What Are the Average Graphic Designer Fees?

Finding the average graphic designer fees can be quite challenging as the freelancing community is ever-changing. There has been a shift in the world of graphic designing and companies and clients are more accepting of freelancers. It’s pretty normal now for graphic designers to be freelancers and also get higher rates for their work.

But when talking about the average graphic designer fees, what exactly is the norm? There really is no one number as there are many things that can affect the rates of freelancers.

Factors Affecting Freelance Graphic Design Rates

When you think of a graphic designer, you can imagine a jack-of-all-trades. Definitely, graphic designers are some of the most talented freelancers out there. They can work on a wide range of projects, from social media and web design to portrait art, gaming design, packaging, animation, and more. So, definitely, it will be hard to pinpoint an exact rate for freelance graphic designers. Check out the factors that can affect average graphic designer fees:

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1. Type of Task

First things first, what exactly is the task that you have to do? It’s hard to compare how much to charge for a logo versus how much to charge for designing a website. Graphic designers have a very wide scope when it comes to tasks, they can handle editing social media posts, creating t-shirt designs, UI design, and more.

Once you find out what is exactly the task at hand, then it will be easier to find the average graphic designer fees.

2. Complexity of Project

Another factor you need to take note of is the complexity of the project. Sometimes you might think a project is simple enough, like creating Youtube thumbnails of videos. But, what if the client has a Type A personality and requires multiple edits or changes? You have to factor those in, too.

If the project is simple enough, then the average graphic designer fee is low. However, for major campaigns for graphic designers who are in advertising and marketing, the fees should be pretty high, especially with demanding clients.

3. Skill Level

Your skill level is a major factor in average graphic designer fees. Of course, if you are just a newbie at this point, you can’t compare yourself to someone who has been in the business for over a decade.

There are clients out there who don’t put out their rates for job postings and will instead say it’s up for discussion and the average graphic designer fees will depend on your experience.

4. Tools and Software

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Being a graphic designer isn’t cheap. You have to have the right tools and software to be able to do your job. There are some clients that have requirements and you need to comply, the trouble is it will cost you money to use this software or tools. So, do factor that in with the rate.

5. Per Hour or Per Project

A big discussion up for debate for just about any freelancer is to charge per hour or per project. Of course, the average graphic designer fees will change depending on this. So, do you charge per hour or per project? And if you do charge per hour, again, you have to consider the type of task.

Tips for Determining Average Graphic Designer Fees

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Now that you have a better sense of how average graphic designer fees are computed, it’s time to determine how much to actually charge. Below are three things that can help you out:

1. Check your competition

This is one of the best ways to find average graphic designer fees, check out who you are up against. If you are an intermediate-level graphic designer, do make sure you are checking out fellow freelancers who are at the same level as you. See how much they are pitching for jobs that you are also applying for or projects that are somehow similar.

Some try to offer a lower number than that of their competition so clients would pick them but that isn’t always effective. Not only are you risking being low-balled but potential clients might be put off as to why you are charging a bit too low.

2. Ask your clients

The next best thing you can do is to ask clients how much they are paying freelancers for their projects and tasks. It’s best to ask multiple clients who are offering just about the same jobs so you can really compare. Much like clients are able to pick out from a dozen or more freelancers, you can do the same. That’s the beauty of freelancing, you also have the option to choose who your client will be.

If the potential client seems to be offering too low a rate for a task or project, just say no. Checking out job listings can help you get an idea of average graphic designer fees. Chances are, similar tasks will have the same rates.

3. Get help from fellow freelancers

Are you still having trouble doing the math or averaging? You can always turn to the freelancing community. If you are just new, one of the best things you can do to become a better freelancer is to join a group of graphic designers. Chances are, there are pros out there who are more than happy to help out newbie freelancers.

Aside from helping you determine average graphic designer fees, who knows, they might give you some design tips too. Joining a community can also help you understand how graphic designers create their rates. There are usually discussions in groups on why it’s bad for the freelancing community to price way too low so it will be fair for all freelancers.

Even if you don’t get the average price right away, you will at least know the limits of how to make your rates. There is a border on which can’t go any lower as it will affect the entire graphic designer freelancing community.


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Again, there is not a single number that can be given for average graphic designer fees. You must first know the details of the project as well as the situation before you can come up with a definite number.

It may be tricky at first to determine your own graphic designer fees, it can be a process of trial and error. But a good way to find out if you are hitting the average is if you are able to book gigs without being burnt out. If you go way too low and get too many clients, it won’t be good in the long run. It’s best to stick with average graphic designer fees first. As you grow and become more successful as a graphic designer, then you can start increasing your fees.

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