Upto 500 Files at the same time
  • Accessible through mobile apps

Citrix Sharefile

Citrix Sharefile is best for all types of organizations, big or small. It maintains the security of files and information.

It integrates with Powerful Office 365, which allows co-editing and versioning.

Their email plugin helps in avoiding email clogging. The encryption feature protects these emails from the sender to the end user.

Current users – Accounting and finance, healthcare, legal firms.

Security: It has a secure file sharing option, as all the shared data is encrypted and then stored on their servers.

Key Features Of Citrix Sharefile Include :

  • Share and sync essential files
  • Content Collaboration
  • Document sharing and management
  • Secure FTP Alternative
  • Secure emails and e-signature

If you are not a technology person, this software is unsuitable for your Business. It would help if you had software that is easy to operate and less complex.

Dropbox for Business

Dropbox for Business is another sophisticated file securing and storing software. It allows users to manage information from mobile too, anytime and anywhere.

Current Users – Sales and marketing, and IT professionals.

Security: Dropbox for Business uses 256-bit AES encryption which allows access to your data. Suppose you are looking for a more high-end secure option. Keep reading!

Key Features Of DropBox Business Include :

  • Share, store, send and sync all at one place
  • Protect with e-signatures
  • Helps in organizing and managing a team
  • Automatic backups


Filecloud is a secure content collaboration software for sharing files and syncing platforms.

It operates from any device, including laptops or mobile phones. FileCloud can be a good choice for busy professionals who want to look at their data at any time.

Current users – Government & DOD, accounting and legal firms, and education service provider

Security: Filecloud meets very high standards of security terms. NIST approves it for FIPS 140-2, an utmost need for many US Federal implementations.

Key Features Include :

  • Remote Access
  • File sharing, organizing, and syncing
  • Automated Workflow
  • Incredible Services and Support
  • Un-matched Security


TitanFile is SOC-2 compliant that allows file transfer and information exchange. It has an easy interface. It also helps in collaborating with clients at the same time.

Accountants prefer this most of the time because, on a single portal, they can share all types of file sizes. It helps them to track the work progress and communicate with the clients.

Current users – Accounting, Government, Healthcare, and legal firms.

Security: Titan File secures confidential data in ISO-27001 certified data centers. Their data is encrypted with AES 256-bit encryption.

Key Features of TitanFile Include :

  • Secure Portal
  • Outlook Integration
  • Secure Web Forms
  • Shared Mailbox
  • File and Folder Management
  • Audit Logs
  • Accessible through mobile phones
  • Document watermarking and metadata scrubbing


SmartVault is an accountant client management software that helps automate your work. It also provides bank-level encryption security to its clients.

It is integrated with many apps like QuickBooks, Xero, Docusign, HubDoc, and many more. SmartVault helps in increasing the efficiency of workflow.

Current users – Accounting and book-keeping, Manufacturing and construction, and financial services.

Security: SmartVault promises to secure the sensitive documents of the Business. They use SSL to safeguard documents, files, passwords, and interactions. The data is encrypted by AES – 256.

Along with this, it uses PCI and DSS for a robust framework to give top-level security.

You must know that SmartVault creates many copies of data and stores it at diverse location. It helps them to create a multi-location data backup needed at the time of failure.

Key Features of SmartVault Include :

  • Online Document Storage
  • Customized Client Portal
  • E-signatures
  • Request Documents according to your needs
  • Boost productivity with Workflow Automation
  • Secure File Sharing


Portal is known for its customizability, security, design, and innovation speed.

It streamlines all tasks, i.e. messages, payments, security, help centers, automation, etc. Their dashboard is easy to access and use.

Current users – Accounting, Consulting firms, engineering, education, and startups.

Security: Portal commits the data security in every part of the Business. GDPR, CCPA, and HIPPA compliance. They are SOC-2.

They also use a bot to figure out automatic login attacks.

The company maintains multi-location backup if required at the time of failure.

Key Features of Portal Include :

  • Communicate with clients
  • Create invoices and subscription
  • Share files and get them e-signed
  • Streamline data collection
  • Improve customer experience
  • Embed popular extensions


OneHub is the most effective client portal designed for accounting firms.

It allows the secure exchange of information. Its add-on feature of watermarking the documents and adding a custom user agreement at sign-up is wow.

Current users – Accountants and financial services firms, healthcare and manufacturing firms.

Security: Onehub provides a high level of security, from data encryption to data backups.

Key Features of OneHub Include :

  • Upload Files Faster
  • Easy Customization
  • Dozens of security features
  • Preview Files from desktop or mobile app
  • Stay up-to-date with your customers.

More Features: Watermarked Documents, Embed sign-in form, workspace agreements.


Clinked is another client portal that allows secure communication, collaboration, and file sharing. Its interface is customizable, and you can have unlimited clients and projects.

The curious fact to know here is that clinked is the winner of the 2009 Red Herring and got 100 Europe awards. They were also a semi-finalist at Cisco British Innovation Gateway (BIG) in 2012.

Current users – Accounting, Legal, Government, and Insurance

Security: Clinked uses AWS for its data centers which are ISO 27001, HIPPA compliant, PCI certified, and completed the needs of the US government by being FISMA and FIPs certified.

Key Features of Clinked Include :

  • Customize client portal in seconds
  • Strong encryption and password protection
  • Audit trail
  • Zapier Integration
  • Fully-Functional Dashboard

Thomson Reuters NetClient CS

Thomson Reuters is the best cloud-based software for tax and accounting professionals.

It has a client portal and is also accessible through mobile apps.

It is a bit advance in features as compared to other cloud-based software. So, if you are running a large agency or working with a large number of clients, then it might be the best fit for you. If you are a starter, it may feel complex to you.

Current Users – Government, corporations, and accounting firms.

Security: Thomson Reuters promises security that data centers cannot access the data. They also provide a training program to their employees to maintain security at the organization.

They don’t allow the encryption of data from sender to receiver.

Key Features of Thomson Reuters Include :

  • Audit and accounting
  • Tax
  • Firm 7 workflow management
  • Document management
  • Payroll
  • Client Collaboration and website


To get great success in your Business, you need a client portal.

They are choosing the best software to help you maintain a trustworthy relationship with your clients because the client’s top priority is safeguarding their files and documents.

The collaboration feature will help you stay updated with your clients. It allows you to track the data anytime to check performance.

This list of software is best for accountants in auditing and helps them to make use of time and be productive.

I understand that finding the right client portal for accountants in 2022 is a big task. There are many options available out there.

But, I hope this blog post will help you with comparable features and knowledge to choose more quicker.

First, you need to determine the requirements of your business or work and then prioritize them. According to it, choose one client portal that suits you.

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