Best Freelance Writing Sites to Learn and Grow

Do you want to know the best freelance writing sites that can help you improve your skills? Continue reading this article to learn how you can enhance your writing skills.

People who have a knack for writing are joining the freelance workforce. And this is why you need to explore sites that can help you improve. So you can learn and grow and be better than others.

First things first. You need to understand that being a freelance writer is a business in itself. Whether you are writing full-time or as a side job, consider your gig as a business. With this mindset, taking care of your business means knowing how to run your freelance business effectively. And in managing a business, aside from sustaining your client relations and attending to admin duties, you have to improve your craft continuously. Of course, with the many competitors out there, you definitely need to stand out.

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Continuous Learning: Best Freelance Writing Sites

Whether you have a formal educational background in writing or not, writing is an art that needs to be enhanced all the time. As trends change and the outlook of your audience continues to adapt to the times, you need to keep in touch and know how to best reach and make an impact on your readers. Here are some sites that can help you be relevant and in tune with what’s in and what’s out:

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The Write Life

The Write Life is a very supportive site for freelance writers, bloggers, and authors. It has a lot of articles that cover topics most relevant to independent writers like you. The site also has an online community where freelance writers get to connect and discuss issues and tips to help you earn more income.

The Write Practice

If you are a newbie author who wishes to write and publish a book, then check out The Write Practice. This site coaches aspiring writers in their journey. Through their coaching, you get to practice and enhance your writing skills. The Write Practice also offers creative writing programs and editing services once you have a draft ready.

Writers Write

Writers Write is another good resource for writers. It has tons of articles about creative writing. The site also offers courses and has a Writing Advice page for creative, business, blogging, and social media writing. What’s fun about this site is that it has book reviews, literary trivia, and even lists the birthdays of well-known authors.

Positive Writer

For starting writers and bloggers, Positive Writer is created just for you! It offers motivational and inspirational articles. The Positive Writer provides tips not only to improve your writing skills but also in marketing your work. is probably one of the largest online writing communities. Writers from all genres are welcome on this site. You can create your own portfolio and store your articles and stories on this site. There is a support system where you can post your writing, and fellow members can review your work. So, if you are looking for inspiration, a support group, and someone to give an honest review of your work, this probably is the best website for you.

Writer’s Digest

Writer’s Digest has hundreds of educational and motivational articles for writers. The site also offers tutorials and webinars and even holds challenges and competitions. Writer’s Digest prides itself on its vision of helping writers develop their craft at every stage of their careers. Oh, and by the way, Writer’s Digest has been around, changing the lives of writers since 1920!


Planning on blogging? Kikolani is a good resource page for bloggers. The site offers tutorials, guides, and articles that will help you start a successful blog. Kikolani is a straightforward site. Simply choose your topic from the Categories tab, and you will land on a page with articles about that subject. Simple, right?

Calmly Writer

Want to write without any distractions from your text editing software? Get Calmly Writer. Calmy Writer’s focus mode removes all the distracting tools and options in your interface. This way, you get to write smoothly and without any distractions on your screen. This word processor understands that you need to just focus on writing.


Reedsy is probably one of the biggest resource sites for writers. On this site, you can read insights and advice from expert authors. Reedsy also offers short courses and free webinars. One of the coolest things about Reedsy is their Pen Name Generator tool! Simply indicate your gender, the first letter of your choice, and the language origin, and instantly get options for a pen name!

For fiction writers, Reedsy also has a book title generator, a character name generator, and even a plot generator. If you are looking for an excellent editor to help you out, this site has a list of professional editors to choose from. And, if you are aiming to publish your work, let Reedsy’s designers and publicists help you out.

Other Online Courses

There are online learning platforms that offer short writing courses too. What’s good about these is that you get to have a certificate after the course, which is good for your business. Talking about standing out from the rest, clients will tend to consider hiring you more if you have better credentials than others.

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  • Udemy. Udemy offers courses for almost all genres. If you browse through their site, you’ll see classes like Writing for Children, Travel Writing, and Grammar Boot Camp. This online learning platform has business, content, academic, email, copywriting, fiction, and creative writing courses.
  • Coursera. Coursera offers over 800 different writing courses. Coursera partners with world-renowned universities like Stanford University and California Institute of the Arts, to name a few. Courses range from English proficiency improvement to creative writing, poetry writing, and content strategies.
  • LinkedIn Learning. With LinkedIn, you have choices in picking a course for you. Their filters include choosing a level (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced), type (Courses, Video, Audio), and time to complete (from less than 10 minutes to 3+ hours).
  • Domestika. Domestika is a popular community for freelancers in the creative industry. It offers courses in creative fields such as writing. In addition, the site offers courses on creative writing, scriptwriting, and content writing.

Growing your Business: Best Freelance Writing Sites

One of the perks of being a freelance writer is that you earn while doing something that you genuinely love. As writing is both an art and a science, your skill needs to improve and grow in the field continuously. Especially now that you are running your own business. Here are some tips on the best freelance writing sites to check out to help you grow your business:

Groups, Organizations, and Associations

Joining a writer’s guild is important. Having a group with the same profession and interests will help you in this journey. You need to stay connected and have a network of people to give you support and advice. The Association of Writers & Writing Programs is an example of a good group to join into. Check out social media pages too for smaller groups of freelance writers.

Whether you are a copywriter, a content writer, or a fiction writer, having a network of people that understands you most is beneficial. After all, who will better understand your issues than a fellow writer? Most probably, there will be members in your group that is more experienced, so take advantage of that connection to ask for advice and learn something from them.


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There are days when you are just not at your best. You find yourself stopping mid-sentence, thinking: what’s that word again? Or, you needed a synonym for a word but can’t seem to think of the right one. It’s annoying and frustrating for a writer, but sometimes, you also ask yourself if you have written that last sentence correctly. This is where tools like online software and apps come in handy. Because yes, sometimes, you just can’t get that one word you think best suits your sentence. Here are some tools that can help you:

  • Grammarly
  • Power Thesaurus
  • Wordrake
  • Grammark

Job Sites

Experience is the best teacher, they say. Working for different clients, who require different tones and writing styles, will polish your writing skills. Especially when you receive feedback. Through these experiences, you get to learn the writing technique that is well-received by a particular market. While some big online job sites like Upwork, LinkedIn, and Indeed offer many freelance writing jobs, there are sites that cater particularly to writing gigs. Explore these job sites, create your profile, and start working!

  • Contena
  • Problogger
  • Freelance Writing Jobs
  • Textbroker
  • Contently
  • Constant Content
  • Writer Access


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Being a freelance writer is a very challenging job. Aside from having many competitors, writing different content and articles daily can be draining. Yes, sometimes, you will experience that dreaded mental block. Or suffer from Imposter Syndrome. And this is why you need to be smarter in your approach to this line of work.

Understanding the demands of being a writer is important. It helps you prepare yourself for what’s yet to come. Good thing there are sites that help you gear up and inspire you to keep on going. So, go ahead and explore the best freelance writing sites that will help you learn and grow as a freelance writer.

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