Platform Update: Expense Tracking and Reports

Keep track of your business’ financials via expense tracking and reports.

Expenses allow you to keep a tab on what you spent on projects and your business. On Kosmo’s reports page, you can find an overview of your income, expenses, and net based on projects and clients.


expense tracking on ksomo

To add a new expense, click on the expenses menu item and click “New Expense”.

Add your expense details and choose a category for your expense.

Choose if the expense is billable. Only billable expenses can be added to invoices. Once the client paid the invoice, the status of the expense will be marked “reimbursed”.

If the expense isn’t billable, it will be listed as a personal expense.

For more details about expenses and how to add an expense to an invoice, head over to the knowledge base.


Kosmo's reports page

The reports page gives you an overview of your income and expenses.

The “Totals by Time” table shows a snapshot of your total income, expenses, and net.

The “All Time Ranking” shows your income, expenses, and net based on projects or clients.

To learn more about the reports page, check out our knowledge base.

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Kosmo is a free All-In-One Workspace for Freelancers.

Top 5 ManyRequests Alternatives in 2022

Many large organizations use client management software for managing their work and clients.

What is Client Management Software?

Client Management Softwares are cloud-based software applications that provide all the tools required for an entrepreneur or freelancer to run a business.

This software primarily includes custom invoice features, proposals and contracts, scheduling, payment reminders, client dashboard, and whatnot.

How is Client Management software helpful?

Client Management Softwares are helpful in many ways. It helps streamline all the workflow of one application. Moreover, it allows proper communication with customers through the dashboard.

So, now we know what client management software is and what it does.

Let’s move to the main topic, “Top 5 ManyRequests Alternatives in 2022 – All You Need To Know.

Before comparing the alternatives, let’s look at what ManyRequests offers us.


ManyRequests is a client management software for agency owners and service businesses.

It is a one-stop platform that provides project management tools, automation, checkout forms, billing, and onboarding.

It is designed to manage clients‘ demands, requests, and payments, along with automation features.

It is a game-changer for the agencies and services business on just one platform, and you can sign up your client to onboard the same platform. Not only this, you can fulfill all the client’s requirements on this tool.

It helps in saving a hell lot of time as all the processes are automated, and you don’t need to use any other tool or application outside software to make or send invoices or share any onboarding documents outside.

Pricing Plan of ManyRequests

  1. Basic – $99/month
  • 5 team accounts
  • Unlimited client and requests
  • No transaction fees
  • Use your domain
  • White label portal
  • Integration
  • Pro – $249/month
  • Everything in the Basic Plan (Plus)
  • 10 team accounts ($20 per extra seat)
  • Affiliates Module
  • Use your self-address for email notification
  • Remove “Powered by”
  • Enterprise – Custom
  • Everything in Pro Plan (Plus)
  • Custom Development
  • One-on-one onboarding
  • Group training and best practices tips for your team
  • Unlimited team accounts

But, ManyRequest being a good software, lacks at some points. It neither has a Public API nor does it support translation. It is designed for agencies and service businesses, not freelancers.

There are other ManyRequests alternatives outside that cater to the needs of freelancers, small businesses, and large organizations.

Let’s jump onto the Top 5 ManyRequests Alternative in 2022

ManyRequest Alternative #1. Dubsado

Dubsado is an all-in-one client management software that allows you to create and manage the workflow from start to end by streamlining all the tasks and projects.

It integrates with most of the tools freelancers, and business owners require to work smoothly under one roof—Zapier, Quickbooks, Xero, Video Conferencing, calendar, and scheduling apps.

Main Features of Dubsado :

  1. Forms designed to save time
  2. Invoicing & Reporting Templates
  3. Get Paid on Time
  4. Streamline Process With Automation
  5. Project & Client Management Software
  6. Scheduling

Pricing Plans of Dubsado :

  1. Starter – $20/month
  • Unlimited projects & clients
  • Invoicing & Payment Plan
  • Forms & email templates

      2. Premier – $40/month

  • Everything in Starter Plan (Plus)
  • Scheduling
  • Automated workflows
  • Public Proposals
  • Multiple lead capture at once
  • Zapier Integration

ManyRequest Alternative #2. Kosmo

Kosmo is one of the most robust client and project management software available online. It is preferred because of its many alluring features and pocket-friendly pricing plans.

It is designed for solo entrepreneurs and freelancers to automate your business to the next level so that you can check off sending proposals and invoices, tracking time on every project, and more.

It is a valuable tool regardless of any industry. Freelancers from industries like photographers, writers, designers, developers, and more are taking advantage of this free tool (Yes, It’s free) to grow and ease their businesses.

Kosmo allows you to accept payment through PayPal, Stripe, or ACH transfer but doesn’t charge anything on it, unlike all other tools.

