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Thanks to intelligent software innovations, online platforms like freelance management systems FMS have become available to businesses and freelancers. Companies that hire freelancers and independent contractors have started utilizing this software to streamline their business processes with gig workers. In addition, freelancers, independent contractors, and consultants use platforms like FMS to post their talents and businesses.

As a freelancer, knowing how FMS can help you is an advantage. Aside from using freelance project management software to run your businesses smoothly, you must definitely be active in freelance management system platforms to increase your opportunities to land more clients.

The continuous development of software like FMS and project management platforms has shaped how companies and the gig economy conduct their business.

What is a Freelance Management System FMS?

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A Freelance Management System (FMS) is a cloud-based platform developed to aid businesses in managing their off-site or freelance-based workforce. FMS facilitates the organization of data pertaining to the onboarding and contracts, and tasking delegations of freelancers. It also helps businesses manage the overall project management.

If you are running a business that employs gig workers, you can utilize an FMS to oversee the project’s entire lifespan. This is from talent scouting to recruitment to payment. You can create and store documents such as portfolios and contracts. Build a directory of your contracted workers, track their progress, and manage payments.

Freelance Management Systems, basically, manages the operational, legal, and financial aspects of your contracted workforce. It helps reduce the risks of delays and errors due to mismanagement. And it streamlines processes for better compliance and productivity of your workforce.

Now, from the freelancers’ point of view, using a freelance management system is like having your own secure human resource department. FMS will ensure you have a valid contract, is compliant with legal documentation, and are paid accordingly.

Top 10 Freelance Management Systems to Explore

As the global economy continues to recognize remote workers and freelancers, software innovators made it easier for businesses to handle relationships with their contractors and vice versa.

As a freelancer, there are many freelance management systems FMS online that help you find the right job. FMS also conducts seamless onboarding and offboarding. Some offer legal documentation. And, of course, manage tasking and assignments up to project completion and payment of contracted work. Check out the top freelance management system software you can explore:

1. Worksome

Overview: Worksome is an easy-to-use online platform that helps businesses find talents, streamline hiring and onboarding, and manage invoicing and payment of freelancers in North America and Europe. It has a wide variety of freelance databases from industries like marketing and sales, design, and tech.

Why it’s best for freelancers: Worksome boasts of its automated contracts, billings, and payment processes that ensure you get paid on time. The platform also handles compliance concerns like work classification, which helps you during tax season. Once your profile has been approved, you can search for clients and job offers immediately! They even have a very comprehensive FAQ page for freelancers, so you’ll know exactly what to do and how to process your job offerings from making a bid to the payment stage.

Worksome webpage

2. Field Nation

Overview: Field Nation boasts of its pool of contract IT professionals and qualified service technicians. It offers over 20 different types of field services and specialties like point of sale, cabling, digital signage, networking, computers & printers, and security, to name a few.

Why it’s best for freelancers: Because Field Nation is specific to the IT industry, clients can easily refer to the platform and find you. In creating your profile, Field Nation will ask for your specific set of skills and experiences, giving you the flexibility to register only for the task you want to do. You will no longer have to deal with clients asking you to do more than what was agreed.

Field Nation records at least 20,000 work orders in a week, so chances are high that you get to apply for a job.

3. Upwork

Overview: Another good FMS to explore is Upwork. Upwork has one of the largest freelance databases. It houses skilled talents from almost all industries like Development & IT, Design & Creative, Writing & Translation, Engineering & Architecture, Finance & Accounting, and more.

Why it’s best for freelancers: Upwork is one of the more famous FMS to date. And because of this, it has an extensive active client list (worldwide, actually), giving you more chances of finding the right client. With Upwork, you can manage either hourly or fixed-price contracts, and it has a work diary that lets you manage your projects with your clients.

Upwork webpage

4. Toptal

Overview: Toptal, a shortcut for “Top Talent,” takes pride in having a rigorous screening process. This guarantees that clients get to choose talents from an exclusive list that includes only the Top 3% of freelance talent. Toptal assessment of freelancers includes soft skills like work ethic and attitude and English Proficiency aside from their technical skills.

Why it’s best for freelancers: It is good to be included in the “Top 3%,” isn’t it? Not only will it boost your competence and confidence, but it will also ensure that you get hired by clients because of the association that you are one of the best in that field. Clients searching for freelancers through Toptal know that the platform only provides world-class talent.

5. WorkMarket

Overview: WorkMarket is a global user-friendly freelance management system FMS. It offers onboarding services, and clients may set other verification requirements, such as certifications and licenses. This ensures that the freelancer is truly qualified for the task required.

Why it’s best for freelancers: With WorkMarket, you can build a real-time resume. Your resume or profile grows with you, meaning the rating you get from your clients will be reflected in it. Once your real-time resume is uploaded, WorkMarket will automatically match your skills with available opportunities.

WorkMarket webpage

6. Guru

Overview: Web-based Guru features WorkRooms, allowing clients and freelancers to collaborate, communicate, and track tasks and assignments. Guru offers four payment terms—fixed, hourly, task-based and recurring payment agreements.

Why it’s best for freelancers: Aside from the flexible payment agreements, it is easy to set up an account on Guru. You can even use your social accounts like Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google to log in using your credentials. Sending a quote is easy as well. You simply have to click on the “Send a Quote” button from the “Find Jobs” page, and you will be guided on how you can complete a quote.

7. Freelancer

Overview: Freelancer takes pride in its 1800 different talent categories available to businesses looking for a freelancer. Like other freelance management systems, Freelancer allows companies to search and hire talents, track and manage project progress, and communicate through its mobile app.

Why it’s best for freelancers: Freelancer has a job alert system that will keep you updated if a job suitable for you is currently posted. You can maximize your job opportunities in Freelance because of the many available talent categories you can choose from.


Overview: What sets apart from other FMS is that they also offer freelance services from local categories like gardening, house cleaning, and even massage therapy. They also offer online sessions for personal training, counseling, and, yes, dog training!

Why it’s best for freelancers: It is true that Bark support “every imaginable service.” If you are good at performing, say, magic tricks, you can add a profile in Bark as a magician!

Bark webpage

9. Firmbee

Overview: Firmbee integrates freelance management system with other freelance management tools like CRM tools for organizing and centralizing your contacts and a project management platform for team collaboration. This means that a freelancer can collaborate with other project members through Firmbee.

Why it’s best for freelancers: There may be times when a project will require several other independent contractors or when you, as a freelancer, will be integrated into a company’s organic team. With Firmbee, you can easily collaborate and communicate with other team members.

10. Kosmo

Overview: Kosmo is a freelance project management platform focusing on the needs of the freelancer itself. With Kosmo, you can build your directories, create project folders specific to each client, draft customizable proposals and contracts, generate invoices and send them for easy payment. It also has income and time-tracking features.

Why it’s best for freelancers: Project management tools like Kosmo primarily concentrate on the freelancer. It may be slightly different from other freelance management systems because it doesn’t offer talent scouting and onboarding features. However, this software helps freelancers manage their businesses efficiently in a more personal and custom-built manner.


In this digital age, conducting business with a hybrid setup has become easier. Companies have embraced remote work arrangements and have started hiring freelancers to complement their workforce. As the global workforce shifts dramatically, software and apps have adapted to the needs of both companies and freelancers. Must-have software for freelancers like you are available, and almost all of them are so easy to use. So, find the project management tools and freelance management system FMS that works best for you and your freelance business.

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