Top 5 ManyRequests Alternatives in 2022

Many large organizations use client management software for managing their work and clients.

What is Client Management Software?

Client Management Softwares are cloud-based software applications that provide all the tools required for an entrepreneur or freelancer to run a business.

This software primarily includes custom invoice features, proposals and contracts, scheduling, payment reminders, client dashboard, and whatnot.

How is Client Management software helpful?

Client Management Softwares are helpful in many ways. It helps streamline all the workflow of one application. Moreover, it allows proper communication with customers through the dashboard.

So, now we know what client management software is and what it does.

Let’s move to the main topic, “Top 5 ManyRequests Alternatives in 2022 – All You Need To Know.

Before comparing the alternatives, let’s look at what ManyRequests offers us.


ManyRequests is a client management software for agency owners and service businesses.

It is a one-stop platform that provides project management tools, automation, checkout forms, billing, and onboarding.

It is designed to manage clients‘ demands, requests, and payments, along with automation features.

It is a game-changer for the agencies and services business on just one platform, and you can sign up your client to onboard the same platform. Not only this, you can fulfill all the client’s requirements on this tool.

It helps in saving a hell lot of time as all the processes are automated, and you don’t need to use any other tool or application outside software to make or send invoices or share any onboarding documents outside.

Pricing Plan of ManyRequests

  1. Basic – $99/month
  • 5 team accounts
  • Unlimited client and requests
  • No transaction fees
  • Use your domain
  • White label portal
  • Integration
  • Pro – $249/month
  • Everything in the Basic Plan (Plus)
  • 10 team accounts ($20 per extra seat)
  • Affiliates Module
  • Use your self-address for email notification
  • Remove “Powered by”
  • Enterprise – Custom
  • Everything in Pro Plan (Plus)
  • Custom Development
  • One-on-one onboarding
  • Group training and best practices tips for your team
  • Unlimited team accounts

But, ManyRequest being a good software, lacks at some points. It neither has a Public API nor does it support translation. It is designed for agencies and service businesses, not freelancers.

There are other ManyRequests alternatives outside that cater to the needs of freelancers, small businesses, and large organizations.

Let’s jump onto the Top 5 ManyRequests Alternative in 2022

ManyRequest Alternative #1. Dubsado

Dubsado is an all-in-one client management software that allows you to create and manage the workflow from start to end by streamlining all the tasks and projects.

It integrates with most of the tools freelancers, and business owners require to work smoothly under one roof—Zapier, Quickbooks, Xero, Video Conferencing, calendar, and scheduling apps.

Main Features of Dubsado :

  1. Forms designed to save time
  2. Invoicing & Reporting Templates
  3. Get Paid on Time
  4. Streamline Process With Automation
  5. Project & Client Management Software
  6. Scheduling

Pricing Plans of Dubsado :

  1. Starter – $20/month
  • Unlimited projects & clients
  • Invoicing & Payment Plan
  • Forms & email templates

      2. Premier – $40/month

  • Everything in Starter Plan (Plus)
  • Scheduling
  • Automated workflows
  • Public Proposals
  • Multiple lead capture at once
  • Zapier Integration

ManyRequest Alternative #2. Kosmo

Kosmo is one of the most robust client and project management software available online. It is preferred because of its many alluring features and pocket-friendly pricing plans.

It is designed for solo entrepreneurs and freelancers to automate your business to the next level so that you can check off sending proposals and invoices, tracking time on every project, and more.

It is a valuable tool regardless of any industry. Freelancers from industries like photographers, writers, designers, developers, and more are taking advantage of this free tool (Yes, It’s free) to grow and ease their businesses.

Kosmo allows you to accept payment through PayPal, Stripe, or ACH transfer but doesn’t charge anything on it, unlike all other tools.

Main Features of Kosmo

  • Streamline different projects at the same time
  • Manage Project time using time-tracker
  • Custom Invoices
  • Auto-Reminders for Payments
  • Editable Contracts
  • Beautiful Proposals Templates

Pricing Plan of Kosmo :

  1. Free Plan
  • 2 Clients
  • 2 Projects
  • 1 Invoice per month
  • One contract per month
  • Accept Online Payments
  • Time and Task Tracking
  • Unlimited Plan – $15/Month
  • Unlimited Clients
  • Unlimited Projects
  • Unlimited Invoices
  • Unlimited Contracts
  • Unlimited Proposals
  • Accept Online Payments
  • Time and Task Tracking
  • Custom Invoice Design
  • Custom Contracts
  • Saved Email Messages
  • Priority Support
  • Team Plan
  • Contact them for pricing
  • Help you set a team
  • Provide APIs access
  • Much More

ManyRequest Alternative #3. SuiteDash

SuiteDash is a vigorous all at once kind of tool that allows healthy collaboration between teams, partners, and clients. It keeps the interaction transparent and precise.

It allows you to replace all the core fully functional tools from client onboarding to file exchange.

The tool helps bridge the interaction gap with the client and can create onboarding funnels, so no customer slips by. The maximum chance is to convert the prospect into a paid client.

It also provides the feature of customizing the portal with your URL, logo, favorite colors, and whatnot.