Main Features of Kosmo

  • Streamline different projects at the same time
  • Manage Project time using time-tracker
  • Custom Invoices
  • Auto-Reminders for Payments
  • Editable Contracts
  • Beautiful Proposals Templates

Pricing Plan of Kosmo :

  1. Free Plan
  • 2 Clients
  • 2 Projects
  • 1 Invoice per month
  • One contract per month
  • Accept Online Payments
  • Time and Task Tracking
  • Unlimited Plan – $9/Month
  • Unlimited Clients
  • Unlimited Projects
  • Unlimited Invoices
  • Unlimited Contracts
  • Unlimited Proposals
  • Accept Online Payments
  • Time and Task Tracking
  • Custom Invoice Design
  • Custom Contracts
  • Saved Email Messages
  • Priority Support
  • Team Plan
  • Contact them for pricing
  • Help you set a team
  • Provide APIs access
  • Much More

ManyRequest Alternative #3. SuiteDash

SuiteDash is a vigorous all at once kind of tool that allows healthy collaboration between teams, partners, and clients. It keeps the interaction transparent and precise.

It allows you to replace all the core fully functional tools from client onboarding to file exchange.

The tool helps bridge the interaction gap with the client and can create onboarding funnels, so no customer slips by. The maximum chance is to convert the prospect into a paid client.

It also provides the feature of customizing the portal with your URL, logo, favorite colors, and whatnot.

Main Features of SuiteDash

  • Smart Onboarding & CRM
  • Secure Portals
  • Appointment Scheduling and Integrated Calendar
  • E-signatures
  • White Labelling
  • Collaboration & Product Automation
  • Digital Proposals and invoicing
  • File Exchange
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Mobile Apps

Pricing Plans of SuiteDash

  1. Start Plan – $19
  • 12+ Integrated Toolkits
  • Unlimited CRM Contacts
  • Unlimited Staff/ Team
  • Unlimited Portals
  • Extreme White labeling
  • Custom Branded Mobile App
  • Email Marketing Campaigns
  • 100 Gb File STorage
  • Docs/ Academy/ Community

      2. Thrive Plan – $49

  • Everything in Start Plan (Plus)
  • Auto-responder Drip Marketing
  • Dynamic Proposals Toolkit
  • Deal Stage Pipelines
  • Advanced Custom Menus
  • Custom Folder Generators
  • 500GB File Storage
  • Client-Side Live Chat
  • 1 Free Wizarding Session

      3. Pinnacle Plan – $99

  • Everything in Thrive Plan (Plus)
  • Task Dependency Logic
  • Automation Toolkit
  • Trigger/ Action Automations
  • LMS learning management
  • Support Ticket Toolkit
  • 2TB File Storage
  • 1 Bonus Wizarding Session


ManyRequest Alternative #4. 17 Hats

17hats lets you do all work on time without any delay. It’s possible because of its automation feature and fully integrated CRM.

From Online booking to Online Payments nothing is time-consuming with this tool. All features are so user-friendly that everything takes a matter of a second.

From dog trainers to photographers, event planners to creatives, virtual assistants to bookkeepers, all are using 17 hats to grow their businesses.

It helps you to save time from your day-to-day operations and consume that time in focusing on your work and upgrading it.

17hats also allows you to brand yourself on their portal with your custom logo and URL.

Main Features of 17 hats

  • Online Booking
  • Online Contracts
  • Online Payments
  • Email Templates
  • Auto lead response
  • Fully integrated CRM

Pricing Plans of 17 hats

  1. Level One – $13/month
  • Free CRM
  • 20 Docs per month
  • 1 Lead Capture Form
  • 1 Online Scheduling Service

     2. Level Two – $25/month

  • Free CRM
  • 35 Docs per month
  • 3 Lead Capture Form
  • Basic Automation Feature

      3. Level Three – $50/month

  • Free CRM
  • Unlimited Docs per month
  • 20 Lead Capture Form
  • Advance Automation Feature

Check out this detailed 17hats pricing guide if you are undecided.

ManyRequest Alternative #5. Accelo

Accelo is one of the most renowned brands for client work management software.

It allows us to gather all information about projects and clients in one place to keep track of every project. Also, it helps you track the repeated work so that you can save the energy you put in before and convert it into a profitable project.

With Accelo, billable hours can be calculated easily so that clients and managers can know the project’s value.

Accessing information with the help of collaboration tools made the life of freelancers easy. The entire team, partners, and client can be updated with the progress without cheating and without spending hours scheduling and conducting meetings.                

Main Features of Accelo

  • Sales & Quotes
  • Billing & Accounting Software
  • Manage and Track Projects & Tickets
  • Manage recurring client work
  • Insightful Reports & Data

Pricing Plans of Accelo

  1. Plus – $24/month
  • Custom features
  • Tasks and Checklists
  • Email & Calendar Apps
  • Timesheet and Scheduler
  • Client Activity Dashboard
  • Client & Contact Data Sync

      2. Premium – $39/month

  • Everything in Plus Plan (Plus)
  • Scheduling & Resource Management
  • Client Portal
  • Custom Statuses & Workflows
  • Templates & Approvals
  • Rules & Triggers
  • Branded Workspace
  • Divisions
  • Material & Expenses
  • Enhanced Security (2FA, SSO)

Are you considering more options???

Plutio, Fiverr Workspace, Agile, HoneyBook, HelloBonsai, ActiveCollab, Zendo, and more.

There are endless options available online if you search on google for the best client or project management tools. But searching for more might confuse you. 

