How to Start a Consulting Business That Makes Tons of Money?

Starting a business is always hard. But, starting a business that helps other businesses to grow is even harder.

So, it is not an easy journey if you want to know how to start a consulting business that generates huge revenue.

It requires several legal procedures and tiresome planning to start a consulting business worldwide.

Plus, the consulting business industry is growing at lightning speed. According to a report, the consulting industry was $977.3 billion in 2018. And as of 2022, it is expected to grow at a CAGR of 10.6%.

Besides this, many big sharks are already ruling the market. So finding your place in between Deloitte, KPMG, or PwC is not easy. 

But, if you have a proper business plan and strategy to start a consulting business, it is possible to generate high revenue from your new business.

Follow this post to learn how to start a consulting business to make loads of money.

Things to Remember Before Setting Up a Consulting Business 

Before I explain the process of how to start a consulting business, you should first remember a few things:

Certifications and Licenses 

Based on your experience and profession, you need to gather certifications and licenses to run your business. 

For example, healthcare consultants must get a license from the National Society of Certified Healthcare Business Consultants (NSCHBC).


Before you invite clients to book your consultancy services, ensure that you have the proper academic qualification to provide those services.

Especially if you plan to provide technical consultancy services, it is essential to have certain qualifications in your hand. 

For instance, you must have a degree in IT or computer science to provide technical IT services to businesses.

Good Communication Skills 

Can you interact with strangers? Do you have the skills to build a network?

You should ask these questions yourself before starting a consulting business. You need to communicate with different people to establish your client base.

Also, you have to work with different teams and professionals to help your clients. Therefore, good communication skills are a must to become a good consultant.

Clear Goals 

Clear long-term and short-term goals are essential for a consultancy firm. In addition, you need to set short-term goals that can give you confidence when you achieve them.

Besides this, you need some concrete long-term goals to give a proper direction to your business. Goals will help you decide how to promote and grow your consultancy business.

How to Start a Consulting Business in No Time?

Now that you know what you need to start a consulting business today. Let’s move on to the main topic and learn how to start a consulting business in no time.

Step 1. Pick your niche 

Foremost, you have to pick a niche to provide consulting services.

While selecting your business niche, you should consider a couple of things:

  • Select a niche with a huge market base
  • Choose an area that makes more profits

The best way to pick your business niche is to select a field in which you have experience and knowledge.

For instance, if you have experience and knowledge in the financial industry. In that case, you can start a finance consulting agency to help businesses better manage their finances.

This strategy also helps you connect with the right people. Since you are already working in the industry, you have good connections with important people.

This way, you don’t have to spend much time networking.

However, if you don’t have a clear idea about your consulting business niche, here are some suggestions:

Accounting consultant 

Accounting is something that every business needs today. Whether it is a small business or a big corporate organization, everyone needs a good accounting consultant to manage their business finance.

So, if you have experience in accounting or financial services, you can start an accounting consulting firm.

Advertising Consultant 

Marketing and advertising are the backbones of business growth today. As a result, businesses need various advertising and marketing services in this digital landscape to gain a competitive edge.

So, you can step into the shoes of an advertising consultant and guide businesses to promote their services online and generate leads.

Business Consultant 

Can you set up a profitable business? In that case, you can provide business consulting services to people who want to start a new business.

You can guide them with legal, financial and other aspects of running a business.

Technical Consultant 

It is impossible to run a business without technology today. Every business needs certain tools and software to run its operations without hassle.

So, you can provide technical consulting services to businesses. In this, you can help businesses find the right technical solution to automate their operations.

You can also offer technical maintenance and repair services. This way, you can set up a proper IT infrastructure in other companies. 

Step 2. Select your business model

The second step in how to start a consulting business is selecting your business model.

Earlier, businesses only had one option to set up their business – rent out the space and build a physical office.

However, due to the pandemic, businesses have now explored the benefits of remote and hybrid business models.

Therefore, you must decide whether you want a physical office space to run your business or keep things remote.

In a remote business setup, you need a business website and project management dashboard to run your business from around the world.

You can provide services to global clients and hire talent across borders to grow your business.

However, some consulting services require physical communication with clients. In that case, you can use a hybrid work model.

