ManyRequests Pricing Reviewed

Do you run an agency? Then, you must be looking for ManyRequests pricing plans and wondering if it is a good investment.  

ManyRequests is an all-purpose solution for agencies. It helps to manage clients, bills, invoices, and more. 

The software has all the right features to help you manage your agency clients. 

But, the only catch is that it is not a free client management software. Thus, small agency owners must think hard before getting the ManyRequests subscription. 

So, to guide agency owners, I have gone through all ManyRequests pricing plans. Now, let’s not think and check if ManyRequests is worth it or not. 

ManyRequests Pricing Plans 

ManyRequests has no free version. There is a 14-day free trial that you can use to test the software. 

But, the good thing is that ManyRequests offers three-tier pricing plans. This way, you can select the ManyRequests pricing suiting your budget. 

In each ManyRequests pricing plan, you will get different features. So, I will recommend defining your project management needs before picking a plan. 

Here are three ManyRequests pricing plans: 

Basic Plan — $99 per Month 

This is the least expensive ManyRequests plan. This plan is perfect for new or small-scale agencies with a minimal client base. Under the basic plan, you will get features like: 

  • 5 team accounts 
  • No transaction fees 
  • Manage unlimited clients 
  • Integration with other tools 
  • White label portal 

Pro Plan — $249 per Month 

This ManyRequests portal is perfect for scaling agencies. It is a moderate plan that allows agencies to send more client requests. Apart from all the basic plan features, you will get more features with ManyRequests Pro, such as: 

  • 10 team accounts 
  • Affiliate module 
  • Remove ManyRequests watermark 
  • Add your personal email address to send notifications, etc. 

Enterprise Plan — Custom 

For large agencies with different clients, ManyRequests has the option to customize plans. You can consult the ManyRequests team and share your agency requirements with them. And they will design a custom client portal for you. 

With this plan, you will get 1:1 onboarding and group training to best use ManyRequests. Note that the custom development is going to cost you more than premade plans. 

Should I Get ManyRequests for My Agency?

Now that you have seen ManyRequests pricing plans, you have some idea if the software is suitable for your agency. 

But, before coming to a decision, I will recommend you to study ManyRequests features and look at some ManyRequests alternatives like Kosmo and Dubsado.

So, here are the main features of ManyRequests client portal software features for agencies: 

Easy billing process 

ManyRequests has stunning checkout forms. You can use readymade forms to send invoices to your clients. 

You can accept payments from your clients with a click. All the project and client details are available on your screen. This allows you to streamline the billing process. 

ManyRequests billing features include: 

  • Conversion tracking 
  • Use upsells to increase your order values 
  • Receive payments on the spot 
  • Direct integration with Stripe
  • Migrate existing clients and subscriptions 
  • Zero commission on payments, except Stripe fees
  • Auto-generate invoices 
  • Set up currencies and taxes 

Offer uniform digital customer experience

ManyRequests allows you to organize your workflow in one place. You can manage client requests, files, and payments from a dashboard. 

This enables you to deliver an awesome digital client experience. You can customize client portals with communication and projects. This way, you can offer the best quality services to your clients. 

To boost customer experience, ManyRequests offers features like: 

  • A dashboard to control all agency activities 
  • Use your own domain name and brand elements 
  • Design onboarding screens 
  • Custom menus
  • Organize client information with tags 
  • Assign an account manager to each project or client 
  • Collaborate with clients and their teams 
  • Clients can upload their documents 
  • Clients can access their invoices 
  • Integration with Google Data Studio, Airtable, iframes, etc. 

An efficient way to manage client requests 

You can deliver the best work with ManyRequests. It allows you to manage your clients’ workflow and assign requests to a certain team member. 

You can also define rules and deadlines to complete the project. There is also an option to track progress and share files. 

You can involve clients in every step and open a smooth communication line. Other features to manage clients are: 

  • One email thread to manage a project 
  • Assign tasks to other team members and track their progress 
  • Streamline workflow between clients and your team
  • Tag requests 
  • Receive a clear view of all your active projects 
  • Easy filters to check project progress and assign new tasks 
  • Auto-assign client requests to each team member 
  • Add comments
  • Share files with clients to get instant feedback 
  • Set priority tasks and due dates for each project 
  • Send real-time notifications to clients 
  • Auto change the client request status based on certain activities 
  • Auto-responder 

Automate your entire agency’s workflow 

Do you want to save time? Then, ManyRequests can automate repetitive agency tasks so you can focus on growing your business.  

The best part is that ManyRequests integrates with other tools. This way, you don’t have to move data from one portal to another. ManyRequests will do all that for you. 

ManyRequests integrates with the following portals: 

  • It helps to send new client notifications to your Slack
  • Share payment details with accounting software, such as Xero, QuickBooks, and others
  • Supports referral programs like Tapfiliate, GetRewardful, and Firstpromoter 
  • You can partner with popular live chat software like, HubSpot, etc. 