So, to figure out the Top 5 ManyRequests Alternative, we have searched all the data for you and put it here so that you don’t have to waste time googling the whole day rather than making a quick decision after having a look at this comparative analysis.

Using Client Management Tools for your business is no less than managing your business like a PRO.


All options described above are designed to remove the pain points that all freelancers and other businesses face during their day-to-day activity or daily operations.

Every platform provides almost similar features but where they differ is in their customization feature and the complex nature of their interface. Everyone works according to their pocket, which is perfectly suitable.

So, it differs in their pricing plans too, when choosing software.

Being a freelancer, you need to figure out what tools and features you are looking for in your business and how they will help you in the long term—the pocket-friendly one.

If you are not a large organization and want something easy to learn, easy to use, and easy to operate and update, then Kosmo is the best option for you.

Also, it has a Free Plan that provides two projects and two clients free.

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Kosmo has everything you need to run your freelancing business.

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Kosmo is a free All-In-One Workspace for Freelancers.

ManyRequests Pricing Reviewed

Do you run an agency? Then, you must be looking for ManyRequests pricing plans and wondering if it is a good investment.  

ManyRequests is an all-purpose solution for agencies. It helps to manage clients, bills, invoices, and more. 

The software has all the right features to help you manage your agency clients. 

But, the only catch is that it is not a free client management software. Thus, small agency owners must think hard before getting the ManyRequests subscription. 

So, to guide agency owners, I have gone through all ManyRequests pricing plans. Now, let’s not think and check if ManyRequests is worth it or not. 

ManyRequests Pricing Plans 

ManyRequests has no free version. There is a 14-day free trial that you can use to test the software. 

But, the good thing is that ManyRequests offers three-tier pricing plans. This way, you can select the ManyRequests pricing suiting your budget. 

In each ManyRequests pricing plan, you will get different features. So, I will recommend defining your project management needs before picking a plan. 

Here are three ManyRequests pricing plans: 

Basic Plan — $99 per Month 

This is the least expensive ManyRequests plan. This plan is perfect for new or small-scale agencies with a minimal client base. Under the basic plan, you will get features like: 

  • 5 team accounts 
  • No transaction fees 
  • Manage unlimited clients 
  • Integration with other tools 
  • White label portal 

Pro Plan — $249 per Month 

This ManyRequests portal is perfect for scaling agencies. It is a moderate plan that allows agencies to send more client requests. Apart from all the basic plan features, you will get more features with ManyRequests Pro, such as: 

  • 10 team accounts 
  • Affiliate module 
  • Remove ManyRequests watermark 
  • Add your personal email address to send notifications, etc. 

Enterprise Plan — Custom 

For large agencies with different clients, ManyRequests has the option to customize plans. You can consult the ManyRequests team and share your agency requirements with them. And they will design a custom client portal for you. 

With this plan, you will get 1:1 onboarding and group training to best use ManyRequests. Note that the custom development is going to cost you more than premade plans. 

Should I Get ManyRequests for My Agency?

Now that you have seen ManyRequests pricing plans, you have some idea if the software is suitable for your agency. 

But, before coming to a decision, I will recommend you to study ManyRequests features and look at some ManyRequests alternatives like Kosmo and Dubsado.

So, here are the main features of ManyRequests client portal software features for agencies: 

Easy billing process 

ManyRequests has stunning checkout forms. You can use readymade forms to send invoices to your clients. 

You can accept payments from your clients with a click. All the project and client details are available on your screen. This allows you to streamline the billing process. 

ManyRequests billing features include: 

  • Conversion tracking 
  • Use upsells to increase your order values 
  • Receive payments on the spot 
  • Direct integration with Stripe
  • Migrate existing clients and subscriptions 
  • Zero commission on payments, except Stripe fees
  • Auto-generate invoices 
  • Set up currencies and taxes 

Offer uniform digital customer experience

ManyRequests allows you to organize your workflow in one place. You can manage client requests, files, and payments from a dashboard. 

This enables you to deliver an awesome digital client experience. You can customize client portals with communication and projects. This way, you can offer the best quality services to your clients. 

To boost customer experience, ManyRequests offers features like: 

  • A dashboard to control all agency activities 
  • Use your own domain name and brand elements 
  • Design onboarding screens 
  • Custom menus
  • Organize client information with tags 
  • Assign an account manager to each project or client 
  • Collaborate with clients and their teams 
  • Clients can upload their documents 
  • Clients can access their invoices 
  • Integration with Google Data Studio, Airtable, iframes, etc. 

An efficient way to manage client requests 

You can deliver the best work with ManyRequests. It allows you to manage your clients’ workflow and assign requests to a certain team member. 

You can also define rules and deadlines to complete the project. There is also an option to track progress and share files. 

You can involve clients in every step and open a smooth communication line. Other features to manage clients are: 

  • One email thread to manage a project 
  • Assign tasks to other team members and track their progress 
  • Streamline workflow between clients and your team
  • Tag requests 
  • Receive a clear view of all your active projects 
  • Easy filters to check project progress and assign new tasks 
  • Auto-assign client requests to each team member 
  • Add comments
  • Share files with clients to get instant feedback 
  • Set priority tasks and due dates for each project 
  • Send real-time notifications to clients 
  • Auto change the client request status based on certain activities 
  • Auto-responder 

Automate your entire agency’s workflow 

Do you want to save time? Then, ManyRequests can automate repetitive agency tasks so you can focus on growing your business.  