You will set up a physical office and a remote workplace in this model. 

This way, you can benefit from both the work models and better grow your business.

For instance, you can provide face-to-face consultation services to your customers. And hire freelancers to support your operations at affordable rates. 

Step 3. Work legal framework 

After selecting your consulting business model, you should focus on your company’s legal structure.

A properly registered business will help you with taxes and better business management. You can also get subsidies and other support from the government to run a consulting business in certain fields.

In most cases, a limited liability company is the best legal framework for consulting business. That is because limited liability companies have a separate identity from their owners.

This way, you can separate yourself and your personal assets from your company. 

Setting up a limited liability company is different in every state. Therefore, you should check the process to establish a limited liability company with your local authorities.

You can also visit the Secretary of State website to learn about setting up a legal company.

However, if you are clueless about legal matters, it is a better idea to hire a business legal professional to help you start a consulting business. 

Step 4. Get business management tools

As I have already mentioned, automation is important for business organizations to run their operations today.

Without business management tools, managing several clients and projects at once is hard. 

Besides this, you need software to create invoices, track time, send proposals, and so on.

For new businesses, automation is even more important. This is because they can dedicate more time to networking and solving clients’ problems rather than working on repetitive tasks like creating invoices.

Since new businesses have a limited budget. New business ventures can’t spend thousands on different business automation tools.

They need affordable and easy-to-use tools that can automate their repetitive operations.

Thanks to Kosmo, new businesses can now manage their operations without breaking their bank accounts. 

It is an affordable and simple project management software. This software is perfect for freelancing and small consulting businesses.

With this tool, you will get all the essential features to run your business operations with doubt any trouble, such as:

  • Manage several projects and clients in one dashboard
  • Create invoices and receive payment 
  • Customize business proposals and client contracts 
  • Task tracking 
  • Recurring tasks
  • Branded emails
  • and more

And all that for free. Yes, Kosmo has a forever-free version for 2 clients. 

However, if you have a lot of clients, you can get Kosmo unlimited for only $9 per month or $90 per year. 

This software is good if you plan to set up a remote or hybrid consulting business. It can help you manage your projects and clients on a centralized platform from around the globe.

Step 5. Know your target audience 

Consulting firms help businesses. Now, if you don’t know your target audience’s problems, how can you help them?

Therefore, you have to first understand your audience and what are their main pain points.

When you know what is actually bothering your potential customers, you can come up with the right solution to help them.

Suppose you are starting a digital marketing consultancy firm. In that case, you have to run market research and gather basic information about your prospects’ problems.

You can use traditional approaches like surveys or forms to know your customers. Or, you can opt for modern solutions like intent data. 

Intent data is behavioral data that shows a business or person’s interest in your products or services.

Companies use different methods to collect intent data. But, these days, online methods are the best way to know your potential customer’s interest in your business. 

Today, you can use website analytical tools to monitor your visitors’ behavior. 

For instance, these tools can tell you which page received more traffic and engagement. It also shows how much time a person spends on your web pages and where they have clicked or taken action.

With all this knowledge, you can better understand and create strategies to connect with your potential customers. 

Step 6. Build your digital presence 

No matter whether you have a physical business or remote work set up, having a proper digital presence for your business is essential today.

When you are starting a new consulting business from scratch, you need to tell people about it. And the internet is the best way to view people about your new business.

Therefore, you should first start with a business website. A website is the digital representation of your business.

So, make sure that it has the right brand message and values.

 It is also the best place to social-proof your business. For example, you can publish testimonials and reviews on your website. 

After that, the next step is social media channels. You need to create social media profiles for your business so that more people can know about your company.

To select the right business social media platform, you should understand your audience first. For example, if you are targeting a business audience, use social media platforms like LinkedIn.

On the contrary, if you are targeting retail customers, Pinterest and Instagram is the best place to start.

All in all, you should build a digital brand and promote it online to generate leads and awareness.

Conclusion: How to Start a Consulting Business?

There you go, people! You have learned how to start a consulting business to make good revenue.

Start with a proper business plan, give a legal framework, and business management tools and build your digital assets.

It is all simple to set up a consulting business today. Just follow the right plan, and you are good to go.

So, that’s it for now! Keep on following us for more informative articles.

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