Reasons to Use ManyRequests 

ManyRequests has many great features to manage your clients. It can keep your agency workflow smooth. 

You can keep your clients and team members on the same page. It can make a clear agency workflow to juggle several projects at once. 

So, all in all, ManyRequests is an excellent software for agency businesses. 

Talking in detail, ManyRequests can help you with:

Customize your operations 

Customization is the best ManyRequests quality. You can integrate it with your other business tools and set your own domain name. 

You will get a complete white-label client portal to manage your clients with ease. And for small and big agencies, customization is the best way to grow their business.

All-in-one tool

With ManyRequests, you don’t need to get any other software to run your agency. This software has all the features in one place to manage your workflow. 

You will get payments, files, and client requests in one dashboard. This will bring ease and consistency to your operations. 

You can better track your team’s progress. And ensure that all your projects are completed on time. 

This will also save you money as you don’t have to get different business management software.

High ROI

ManyRequests pay for itself. After automating your business operations, you can free up your time. 

That time, you can dedicate yourself to growing your business and thinking of innovative growth strategies. Moreover, you can take up more projects and clients at the same time. 

This will help you scale up your business. So, you can generate more revenue in a month. In a way, you can earn more than what you are paying for ManyRequests. 

Easy to use and set up

All you need is 10 minutes to start with ManyRequests. It has a simple setup process. 

It comes with a modern interface that can impress your clients and team members. In fact, your non-technical team members can use this software without any problem. 

You don’t need to set up any training program to use ManyRequests. Your employees can find their own way around ManyRequests. 

Constant updates 

ManyRequests development team is sharing new improvements every month. 

They are adding new features and updates based on customer feedback. 

This way, you will get new project management features every day to scale your business. 

Moreover, they don’t increase pricing with new features. You will get the latest features within your old pricing package.

Perfect fit for agencies

There are a few project management software available to meet agency business needs. 

Companies realize that agency businesses have different needs.

Agencies have to work with several clients, projects, and team members across different portals. 

They need a solution that can help them provide 1:1 services to their clients. 

Thanks to ManyRequests, agencies now get the software to meet all their business needs. Plus, they can complete their projects faster. 

Is ManyRequests The Perfect Project Management Tool?

There is nothing like perfect software. It is impossible to develop software that can help everyone. 

Based on your business needs, you need different features and qualities in your project management solution. So, for many users, ManyRequests is not a perfect tool. 

In fact, ManyRequests pricing is the main reason for many businesses not using it. 

The software has no free version. Thus, many freelancers and small agencies can’t afford it. 

Plus, the basic plan comes with a few features. You have to move to the pro or enterprise plan to utilize all the software features. 

Also, ManyRequests has no proposal and contract creation features. 

Best ManyRequests Alternative: Kosmo 

If ManyRequests pricing is also a bummer for you. Then, you can try Kosmo


It is a perfect project management software for freelancers and contractors. And it has a free version. 

You can manage up to 2 clients and projects for free with Kosmo. Moreover, a free version also includes: 

  • 1 invoice per month 
  • 1 contract per month 
  • 1 Proposal per month 
  • Accept online payments 
  • Task tracking and more

Besides this amazing free version, there’s also one premium package. Kosmo doesn’t have several pricing packages to complicate things. 

It has one subscription plan that can fit small agencies’ pockets. For only $15 per month, you can use unlimited Kosmo features. 

If you bill for a full year, you only have to pay $90. That means you can save up to two months of subscription money. Now that’s what we call a sweet deal. 

With Kosmo’s premium version, you will get several features to scale up your business, like: 

  • Unlimited clients, projects, invoices, and contract management
  • Except for online payment
  • Time tracking
  • Custom invoice designs and contracts
  • Email templates
  • Priority support
  • And many more features.

There are many other features that you will get with Kosmo: 

  • Client management. Check your client information; invoices project details in a dashboard. 
  • Project management. Find all your project details in one place, including project goals, notes, and files. 
  • Set income goals. You can set trackable income goals and watch your everyday progress. 
  • Miscellaneous features. Kosmo allows you to automate recurring tasks, reminders, branded emails, and much more.

ManyRequests Pricing: Parting Note 

ManyRequests is a great agency-client reporting portal. It has a customizable and simple interface. 

But, ManyRequests pricing is the drawback. The software has no free version. Plus, all the pricing plans are a bit expensive for freelancers and independent contractors

So, if you find this software out of your price range, you can use its substitute. 

Kosmo is the most affordable substitute for ManyRequests. You can use this software for free. And the paid version is also not very expensive. 

Now that’s it from my side! You should compare ManyRequests with all the best alternatives. And only then come to the right conclusion. 

You can book a free Kosmo demo today to test the tool. 

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