The best part is that ManyRequests integrates with other tools. This way, you don’t have to move data from one portal to another. ManyRequests will do all that for you. 

ManyRequests integrates with the following portals: 

  • It helps to send new client notifications to your Slack
  • Share payment details with accounting software, such as Xero, QuickBooks, and others
  • Supports referral programs like Tapfiliate, GetRewardful, and Firstpromoter 
  • You can partner with popular live chat software like, HubSpot, etc. 

Reasons to Use ManyRequests 

ManyRequests has many great features to manage your clients. It can keep your agency workflow smooth. 

You can keep your clients and team members on the same page. It can make a clear agency workflow to juggle several projects at once. 

So, all in all, ManyRequests is an excellent software for agency businesses. 

Talking in detail, ManyRequests can help you with:

Customize your operations 

Customization is the best ManyRequests quality. You can integrate it with your other business tools and set your own domain name. 

You will get a complete white-label client portal to manage your clients with ease. And for small and big agencies, customization is the best way to grow their business.

All-in-one tool

With ManyRequests, you don’t need to get any other software to run your agency. This software has all the features in one place to manage your workflow. 

You will get payments, files, and client requests in one dashboard. This will bring ease and consistency to your operations. 

You can better track your team’s progress. And ensure that all your projects are completed on time. 

This will also save you money as you don’t have to get different business management software.

High ROI

ManyRequests pay for itself. After automating your business operations, you can free up your time. 

That time, you can dedicate yourself to growing your business and thinking of innovative growth strategies. Moreover, you can take up more projects and clients at the same time. 

This will help you scale up your business. So, you can generate more revenue in a month. In a way, you can earn more than what you are paying for ManyRequests. 

Easy to use and set up

All you need is 10 minutes to start with ManyRequests. It has a simple setup process. 

It comes with a modern interface that can impress your clients and team members. In fact, your non-technical team members can use this software without any problem. 

You don’t need to set up any training program to use ManyRequests. Your employees can find their own way around ManyRequests. 

Constant updates 

ManyRequests development team is sharing new improvements every month. 

They are adding new features and updates based on customer feedback. 

This way, you will get new project management features every day to scale your business. 

Moreover, they don’t increase pricing with new features. You will get the latest features within your old pricing package.

Perfect fit for agencies

There are a few project management software available to meet agency business needs. 

Companies realize that agency businesses have different needs.

Agencies have to work with several clients, projects, and team members across different portals. 

They need a solution that can help them provide 1:1 services to their clients. 

Thanks to ManyRequests, agencies now get the software to meet all their business needs. Plus, they can complete their projects faster. 

Is ManyRequests The Perfect Project Management Tool?

There is nothing like perfect software. It is impossible to develop software that can help everyone. 

Based on your business needs, you need different features and qualities in your project management solution. So, for many users, ManyRequests is not a perfect tool. 

In fact, ManyRequests pricing is the main reason for many businesses not using it. 

The software has no free version. Thus, many freelancers and small agencies can’t afford it. 

Plus, the basic plan comes with a few features. You have to move to the pro or enterprise plan to utilize all the software features. 

Also, ManyRequests has no proposal and contract creation features. 

Best ManyRequests Alternative: Kosmo 

If ManyRequests pricing is also a bummer for you. Then, you can try Kosmo


It is a perfect project management software for freelancers and contractors. And it has a free version. 

You can manage up to 2 clients and projects for free with Kosmo. Moreover, a free version also includes: 

  • 1 invoice per month 
  • 1 contract per month 
  • 1 Proposal per month 
  • Accept online payments 
  • Task tracking and more

Besides this amazing free version, there’s also one premium package. Kosmo doesn’t have several pricing packages to complicate things. 

It has one subscription plan that can fit small agencies’ pockets. For only $9 per month, you can use unlimited Kosmo features. 

If you bill for a full year, you only have to pay $90. That means you can save up to two months of subscription money. Now that’s what we call a sweet deal. 

With Kosmo’s premium version, you will get several features to scale up your business, like: 

  • Unlimited clients, projects, invoices, and contract management
  • Except for online payment
  • Time tracking
  • Custom invoice designs and contracts
  • Email templates
  • Priority support
  • And many more features.

There are many other features that you will get with Kosmo: 

  • Client management. Check your client information; invoices project details in a dashboard. 
  • Project management. Find all your project details in one place, including project goals, notes, and files. 
  • Set income goals. You can set trackable income goals and watch your everyday progress. 
  • Miscellaneous features. Kosmo allows you to automate recurring tasks, reminders, branded emails, and much more.

ManyRequests Pricing: Parting Note 

ManyRequests is a great agency-client reporting portal. It has a customizable and simple interface. 

But, ManyRequests pricing is the drawback. The software has no free version. Plus, all the pricing plans are a bit expensive for freelancers and independent contractors

So, if you find this software out of your price range, you can use its substitute. 

