Freelance Writer Bio Examples to Wow Your Next Client

Do you need help with freelance writer bio examples? When it comes to writing your own bio, it’s not just about answering the question, “Who am I?”. If you really want to wow clients, it also has to say, “Here’s what I can do for you.”

Some will find it hard to write their own bio, yes as ironic as it may seem, it is fairly common for writers to have writing about themselves. So, don’t feel too bad if you are stumped writing just one sentence about yourself. It’s not the same as editing an article, which most writers are more accustomed to.

Sometimes, there’s just too much information that you can’t condense into one short bio or you’re just blank. Whatever the reason may be why you can’t jumpstart writing about yourself, don’t worry. This article offers a few freelance writer bio examples to help you get started.

How to Write a Writer’s Bio

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Maybe you are wondering why you even need a bio, well, it’s one of the ways you can attract potential clients.

Writer’s Bio Inclusions

When writing a regular writer’s bio, you need to include key information. Remember that a bio is typically short, concise, and condensed. Don’t make it as long as a full page as not everyone will have the attention span to read that.

1. Name

Of course, you have to write your name on your writer’s bio. However, if you write under a pseudonym, then that’s what you will use. Some also prefer writing as an “entity” or “group” so that will be the name that you will use.

2. Residence, Location, or Where you grew up

When applicable, you can include where you are currently living or the place where you were born. Just for readers or potential clients to get a bit of a glimpse of your background.

3. Personal info

Now, this is the part where you show a bit of your personality. This personal info can be a fun fact or trivia about yourself. It can also be where you discuss your hobbies or anything else you are passionate about aside from writing. What excites you or what you find interesting, something others may be able to relate to about you?

4. What you write about

This is quite important for writers, your niche. Now, not everyone has a niche right away, but it would be a good idea to start finding it or paving your path toward it. This way, your writer’s bio can clearly show potential clients what you can offer them.

5. Writing experience

If you have relevant experience with a certain company, client, or project, this is the place to showcase it. It’s simply you stating the facts of what you have worked on, something you are proud of.

6. Writing awards (if any)

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If you have any awards or recognitions related to writing, be sure to highlight that. This can definitely wow a client, it gives you an edge over other freelance writers.

6. Photo

A writer’s bio should have an image so that people can easily associate your face with your name. Of course, you have the option to not put a photo there if you are a bit shy or reserved. However, it’s best to stick to a casual yet still professional-looking photo. Nothing too stiff but don’t go overboard with wacky, you want to look approachable yet dependable for future clients.

Social Media Freelance Writer’s Bio

Now, you may also be prompted to write a bio for your professional social media account. Obviously, you can’t write as long as you would a regular bio. However, the fun thing about writing a bio for your social media accounts is you can get creative. This means making use of emojis and challenging yourself to stick to a very limited word count.

With social media, just have fun with it. Although it is typical to create a writer’s bio in the third person, you can also make it more interesting by writing in the first person. Some also have a little bit more fun with their photos. It’s all up to you.

Freelance Writer Bio Examples

Now that you have a clearer idea of what to do on your own bio with the discussion above, it’s time to check out a few freelance writer bio examples below:

Sample 1

Below is an example of a typical writer’s bio, giving a little bit of detail about the writer. Then this expounds on her passion, and her niche in writing, and also showcases her achievements.

Aurora grew up on a tropical island in the Pacific Ocean where her love for marine life grew. Most of her days are spent writing articles for various environmental websites and companies with a focus on eco-friendliness. Some of her freelance work has already been published in international online science gazettes and magazines.

Sample 2

A Twitter account is a powerful tool for freelance writers when used correctly. Below is an example of a writer’s bio on this social media platform, which makes use of emojis, but still is straight to the point. It shows the writer is an author and editor and can do other freelance work.

Twitter account bio example of fictional author Aurora Angustia


With the help of the freelance writer bio examples above, you should be able to come up with your own. Remember that you can always change up your bio in the future, after all, you are bound to get more experience as a freelance writer.

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