How Much to Charge for Email Marketing Freelance – A Guide to Average Service Fees

If you are thinking of joining the freelance world as an email marketer and want to know how much to charge for email marketing freelance jobs, you’ve come to the right place.

Email marketing is probably one of the oldest digital marketing strategies. And, it still is being done to this day because it does yield good results. Plus, it is actually cheaper for the client since not many resources are needed. All you need is an email marketer who has a talent for delivering out-of-the-box ideas. And of course, formulates highly convincing campaigns.

If you browse through online job sites, you will see that there is a high demand for email marketers. So, it really is a good opportunity to take. Also, email marketing is an excellent side job if you want to keep your regular day job.

Email Marketing Basics

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Email marketing is a type of marketing where you use email as a promotional tool to reach potential customers. It is used to connect with a particular market for the following purposes:

  • to introduce a product or service
  • to advertise promotions, deals, and other offerings
  • to build brand loyalty through information campaigns

There are several types of emails an email marketer may be tasked to provide services for. A client may require you to provide service for only one type of campaign or more. It is best that you know the different email marketing campaigns.

  • Email Newsletter. Sent to introduce products or services, as well as news about the business or other relevant information.
  • Lead Nurturing Emails. Sent to acquire and close sales by highlighting additional information and features about the product.
  • Dedicated Emails. Sent to specific categories with a particular purpose. For example, it could be an email to the first 50 contacts who signed up or those who have purchased items with a minimum spend.
  • Confirmation/Post-Purchase/Welcome Emails. Sent to thank and welcome purchasers and customers. It could also include additional product information and instructions, or a warranty.
  • Promotional Emails. Sent to advertise promos, price drop-offs, discounts, or introduce a new line of products.
  • Product Update Emails. Sent to inform existing customers of any upgrades or updates regarding the products they have bought.
  • Events/Seasonal Emails. Sent to invite existing and potential customers to an event or activity.
  • Survey Emails. Sent to ask for feedback on the product (customer satisfaction) or see market insight.

Understanding the basics of email marketing will help you know how much to charge for email marketing freelance jobs.

How Much to Charge for Email Marketing Freelance Jobs

There are some factors to consider before you can finalize how much to charge for email marketing freelance jobs. For instance, you can choose to charge whether on a per-project fee or hourly rate. Equally important to note is that your rate as an email marketer will also depend on your job description, experience, and skills.

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Hourly Rate

Generally, the price range for email marketing jobs is $20 to $40 per hour. This all depends on the requirements of the clients, your expertise, and your experience.

Project or Package Rate

Most email marketing jobs are based on a project or package rate. This is because the service requirements or job descriptions usually cover the entire campaign. You may charge a project or package starting from $250, again, depending on your scope of work. Do take note that for a packaged rate, you are usually expected to complete the project in a matter of days.

To understand more about how much to charge for email marketing freelance packages, here are some samples of service requirements:

1. Developing Email Marketing Strategy

Some clients do not have an email marketing strategy altogether. Your task will not only be to deploy emails but plan the entire strategy. This includes market analysis, brand identity, personality identification, and establishing the email list. You will also plan and recommend the rollout timeline, key performance indicators (to measure the campaign’s success rate), and reporting mechanisms. In other words, you will build the whole campaign, from the planning stage to the project’s conclusion.

2. Set Up Email Service Provider

If you are tech-savvy, then you can also accept a gig that includes assisting clients with setting up an email service provider (ESP). This will involve configuring SMTP tools and any relevant and essential integrations. This service will require you to be on standby for a more extended period of time, just enough to see if there may be any technical glitches or errors to address. Remember, you have to ensure that you are giving your client excellent service so you can convert them into returning clients!

3. Designing Templates, Copy, and Promotional Materials

As part of an email marketing campaign, clients will most likely require you to design templates for the emails. You will also be doing exceptionally persuasive copywriting since your goal is to drive sales and brand loyalty. Do not forget that graphics are also essential in your emails, especially if your target market is younger. Remember that images generate more emotions and reactions than text. So, you will probably need to design jaw-dropping advertisements, posters, and other promotional materials.

Keep in mind that in delivering this campaign, you have to stick to the brand image of the company (or your client). Certainly, you have to brand each copy, template, and material based on the branding.

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4. Set Up Automations

One of the service requirements you can offer is setting up autoresponders or email automation. These notifications are templated and sent out to a particular targetted group. It can be configured to send out thank you emails to those who purchased products, follow-up emails, or birthday greetings.

5. Content Creation

Some clients will ask for your services in creating content for their emails. For example, you can help your client come up with the subject or topic for the next newsletter. Or, you can be asked to participate in a brainstorming of what promotion they should offer next. You can also recommend other types of emails your client may send out.

6. Email List Filtering

Another service that you can provide is creating a fresh, new email list for your client. You will be tasked to evaluate current contacts and categorize them. Creating a smart list for your client is also part of an email marketing job.

Retainer Based

It is also wise to offer a retainer-based business with your client. In a retainer agreement, you can start your rates at $500 a month for projects with minimal service requirements. You may increase the pricing based on additional services like training employees or being on call all the time. For projects that will require longer periods of time to complete, for example, your client wants you to manage the email marketing campaign for a month to oversee and report its efficiency and success rate, then you can propose a retainer agreement.

Another service wherein a retainer agreement would be practical is when a client wants you to do email marketing for multiple products or brands. For instance, a client may have a clothing line for men and women. You can create a separate email marketing strategy and campaign targeting men and a different one for women.

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All things considered, your rate will definitely depend on the scope of work you are expected to deliver. Just the same, your skillset determines whether you can accommodate the job post or not. As you can see, your job as an email marketer does not only mean sending out emails or setting up templates. Instead, it can go as deep as planning the campaign itself.

Obviously, if you are just starting out, you cannot charge higher rates yet (unless you can do ALL of the tasks required). But do not worry, because as you go on with your email marketing journey, as you move on from one project to another, you will gain more experience and develop your skills. Sooner or later, you can be a pro and charge more. With a lot of competition out there, your knowledge of how much to charge for email marketing freelance jobs will help you start right and strong.

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