Kosmo is the most affordable substitute for ManyRequests. You can use this software for free. And the paid version is also not very expensive. 

Now that’s it from my side! You should compare ManyRequests with all the best alternatives. And only then come to the right conclusion. 

You can book a free Kosmo demo today to test the tool. 

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Kosmo has everything you need to run your freelancing business.

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Kosmo is a free All-In-One Workspace for Freelancers.

Here’s How to Improve Digital Customer Experience (Top 10 Strategies)

Meta Description: Check out the how to improve digital customer experience guide to learn the top 10 strategies to grow your business and revenue in no time. 

Customer experience is an important item for businesses to grow today. But, digital media has made it harder to improve customer experience. 

According to a report, 86% of professionals are working to improve customer experience. 

But, only 1 in 3 people know how to improve the digital customer experience. 

So, if you’re also one of these people, this guide is for you.

This post will walk you through different strategies to improve the digital customer experience. I will also share some insightful tips to build a positive CX. 

What Does Digital Customer Experience Mean?

Digital customer experience means using digital tools to improve customer experience. 

It includes website layout, social media, data, and more. Digital CX has all parts that customers use to interact with your brand.

It involves everything that customers use to communicate with your brand. 

For example, your social media account that customers use to find information about your brand. Or your business website that users explore before buying. 

To improve customer experience, businesses have to work on optimizing their digital assets. This way, customers can better engage and interact with them.

How to Improve Digital Customer Experience in 10 Strategies

Are you moving your business to digital space? Then, this big change is not easy for businesses.

You must change your marketing and customer support strategies to fit digital shoes.

Wondering how to improve digital customer experience?

Well, you don’t have to do much to improve your digital customer experience. Just focus on your customers’ needs and preferences.

Along with this, you should implement these strategies to improve digital CX in your company:

1. Dive into data

Data is what you need to improve the digital customer experience. It will help you understand your customers and their pain points.

You can know what your customers are searching for online. Then, you can create products or services that your customers want.

Moreover, when you know your customers, you can develop better marketing plans.

Your customer’s feedback is the golden data here. You can collect customers’ feedback from different sources.

For example, you can go through your customers’ reviews and testimonials. You can also check comments your customers leave on your social media posts.

Suppose your customers are not happy with your delivery system. In that case, you can use client management software to record the customer’s delivery date.

This way, you will never miss a due date. In fact, you can align your team based on the set timeline. 

Here you can use Kosmo to manage your clients and projects better. 

This is a simple project management software. It has all the features that you require to deliver to your customers on time.

It has a client database management system. You can record all your client information in it. 

The best part is it is free software. For solopreneurs, it is a free tool. 

But entrepreneurs can get it for $9 per month or $90 per year. 

2. Have one-on-one interaction with your customers

Data is important to improve customer experience. But, it can only give you direction to improve CX.

But, you have to go beyond data to know what your customers think of your digital experience.

You must establish a personal connection with your customers. You need to get into your customers’ heads and know what they like about your digital experience.

Now, you don’t need to step into a psychiatrist role here.

Just opening a communication line with your customers is enough to know their facts.

The best way to do this is through social media. It allows you to communicate with your direct customers.

You can add survey forms, host webinars, or offer free goodies to your customers to share their feedback.

Data might not tell you the emotions that your customers feel when they interact with your digital assets.

But, listening to your customers’ words will give you a new direction to improve the experience.

3. Focus on personalization

Customers today want to feel like individuals. They want brands to understand their pain points and provide custom solutions.

Digital customers are very smart. They know when brands are using data or bots to communicate with them.

Today, you cannot expect customers to interact with your robotic emails. Instead, you have to create personalized emails or content for your customers.

Your digital experience must have personalization in it. Otherwise, you can not attract new customers. 

Personalization is important for all your marketing efforts.

For example, custom emails perform better than random emails. 

To create custom emails, you must segment your email list first. Next, you need to organize your subscribers based on different groups.

For instance, income, age, gender, and other demographic factors. You can create email content based on individual groups’ needs.

That’s because customers with different income groups have separate buying power. This can help you personalize emails with minimum effort. 

4. Offer omnichannel customer service 

Digital customers don’t like to wait. They want instant answers from you.

In this, if customers have to wait in a queue to get answers from your support team, this is a sign of a bad customer experience.

So, you should use different digital tools to provide omnichannel customer service to your customers.

Today, you have several options to provide customer support. For example, you can use phone calls, instant chats, emails, and so on.

In how to improve the digital customer experience guide, the customer support point is the most important one.

With different customer support channels, you don’t only get a chance to solve your customers’ queries faster. But, you can also get data from different sources.

Besides this, customer support channels like chatbots can free up your team’s time.

That’s because it can resolve small customer queries without an agent’s help. This way, your agents can use their knowledge to create the best user experience.

There is one small thing that you should remember while using the omnichannel customer support. You must maintain consistency across all your communication channels.

For instance, imagine your customer connects through email but moves to call in the middle. In this case, they should get the same experience across both channels.