Main Features of SuiteDash

  • Smart Onboarding & CRM
  • Secure Portals
  • Appointment Scheduling and Integrated Calendar
  • E-signatures
  • White Labelling
  • Collaboration & Product Automation
  • Digital Proposals and invoicing
  • File Exchange
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Mobile Apps

Pricing Plans of SuiteDash

  1. Start Plan – $19
  • 12+ Integrated Toolkits
  • Unlimited CRM Contacts
  • Unlimited Staff/ Team
  • Unlimited Portals
  • Extreme White labeling
  • Custom Branded Mobile App
  • Email Marketing Campaigns
  • 100 Gb File STorage
  • Docs/ Academy/ Community

      2. Thrive Plan – $49

  • Everything in Start Plan (Plus)
  • Auto-responder Drip Marketing
  • Dynamic Proposals Toolkit
  • Deal Stage Pipelines
  • Advanced Custom Menus
  • Custom Folder Generators
  • 500GB File Storage
  • Client-Side Live Chat
  • 1 Free Wizarding Session

      3. Pinnacle Plan – $99

  • Everything in Thrive Plan (Plus)
  • Task Dependency Logic
  • Automation Toolkit
  • Trigger/ Action Automations
  • LMS learning management
  • Support Ticket Toolkit
  • 2TB File Storage
  • 1 Bonus Wizarding Session


ManyRequest Alternative #4. 17 Hats

17hats lets you do all work on time without any delay. It’s possible because of its automation feature and fully integrated CRM.

From Online booking to Online Payments nothing is time-consuming with this tool. All features are so user-friendly that everything takes a matter of a second.

From dog trainers to photographers, event planners to creatives, virtual assistants to bookkeepers, all are using 17 hats to grow their businesses.

It helps you to save time from your day-to-day operations and consume that time in focusing on your work and upgrading it.

17hats also allows you to brand yourself on their portal with your custom logo and URL.

Main Features of 17 hats

  • Online Booking
  • Online Contracts
  • Online Payments
  • Email Templates
  • Auto lead response
  • Fully integrated CRM

Pricing Plans of 17 hats

  1. Level One – $13/month
  • Free CRM
  • 20 Docs per month
  • 1 Lead Capture Form
  • 1 Online Scheduling Service

     2. Level Two – $25/month

  • Free CRM
  • 35 Docs per month
  • 3 Lead Capture Form
  • Basic Automation Feature

      3. Level Three – $50/month

  • Free CRM
  • Unlimited Docs per month
  • 20 Lead Capture Form
  • Advance Automation Feature

Check out this detailed 17hats pricing guide if you are undecided.

ManyRequest Alternative #5. Accelo

Accelo is one of the most renowned brands for client work management software.

It allows us to gather all information about projects and clients in one place to keep track of every project. Also, it helps you track the repeated work so that you can save the energy you put in before and convert it into a profitable project.

With Accelo, billable hours can be calculated easily so that clients and managers can know the project’s value.

Accessing information with the help of collaboration tools made the life of freelancers easy. The entire team, partners, and client can be updated with the progress without cheating and without spending hours scheduling and conducting meetings.                

Main Features of Accelo

  • Sales & Quotes
  • Billing & Accounting Software
  • Manage and Track Projects & Tickets
  • Manage recurring client work
  • Insightful Reports & Data

Pricing Plans of Accelo

  1. Plus – $24/month
  • Custom features
  • Tasks and Checklists
  • Email & Calendar Apps
  • Timesheet and Scheduler
  • Client Activity Dashboard
  • Client & Contact Data Sync

      2. Premium – $39/month

  • Everything in Plus Plan (Plus)
  • Scheduling & Resource Management
  • Client Portal
  • Custom Statuses & Workflows
  • Templates & Approvals
  • Rules & Triggers
  • Branded Workspace
  • Divisions
  • Material & Expenses
  • Enhanced Security (2FA, SSO)

Are you considering more options???

Plutio, Fiverr Workspace, Agile, HoneyBook, HelloBonsai, ActiveCollab, Zendo, and more.

There are endless options available online if you search on google for the best client or project management tools. But searching for more might confuse you. 

So, to figure out the Top 5 ManyRequests Alternative, we have searched all the data for you and put it here so that you don’t have to waste time googling the whole day rather than making a quick decision after having a look at this comparative analysis.

Using Client Management Tools for your business is no less than managing your business like a PRO.


All options described above are designed to remove the pain points that all freelancers and other businesses face during their day-to-day activity or daily operations.

Every platform provides almost similar features but where they differ is in their customization feature and the complex nature of their interface. Everyone works according to their pocket, which is perfectly suitable.

So, it differs in their pricing plans too, when choosing software.

Being a freelancer, you need to figure out what tools and features you are looking for in your business and how they will help you in the long term—the pocket-friendly one.

If you are not a large organization and want something easy to learn, easy to use, and easy to operate and update, then Kosmo is the best option for you.

Also, it has a Free Plan that provides two projects and two clients free.

Get Organized & Win More Clients

Kosmo has everything you need to run your freelancing business.

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