Should I Put Freelance Work on LinkedIn?

If you are wondering, “Should I put freelance work on LinkedIn?” the short answer is, YES. However, there is more to that answer. You can’t just put in every little bit of work you have done throughout your freelancing career. It’s important to curate your LinkedIn profile, much like how you take great care in managing your other social media accounts. Because even if LinkedIn seems more like a formal or business account, it still says a lot about you and your work as a freelancer.

Don’t think that LinkedIn is just for those looking for corporate jobs. You’ll be surprised at the number of freelancers who find work and other meaningful connections for their careers through this professional network.

Why Should I Put Freelance Work on LinkedIn?

Maybe you’re not sold yet on creating a LinkedIn account, let alone managing your profile to add your list of freelance work. The statistics should speak for themselves, according to LinkedIn 6 people get hired every minute through the site. Below are other reasons why you should start updating and improving your LinkedIn account to include your freelance work:

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Be Easier to Find

It doesn’t matter how amazing you are as a freelancer if no one can find you. LinkedIn is one of the most popular professional platforms online. Think of it as Facebook but for work. How can people learn about your work and your skills if you don’t have a platform to show it? With millions of users on LinkedIn, the chances of potential clients seeing your profile will increase.

At the same time, if potential clients search for your name on Google, you will pop up on the search results, thanks to your LinkedIn profile.

Attract the Right Clients

Again, LinkedIn is a professional platform. So, the people who are on here are those who are looking for jobs and those that are offering work. You’ll have better chances of getting the right clients when you use LinkedIn as opposed to other social media accounts.

However, this will still depend on your freelance industry. So, do take note of your target market and see if they are part of the demographic who use LinkedIn for searching for freelancers. Even if your services aren’t really targeted toward LinkedIn users, it still helps to have a page just to show that you are a professional freelancer or that you do take freelancing seriously.

Show That You Are Real

One of the problems freelancers and clients face is everything is based on trust. Especially now that most freelance work is online, you don’t really meet your clients face-to-face. Clients, of course, are very wary of hiring random people online. So, how can you possibly convince your potential client that you are real, you can do the work, and you will deliver?

Well, one of the easiest ways to show that you are a legitimate freelancer (and person, not a bot!) is by setting up a proper LinkedIn account. Make sure to provide appropriate details, get connected to the right people, and of course, show your amazing work so clients will hire you.

LinkedIn Profile Tips for Freelancers

By now, you should have been convinced to start working on your LinkedIn account and already have a solid answer to the question, “Should I put freelance work on LinkedIn?” So here are a few tips to help you out in getting started with this task:

1. Update Your Profile

Being a freelancer, it’s most likely you get different jobs every now and then. Now, this might be a pain, but you have to regularly update your profile with regard to the work that you get. The more updated your profile is, the better. This way, potential clients will see that you are an active freelancer and it can also showcase your skills.

For example, if you are a content creator, updating your profile with your latest work can show that you are up-to-date on the latest trends. If some of your works are already outdated, then you can delete them so your profile isn’t too messy. No one will really look through an account that is way too long.

2. Showcase Your Work

If you are a freelance artist, it’s important that you always show off your best work. You might be wondering how to add a portfolio to LinkedIn, there are several ways that you can do this.

Recommended Section

Featured Section on LinkedIn

First, go to your profile and click on “add profile section” then click on the Recommended section, then click on “Add Featured.” This will then lead you to a page where you can make a post, insert an article, add media, or add a link.

The Featured Section should show your work highlights. If you have been published on a website or if you have a wonderful image of your work, do add these to your Featured Section. This section appears right below your main account profile.

Additional Section

If you have many freelance works that aren’t as notable but still worth listing, you can add this to your Additional section. This can be anything from small projects to publications.

Experience Section

If you’ve had long-term clients, this can be added to the Experience section of your LinkedIn Profile. This works best if your long-term client has had you on retainer for about a year or so. It also helps if the client is a company or has a LinkedIn page.

3. Get Client Recommendations

Speaking of clients, recommendations are very helpful for your profile. This is another way that you can showcase your freelance work by having the client speak up on your behalf, and of course, for your work. This can also help you with networking and gaining future clients, especially if they know the person who has given you the recommendation.

4. Manage Your Connections

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According to a study, the connections that matter on LinkedIn are those people who are acquaintances. You know, a friend of a friend, a family member’s former boss, etc. So, do take note of the people who are trying to connect to you on LinkedIn. Because chances are, a family member or friend will not be your client, it’s going to be somebody else. Not a total stranger, but someone who is linked to those you already know.

5. Make a LinkedIn Page

Aside from making a profile page on LinkedIn, you might want to consider creating a LinkedIn Page, too. As a freelancer, technically, you are a one-person business. (Read here if you want to learn how to set up a freelance agency).

Business Page

A LinkedIn Business Page will pertain to your freelance business. This can then be added to your profile page, which can help beef up your profile, and attract new clients.

Showcase Page

Now, if you offer several services on your freelance business, it might make sense to create Showcase Pages, too. For example, if you are a graphic artist, you might want to create Showcase Pages for your web designing, video editing, advertising, and so on. However, if your business service isn’t that broad, there’s no need to create Showcase Pages.


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So, the answer to “Should I put freelance work on LinkedIn?” is a definite yes. However, you have to choose the relevant works and clients that you will include. This can be difficult as there may be so many works to choose from but it is very helpful for a freelancer. You can get a client by keeping your LinkedIn profile up-to-date, concise, and engaging.

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