Now that is not an easy part. Your email agent and call agent have different working styles and approaches. And this can reflect in their interaction.

But, this can ruin your customer’s experience. 

So, you have to use customer relationship management software here. 

The software will record all your customers’ data. This will help agents to maintain consistency across all channels.

5. Create a physical experience 

Okay, so this might confuse you. Wondering why I am talking about a physical experience in how to improve the digital customer experience guide.

Well, let me explain myself better. I am not saying that you should create a complete physical experience for your customers.

But, you should use technologies like virtual reality and augmented reality. They can bring physical experience to a virtual environment.

Not making any sense?

Let me share an example with you. Sephora app provides virtual makeup artists to their users.

This lets customers apply makeup on their faces in a virtual environment before buying it.

Sounds cool, right?

So, you can also include physical experience in a virtual environment to impress your customers.

6. Use artificial intelligence 

Artificial intelligence in customer experience can change the entire game for you.

You can manage your internal operations with AI. Also, you can boost your sales and revenue with this technology.

There are several segments of artificial intelligence that you can use to improve customer experience.

For example, using AI chatbots, you can provide 24 x 7 customer support to your prospects.

You don’t need to hire a call center from different time zones to provide 24 x 7 support your customers.

Chatbots can provide around-the-clock support to your customers. People can ask anything and anytime from chatbots.

The best part is that your agents have nothing to do with chatbots. 

They simply focus on creating better customer management strategies.

Artificial intelligence can also help to create a personalized user experience.

Brands like Netflix and Amazon prime are already using AI to sell related products to their customers.

You can up-sell or cross-sell products related to your previous customers’ buying history using AI algorithms.

This way, you will improve your user experience and your revenue altogether.

7. Make buying easy

Look at your website. Give a hard look at it and tell if you can move through your website with ease.

You are already familiar with your website structure. So it will not take much time for you to move around your website. 

But the person landing on your website for the first time is unfamiliar with your web structure.

So, they might not find relevant information or products on your website.

And if your website is not easy to access, no one will take the time to understand it. They will move to your competitor’s website.

So, you need to create an easy buying process on your website. Keep all the menus and pages clear. 

Use simple content and attractive graphics to help users find the right information on your website.

You can also select premade website themes that are already working online.

For this purpose, I will suggest you hire a professional website UX designer. 

Professionals can better guide you in creating websites based on your audience’s requirements.

8. Know your brand and audience 

Before learning how to improve digital customer experience, let’s first understand your brand and audience.

When you don’t know what your audience wants and what your brand requirements are. It is impossible to provide a good experience to your users.

Because every brand has different needs, based on your targeted industry and audience base, you have to define your customer experience.

Let’s take an example of the B2B and B2C industries. Both industries have different audience bases and product bases.

So, you cannot use one user experience strategy in both sectors.

This is because the B2B audience is more mature and professional. You cannot impress them with silly Instagram reels.

You have to offer them something informative and valuable information to connect with your brand.

On the contrary, B2C customs are less mature and professional. They want simple and relatable things.

So, understand your product and audience before creating your user experience strategies.

9. Measure your user experience 

Don’t rest after creating user experience elements. In fact, your real work starts afterward.

You must measure the performance of each element that you have used to improve user experience.

This way, you can understand which element is working and which one is not.

Using this information, you can invest your resources in elements that are producing better results. This will help to use your customer support team resources.

10. Keep on experimenting with new things

Customer experience is a continuous process. Your customers’ preferences and needs keep on changing with time.

So, you have to also keep on changing your customer experience strategies.

I advise you to study different blogs and forums to understand what’s trending these days. 

Based on that, you should implement new things on your website or social media platforms to build a better user experience.

Just keep on trying new things and analyzing their impact on your user experience. And, in no time, you can build a solid customer relationship plan.

How to Improve Digital Customer Experience: Conclusion 

There you go, people! You are now ready to improve the digital customer experience.

This how to improve digital customer experience guide has walked you through the top 10 strategies.

From data to personalization, you should focus on all the simple strategies to make your customers happy.

That is because happy customers are legacy customers. They always help to grow your business.

That’s it for now! You can also check my other blogs to learn more about software and marketing.

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Starting a Consulting Business Checklist 101: Start Your Business The Right Way

It seems like a dream opportunity to start your own business. No bosses, no deadlines — full freedom to work with whoever or whenever you want. 

However, starting a new business, no scratch that, starting a consulting business is not easy. 

Starting a consulting business checklist is big. From selecting your consultation field to finding your first client — there is a long road ahead. 

On top of it, the consulting industry is growing at lightning speed. In 2020, the global consulting market was $132 billion. 

Though, the pandemic has taken a toll on the industry. And the revenue dropped to 12.5% after 2019. 

But things are getting back to normal. That leads to higher growth in the consulting sector in the coming days. 

All in all, today is the right time to start your consulting business. However, before you dig in, start your business the right way. 

That is because, right now, competition is high, and the economy is unstable. 

So, follow this guide to explore the complete ‘starting a consulting business checklist.’ 

Here’s Starting a Consulting Business Checklist 

The consulting business sector is tightly knitted. Nearly 40% of the industry consists of four major consulting firms — PwC, EY, KPMG and Deloitte. 

