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HoneyBook is a well-known platform and probably one of the freelance favorites. As a freelancer, of course, you want to have the best tool that fits your work style and process. And because there are many online business management platforms available with varying features and operability, you have to explore and find the one that really suits your business needs. HoneyBook may be a good productivity tool for your business, but it is a smart move to look for a HoneyBook alternative too. Who knows, you might find a platform that combines the features, usability, and pricing that is perfect for you.

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What is HoneyBook?

HoneyBook is a platform designed to address small businesses’ and freelancers’ need to manage their businesses efficiently. Due to its user-friendly system and business solution features, this has become many freelancers’ go-to online tool. HoneyBook takes pride in being a complete business platform, integrating and automating all the aspects of your business.

HoneyBook features:

  • Invoicing. Customizable and professional-looking invoice templates.
  • Contracts. Professional contract templates where digital signature boxes are provided for clients.
  • Payments. Online payment buttons are included in the invoice for easy payment.
  • Scheduling. Shareable online scheduling and confirmations based on your availability.
  • CRM. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) makes potential and current client management easy by automating messaging and tasks according to your workflow.
  • Integration. Use apps and software like Zoom, Gmail, and Google Calendar within the HoneyBook software.
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As you can see, you can use HoneyBook’s features for almost all aspects of running a business. This may be the reason why freelancers are drawn to choosing this software over others. But then again, every person has their own taste and style. Some may want more features, while others would go to more straightforward sites. Some may find this software easy to use, while others won’t. As for you, it would be wise to check out HoneyBook alternatives first and explore what the other platforms have to offer.

HoneyBook Alternative Options

A good business management platform is the glue that will hold your business together. It will streamline your processes (making your life easy and stress-free), so you must really explore all your options before deciding on which platform to invest on. Remember, there are HoneyBook competitors available that offer various features and resources. Watch out for differences in pricing and usability too.

1. Dubsado

Dubsado is a popular HoneyBook alternative. It has functions that assist independent contractors and freelancers in managing workflow, contracts, and billings. Like HoneyBook, Dubsado has an invoice-generating feature that allows you to send digital billing to your client. To prevent receiving delayed and past-due payments from your clients, you can set automated reminders. In addition, a recurring invoice option is also available.

Dubsado website

The platform has a client management feature or CRM like HoneyBook too. You can keep track of communications with your client through this portal. You can integrate your email in this portal, as well as your calendar to utilize the scheduling feature more efficiently.

With Dubsado, you can create forms that can be used to integrate inquiries and questionnaires on your website. The customizable form templates also allow you to draft proposals, sub-agreements, and contracts with an e-signature field that makes them legally enforceable, among other things.

2. Bonsai

Bonsai is a business management system developed with the freelancers’ needs in mind. It is another HoneyBook alternative that offers a complete freelancing solution. Creating official business documents like proposals, contracts, invoices, and even the scope of work is made easy with customizable templates. E-signature fields can be added so clients can readily seal the deal.

Bonsai website

The platform has a CRM feature where you can track and monitor the movement of a contact from being a potential client into an actual buying customer.

Bonsai ensures that the platform will be a perfect business solution, from converting a lead to automating your finances. Using Bonsai’s platform, you can track your expenses as well as profit and loss measures. They even have tax templates and reminders for filing schedules during tax season.

3. 17hats

17hats is a business management software for solopreneurs. Freelancers trust this platform from different fields and industries, such as creatives, writers, event planners, photographers, and bookkeepers. Coaches, DJs, and even dog walkers have also utilized 17hats.

17hats website

Because 17hats understands that a freelancer wears many hats (see what they did there?), they made sure that this platform can help your business not only thrive but succeed. Its features include a fully-integrated CRM where all of your contacts are saved, arranged, and made accessible right away. You can integrate your 17hats Lead Capture Form on your website and set automated responses. Bookings made through the scheduler feature are confirmed automatically. Quotes, invoices, and online payments are also available in this HoneyBook alternative software.

4. Kosmo

If you want to keep track of your freelance work efficiently, Kosmo is the perfect HoneyBook alternative for you. Kosmo is a project management software created by freelancers for freelancers. You can be assured that your needs are well understood and addressed.

Kosmo website

Kosmo has made project management easy. Simply create a client and project folder, input all the details on the subject fields, and then you are ready! All features like drafting proposals and contracts, time and expense tracking, task and file management, and invoice generation are already integrated into your client and project folders. This makes progress tracking of projects more efficient and stress-free.

5. FreshBooks

FreshBooks is known for its accounting and finance features. It is one of the most trusted software that focuses on automating bookkeeping and accounting activities. Tracking accounts, expenses, and tax requirements is made stress-free (and not scary!) with FreshBooks. Mileage tracking is another feature of this software. With this feature, claiming mileage expenses is more manageable.

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This productivity tool also has project collaboration features if you are working with a team or need your client to access files. You can also create and send professional proposals and invoices through FreshBooks. And, of course, online payments are seamlessly integrated with your FreshBooks invoice.

Choosing the Right Software for You

There are some factors you need to consider when choosing business management software. As you can clearly see, almost all HoneyBook alternative options have similar features. So, how do you select the right one for you?

Look for the Unique Feature

Freelancers, no matter what field and industry they are in, all need basic business solutions. These are proposal and contract templates, invoice generation, and online payment integration. However, there may be some other features that you will need to run your business. Do you need bookkeeping and accounting support? Do you need software that can offer you a dedicated business phone line? Or maybe, you need a platform that can help you focus on project management.

So, when choosing the right software, always check the Features tab of these platforms to see if what you need is available to them. Of course, using just one tool is better than juggling multiple platforms.

Pricing Considerations

As a freelancer, you must be conscious and careful with your expenses. Be practical and compare prices. Do check for package rates and other deals. Usually, business management platforms have promotions like discounts and price slashes.

Pro Tip: Take advantage of Free Trials. This way, you get to experience the software without paying for it. See if the system is the right fit for your work style. And if not, you can simply not proceed to the subscription!

See how the HoneyBook alternative options differ in pricing below:

PlatformFree TrialMonthly Rate (starts at)


Techopedia defines usability as the degree of ease with which products such as software and Web applications can be used to achieve required goals effectively and efficiently.

Simply put, usability is the level of ease or difficulty in using software. This, however, is very subjective. What could be user-friendly for some may not be so for others. So, when choosing a business management software, make sure that you are comfortable (and confident) in navigating it. If you are having difficulty or are taking a long time learning how to work a system, it may not be the right one for you. Remember, you will be using this software consistently and at all times. It is meant to help you run your business smoothly and as flawlessly as possible. So if the usability factor defeats this purpose, find a different platform. This is also the reason why you should avail yourself of the free trials first.


Are you always on the go? If you are, then look for a software that has a mobile version. Check if it works on tablets and smartphones. Well, with remote work being a popular and accepted work arrangement nowadays, software developers have started adapting. Most business management platforms now work well on laptops, tablets, and smartphones. But still, to be safe, make sure to try the software first before fully subscribing to it.


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Whether you are only starting or have already been in the gig economy for some time, being a solopreneur can be challenging. Besides your actual job, you must also attend to your admin duties. As a freelancer, you need a good business management software to manage your business.

Business management software provides access to easy customer relationship management, project progress tracking, and accounting support. Choosing the right software is really up to you. List down the features that you really need, set a realistic budget, and take advantage of free trials to see if you are okay with its usability.

HoneyBook may be an obvious choice for some, but keeping an open mind and a discerning eye in looking for a HoneyBook alternative is still best.

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