Fiverr Pricing Explained

Are you a new freelancer trying to figure out the Fiverr pricing? Or maybe you’ve been freelancing for years but only recently stumbled upon freelance software, apps, and marketplaces? Fiverr can be a bit confusing, especially if it’s your first time hearing about it.

Just a little background, Fiverr is a platform wherein a freelancer can sell their “goods” or services to buyers. Creating an account is free but it automatically makes you a buyer and not a “seller”, which is technically the freelancer. To be a freelancer on Fiverr, you have to register as a seller.

Fiverr Workspace

Let’s go back to the very first account creation, which gives you access to the Fiverr workspace. This workspace allows you, the freelancer, to gain access to tools that you may need. This includes an invoicing tool, contract creation, proposal, time tracking, and more. If you upgrade to an unlimited account, it opens up other features for you.

Fiverr workspace pricing

There are two types of pricing for the unlimited account:

  1. Monthly
  2. Annually

You can enjoy the same perks for either payment, however, you can save more money on the latter. An unlimited account on Fiverr will cost you $24 a month. However, if you subscribe for an entire year, you’ll be paying a total of $216, which is when divided into a year of $18 per month. You’ll be saving $72 or $6 per month if you go for an annual payment instead of a monthly one.

So, what are the additional perks of an unlimited account from Fiverr?

For starters, you’ll be able to manage an unlimited number of clients. There’s no limit as opposed to just getting a free account where you can only have one.

Next, you can remove the Fiverr branding from documents that you use on workspace. It can just show your logo or your name, some of the documents include proposals, invoices, receipts, and contracts.

Speaking of contracts, you can now edit the templates from Fiverr once you switch to an unlimited account. Aside from being able to apply your custom logo, font, and color, it’s also possible to remove or hide fields as you deem fit.

Other things you can enjoy with an unlimited Fiverr account include live support, quick customer information importation to workspace, and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Which Fiverr Account is Best?

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Now that you have a better idea of the Fiverr pricing for their accounts, you might be thinking about which one is best. Well, the answer isn’t simple, this will depend on you. Do consider several of the following factors below:

Freelancing Business Size

If you are just starting out, like literally still looking for a client, there’s no reason to jump the gun and register for an unlimited account. You don’t want fees piling up when you don’t even have clients who will pay you yet.

Number of Clients

Do you have just one client or multiple ones? Do you plan on handling many clients at once or just want to focus on one project before looking for another? Chances are if you tend to focus or stick to just one client, you won’t need the extra features of an unlimited account.

Commitment to Freelancing

Have you been freelancing for a long time or are you just dipping your toes and seeing you like it? Because if you are just trying things out, you can opt for a free account or the monthly payment (again, you have a 30-day money-back guarantee if things don’t work out). There’s no reason to pay for an entire year when you aren’t even sure yet of your freelancing career.

Operating Budget

One of the best things about being a freelancer is you can keep your operating budget to a minimum. You can work from home or go to a coffee shop (although coffee bills can rack up) or maybe even a co-working space. However, not everyone can afford to pay the fee of an unlimited Fiverr workspace account.

Don’t worry though, again, you can always opt for a free account. And if you ever find yourself with multiple clients, know that there are other freelancing apps that have a cheaper price.


For some freelancers, branding is a must. So, how important is branding to you and the freelancing business that you have built or currently building? If it’s not really an issue, just go with a free account. But, if you really want your name and logo on all correspondences and documents, then it pays to have an unlimited account.

Fiverr Pricing for Gigs

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It’s time to discuss the Fiverr pricing when it comes to the seller’s gigs. You should first know that Fiverr has different seller levels. For example, if you are just new to the site, you can only create 7 gigs. And if you ever get a buyer for those gigs, you can only add up to 2 extra services for the said gig.

It’s very important to read all of the fine print on Fiverr. Using this platform comes with a price. When you accomplish gigs, you will not be getting 100% of the payment your client or the buyer will give you. Instead, you will receive 80% of the agreed-upon number. The 20% goes to Fiverr, think of it as a convenience fee for using the platform. Find out how much Fiverr charges to sellers.

So, when you create a gig, do keep this 80% and 20% rule when creating your pricing. The Fiverr platform was named that way because the website advertised that buyers can get a service done for as low as $5. However, with that in mind, if you are the seller, you won’t be getting a fiver for your job, you’ll only be receiving $4 because of the 20% fee from the site.

Fiverr Pro

You might notice that there are sellers on Fiverr that can charge way more than you. Basically, being a seller, you can only charge $5 up to $995. So, if what you are selling is pretty valuable like video services or photoshoot packages, this limit can really be a downer. However, you might find someone offering pretty much the same services as you but can charge $5,000, so why is that?

Fiverr pricing for gigs differs if you have a Fiverr Pro account (different from Fiverr workspace unlimited). You need to apply for a Fiverr Pro account but you don’t have to pay for it (the same Fiverr fees apply for this account). After sending your application and requirements, the Fiverr team will then decide if you make the cut.

Once you are a Pro, you’ll get better benefits, like having a Pro badge, improved search exposure to buyers, and of course increase in pricing. You can price your gigs up to $20,000 and custom orders up to $50,000.

It’s not such a bad idea to go Pro, after all the freelancing world is becoming even more popular. Many are considering a freelance career for many beneficial reasons, from earning more and being your own boss to time flexibility and even possible job security.


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When you become a freelancer, you can’t escape doing the math. When you learn the different Fiverr pricing you need to consider, you have to compute if it makes sense to use their free or paid services. It would also be best to also do the math on your possible earnings if you use the Fiverr platform altogether. Always read the details and the fine print when checking Fiverr pricing so you are not surprised with fees or charges.

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