And there are also companies like McKinsey & Company and BCG. 

So, finding your place among these consulting sharks is not easy. 

But it is not impossible either. You simply have to follow this ‘starting a consulting business checklist’ to give the right start to your business. 

Checklist #1. Narrow down your niche  

Foremost, you have to find an area to provide consulting services. 

Here I suggest never going with general consulting when you are just starting. The reason? 

It is competitive out there. It will take you ages to find your footing in generic fields. 

Thus, you have to think deeper and narrow down your niche. 

Let’s think this way. There are thousands of management consulting firms available. But only a handful of them provides services to B2B firms. And even less work in the B2B SaaS industry. 

So, you need to focus on your core skills and enter into the niche you specialize in. 

If you are struggling to find your niche, follow these techniques: 

  • Identify your skills, experience and qualifications 
  • Understand which consulting niche will work in the long run 
  • Determine which areas have demand for your services 
  • Ask yourself how can you better help your clients 
  • Do you want to limit your business to one location, etc.? 

Checklist:#2. Select your business model 

After choosing a consulting business niche, you need to pick a business model. 

This step is crucial in starting a consulting business checklist. So, choose your business model after thorough consideration. 

Here are the common consulting business models: 

Solo consultant model 

In this model, you will one-on-one work with your clients to complete the project. This is the perfect model for you if you want to work alone with no or limited team. 

Consulting firm model 

Here you are not just running a project for clients. Instead, you are running a firm or process for clients. 

For example, many accounting consulting firms help companies with bookkeeping, auditing, taxation, etc. 

You need a full team and infrastructure to support several clients for this setup.

Productized consulting model

This is a skill-based consulting model. Here you can create a product using your skills and experience. 

Suppose you are working as a content strategist for B2C brands. After years of delivering custom services, you created an e-course using your knowledge. Now that course is your product. 

This model is perfect if you want to scale your business. You can remove yourself from the day-to-day workload. And let your product do the work for you. 

Hybrid consulting model

As the name suggests, it is a mixture of all three models. 

You select all three consulting models and combine them to produce a hybrid model. 

It is a large work model. It takes a big team and resources to adopt this model. 

So, when you have a significant experience and market base, only then follow this model. 

Checklist 3. Identify your customers 

Who are your targeted customers? 

This is the crucial question to ask when you are starting a consulting business. 

Without knowing your customers, you can’t move ahead. You can’t decide on your marketing or sales plans without having a clear idea about your customers. 

In starting a consulting business checklist, I’ll recommend spending the most time on this step as it is the base for all upcoming steps. 

Here you can follow these methods to find your ideal customers: 

Who can you help with your business? 

People will only come to your business when you can solve their particular problems. 

Thus, you should ask yourself who can benefit from your business. 

Suppose you offer marketing consultation and lead generation services to startups. 

In that case, your core customers are startup owners. 

However, you can dig deeper and narrow your customer base to customize your content. 

Validate your ideal client base 

Understanding who is your potential customer is the first step. 

After that, you have to validate your ideal customers. 

It means to go out and talk to your prospects. This will help you understand their problems. 

You can remove the guesswork and learn what exactly your customers want. 

That’s because the main goal of consulting businesses is to solve problems. Therefore, people will only come to you when you can solve their specific problems. 

To know your customer, there is no need to move from door to door. 

Simply use tools like LinkedIn Sales Navigator to list your potential 10-20 clients. 

After that, send them a connection request. Then, send them introductory messages and ask them about their problems. 

This simple trick will help you better know what your customers need. 

Checklist #4. Gather business management tools 

Tools are important to run consulting businesses. You need tools to manage your clients and projects. 

Also, tools are essential to send invoices and collect payments from different clients. 

With the right tech bundle, you can serve a large client base at once. Moreover, you can manage several projects and team members with a click. 

Here are some basic tools that you need to start a consulting business:

Now, no need to feel overwhelmed. You can get all these features in one tool. 

Kosmo is the best project and client management portal for freelancers and contractors. 

You can get many great features to start a consulting business with Kosmo, like: 

  • Create custom proposals and contracts based on individual clients’ needs. 
  • Track your tasks and how much time you have spent on each session. 
  • Create branded invoices and receive payments via PayPal, Credit Card or ACH transfer. 
  • Maintaining a client database and tracking projects in client managers. 
  • Define project goals, notes and files. 
  • Set and track your income goals. 
  • Add reminders, create branded emails, recurring tasks and more. 

The best part is yet to come. Kosmo is totally free. Yep, if you run a solo consulting firm, there is no need to spend a penny to get the software. 

Though, if you want to manage unlimited clients and projects. In that case, you can get a full Kosmo pack for only $9 per month. 

Now that’s what we call the perfect startup tool. 

Checklist #5. Document your business plan 

People often rush things to launch a new business. But unfortunately, they forget an important point when starting a consulting business checklist point — writing a business plan. 

It is not compulsory to write down your business plan. But you should do it anyway. 

A well-written business plan can provide the right direction and goals to you. It can help to keep your entire team on the same page. 

