How to Find Copywriting Clients on Instagram

Do you want to know how to find copywriting clients on Instagram? Do you believe that Instagram can work wonders for your business? Well, you’ve come to the right place! We’ll teach you how to find copywriting clients on Instagram so you can maximize the benefits of this social media giant.

There are many ways to find clients as a freelance writer, and one of them is through social media platforms. Imagine, with all the social media platforms out there, Instagram alone has 1.440 billion users! Now, that is a billion opportunities waiting for you to explore!

How to Find Copywriting Clients on Instagram

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Being proactive is a good practice for any freelancer. Sure, you have posted your profiles on job boards, built your website, and even sent cold emails to promote and market your business. But what do you do while waiting for an inquiry? Set up your Instagram page and start searching for potential clients!

Why Instagram?

Besides having billions of active users worldwide, Instagram has become a preferred networking site for the business community. It has evolved from being a photo-sharing app for vacations and food trips to a reliable and continuously thriving business marketing place. Plus, creating an account and using the app is absolutely free, so it really is a win-win situation. Here are some tips on how you can find, and hopefully land, clients through Instagram:

1. Make a Professional Account

Do not use your personal Insta account when doing business. Creating a separate account for your copywriting business will not only make you look professional, but it gives you an opportunity to brand the page. Remember, when you reach out to potential clients, it will be this account that they will see. So, make sure that your Instagram page can sell you too.

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2. Search Far and Wide

Allot time to explore Instagram. The best thing about this app is that you can use it anytime, anywhere. Search the app for startups and small to medium businesses. Follow their accounts. Follow influencers too. Keep track of their posts and stories, and who knows, an opportunity might come! Some of them might mention needing to hire a writer.

The fact that your product (content) can be delivered digitally is an advantage. You do not have to limit your search to a specific state or country. You can have international clients too! So go ahead and search far and wide. There is no limit to the number of Insta accounts you can follow anyway. The more accounts you follow, the more chances of an opportunity popping up!

3. Be Proactive

One thing you must understand about how to get clients for content writing is that you have to be proactive. Create a need. As you go through your target client’s posts, you can see what their weaknesses are. From this, you can create a package for them specifically for them. Now, when you reach out to them through Direct Messaging, you are ready to offer them a tailor-fit package for their business needs. It will be easier to sell this because they will appreciate that you have taken the time to study their brand and see how you can improve their weaknesses.

4. Make Hashtags Work

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In the Instagram world, hashtags are your secret weapon. When searching for a gig, you can look for relevant keywords and hashtags like #lookingforwriter, #copywriterneeded, or #writeforme. Be creative in thinking of ways Insta users may hashtag their need for a writer. In the same sense, remember to have your own hashtags. On their end, potential clients may also search for writers through hashtags. So, make hashtags work for you.

You can also utilize hashtags when searching for accounts to follow (and target them to become potential clients), search for #startup, #newbusiness, #supportsmallbusiness, and the like.

Bonus Tips

As you can see, finding copywriting clients on Instagram is not hard. You really just have to invest time in searching and exploring the site. Now here are some bonus tips to help you land more clients:

  • Your Bio is Important. Do not underestimate the importance of your bio. It may take very little space on your Insta page, but that right there is very powerful. Your name, for instance, will be searchable. So if you add “Copywriter” or “Write” in your account name, it increases the chances of you popping up from the search page. Remember to use your characters creatively and strategically, do not waste those precious character spaces with words that won’t sell you.
  • Call To Action Posts. Make sure that your posts will catch the attention of potential clients. Think of compelling and scroll-stopping posts. You can even post interesting and engaging reels, like maybe, a copywriting tip per week. This can boost followers and convey that you are good at what you do.


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Finding clients, whether on social media or other avenues can be quite challenging and frustrating. After all, there are many freelance writers nowadays. But don’t worry, when you are truly passionate about your job, you will reap the fruits of your labor.

When using social media accounts like Instagram, make sure to have an interesting professional account (don’t forget to make your account public!) and make your posts and hashtags work. Take time to explore and search the site for potential clients. And now that you know how to find copywriting clients on Instagram go, explore, and open your business up to a billion opportunities!

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