Title for Freelancer – How to Choose The Right Title to Look Professional

Having a good title for freelancer work is important. It seals the deal that you are a professional freelancer.

As a freelancer, you don’t get an official title, unlike those that work in companies. In the corporate world, titles automatically come with their position; CEO, Director, Manager, Supervisor, and the like. Their title clearly establishes their role in the company. But how about you then? After all, as a freelancer, in every sense, you are all of these. Who determines what title you should use? As the business owner (yes, you technically own a business if you are a freelancer), you can choose the title you want to use. The burden now is, choosing the perfect one for your profession.

Importance of a Title for Freelancer

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One of the challenges of freelancing is getting your clients to treat you as a real professional. Let’s admit it, most clients think that freelancing is just a side job for people who wants to earn more. Unfortunately, with this mindset, problems arise, like not getting paid on time. This is why having a title is important. It projects that you are indeed a professional who is worth being taken seriously.

There are other reasons why you should have a title as a freelancer.

1. Implies Reliability

Your title instantly suggests that you are a reliable talent. For instance, the title “Event Specialist” implies that you excel in managing events. This is better than referring to yourself as “a freelancer who handles events,” right?

2. It Makes you Searchable

No client will type in “a photographer for weddings.” Instead, they will search for a “wedding photographer.” This is the importance of having a title. You have more chances of turning up on search engines if you have a title.

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3. Branding

Your title is your branding. It clearly tells people who you are and gives you a distinctive identity. Plus, your business will be easier to sell if you have a title. Imagine this, if a friend, family, or previous client were to refer you, it would really sound better if they’d say, “I know a master video editor” instead of “I know a video editor that is good.” Having a title is a subtle but creative way to market your freelance work.

4. Motivation

Whatever title it is you decide to use, as a professional, you must live up to that title. So if you choose to add “Expert” to your title, you have to ensure that you really are an expert in that field. It will become a challenge to yourself that you have to be true to your title and, therefore, will do everything to prove that you deserve it.

Choosing the Right Title for Freelancer

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As a freelancer, you can actually choose (or create) a title for yourself. However, please bear in mind that not all titles will work positively. So, how do you decide what title to use? Here are some tips to guide you:

1. Be Specific

The goal of your title is to be clear in communicating what you actually do. A vague title sounds too ordinary and will not ring a bell. For instance, instead of “Freelance Writer,” it’s better to specify that you are a “Freelance Content Writer.” You see, there are many types of writing jobs, each requiring a different set of skills. A potential client might be looking for an Academic Writer and inquire from you. If you are not proficient with this and are only focused on writing for social media or websites, you will just end up declining the job.

2. Be Creative

There are approximately 1.1 billion freelancers worldwide. If you rely on online marketplaces to land a gig, how then can you stand out from millions and millions of freelancers out there? One thing you can do is be creative with your title. So why not be an “SEO Writing Guru” instead of an “SEO Writer”?

There are many ways you can create a title using words that will elevate you and your business. Adding the words “Expert,” “Specialist,” and “Master” is definitely a smart move. It shows that you are more qualified than others.

3. Understand the Title

Although you can literally pick a title for yourself, we highly recommend that you understand what job description the title entails. A “Social Media Manager” is not the same as a “Social Media Marketer.” A “Dog Whisperer” is not necessarily a “Dog Trainer.” You have to know the difference otherwise you might be trapped doing a task that you are not willing or able to deliver.

4. Meet the Expectation

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Meet the expectation that comes with the title. If you choose to brand yourself as a “Specialist,” then you must have the necessary credentials, experience, or testimonials to prove that you genuinely specialize in that field. Clients will expect you to deliver work that is at par with your title.

5. Research

If you are having a hard time thinking of a title that fits you, it is okay to look for inspiration. Go online and explore job marketplaces. See how the others are branding their work and their business. Check out their titles. We’re sure you can pick up some ideas there.

6. K.I.S.S.

You know what they say; keeping it short and sweet sometimes does the trick. Do not go for long titles that clients will not want to finish reading anyway. Keeping it short but straight to the point is better.

See the difference between these two titles: “Freelance Marketing Specialist” vs. “Freelance Marketing Specialist for Traditional, Non-Traditional and Online Media.”

The first title would actually already work. After all, freelancers put more titles for writing portfolios, and the portfolios can speak for themselves. Plus, a shorter title is easier to add to social media bios and profiles.

7. Include Your Product

Including your specific product or service is okay, especially if it will add value to your name, for example: “Certified QuickBooks Consultant” or “Advanced CAD Designer.”


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As a freelancer, especially if you are just starting out, a title is essential in establishing your professional practice. It is not merely a nice-to-have thing to have in your business. A title shows beyond doubt that you are a professional. It may be as simple as a “Product Design Specialist,” but it conveys authority to the field almost instantly when people see it. Be brilliant and creative in thinking of a title, and remember, choose a title for freelancer work that best suits your skills!

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