According to a study, entrepreneurs who write a business plan are 2.5 times more likely to launch their business. 

Now, there is no need to obsess about writing down every small detail. 

A one-page business plan with clear guidelines and structure is sufficient. 

Checklist #6. Find your people 

Bill Gates once said, “Take our 20 best people away, and I will tell you that Microsoft will become an unimportant company.”

Thus, the people who work with you matter the most in your business success. 

You need people who have the same passion and vision as you. But you don’t need “Yes, boss kind of people!” 

You need people who are not afraid to challenge you and push you to become a better version of yourself. 

So, when you are gathering your team, consider the following things: 

Go for the experience, not the degree

An academic degree only tells that a person is well taught. But experience shows a person’s potential and knowledge. 

So, hire people who possess the significant experience to help you. People who can use their experience to grow your business. 

A good learner 

If your budget doesn’t allow you to hire experienced professionals, hire good learners. 

Hire energetic and passionate freshers who are hungry to learn. You can coach these people and carve their talent. 

Partner with your clone 

Have you met someone who is your complete clone? 

I mean, they have the same business goals, aspirations, and ambitions as yours. 


Then, hold on to that person and make them your business partner. 

Starting a consulting business is equal to long and unpaid working hours. 

So, having a business partner enthusiastic like you will give a competitive edge to your business. 

At the final stop, you must build a unique brand identity, voice and appearance. 

It has to be something that can distinguish your business from the rest. 

Let’s take Coca-Cola as an example. No matter how many beverages are present on the shopping store shelf, you can identify Coca-Cola bottles from the farthest end. 

And that kind of branding you need to set up a successful consulting business. 

Also, consultants are considered professionals and masters in their fields. 

Thus, your brand image should scream professionalism and uniqueness. 

There are a few that you can do to build a solid brand image: 

  • Pick a color palette for your business.
  • Use the same colors to create your business logo, websites and other marketing assets. 
  • Head over to social media to shout out your business message to the world. 
  • Publish relevant and relatable content on your website. 
  • Use paid marketing tools like PPC ads to establish your brand everywhere. 

Let’s Start a Consulting Business Now!

Congratulations! You have explored the entire ‘starting a consulting business checklist.’

Now, you know what it takes to start a new consulting business from scratch. You need a proper business plan, toolkit, branding strategy, and so much more. 

As you can see, starting a new consulting business is not hard. You just need the right direction and plan to start your new journey. Now, you can follow this checklist and start preparing for your consulting career.

So, I won’t hold you anymore. And let you set up your consulting business plan now. Best of luck, my mate. So, I won’t hold you anymore. And let you set up your consulting business plan now. Best of luck, my mate.

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Top 10 Joomla Project Management Extensions to Streamline Your Workflow

Project management is a hard task. It gets harder when you have to manage several projects, teams, and clients at a time. Thus, many project managers use Joomla project management to align their workflow. 

Joomla is an open-source project with many great extensions to run different operations. 

It even has many free extensions to make your workflow easier.

So, let’s explore some of the best Joomla project management extensions. 

What is Joomla Project Management? 

Joomla is a popular project and content management system. It is an open-source project where community members add new extensions. 

According to the Joomla website, it has been downloaded over 3 million times since 2006, with a new download after every 2.5 seconds.

It uses the latest programming architecture to develop a powerful content management system. Joomla uses object-oriented and model-view-controller software design. 

The literal meaning of Joomla is “altogether.” And the Joomla team sticks to its meaning. To this day, it is an open-source project away from all corporate drama. 

Top 10 Joomla Project Management Extensions 

Joomla extensions make it the most popular project management software. There is a Joomla extension for almost everything, such as: 

  • User management 
  • Document management 
  • Link management 
  • Time management, etc. 

Moreover, Joomla is always coming up with new extensions. Almost 9,000 Joomla extensions are available, and many more to come. 

Extensions are further divided into templates, modules, plugins, etc. 

And every extension has a certain function. 

Here are the best Joomla project management extensions that can streamline your workflow:

#1. Time Worked for Joomla 

Time Worked for Joomla extension helps to report and track working hours. When many people are working on a project, this tool comes in handy.
Joomla project management


It allows employees to log in the time they spend on a task. This tool can reduce managers’ and accountants’ workload of preparing invoices or payrolls. 

Main Features

  • Sync with calendars to report accurate working hours. 
  • Filters to sort reports based on clients, employees, or projects. 
  • Administrators can reject items as no billable or time request changes. 
  • Receive report statistics per employee or project. 
  • Export reports into Excel sheets
  • Automatic notifications when employees don’t submit reports on time. 

#2. Macrotone Timesheet

Macrotone Timesheet lets employees record timesheet details. Later, managers can print or upload timesheets to the company’s CRM dashboard. 

Joomla project management


It can record the working hours of each employee. You can also create a separate timesheet for a specific project ID.

There is also an option to specify working hours in many variations, like:

Total number of working hours in a group or department

Working hours of a person, etc. 

Main Features

  • Every timesheet has a unique project code that makes it easy to manage an account balance. 
  • Simple interface with two buttons to create and save the timesheet. 
  • Administrators can ensure only one user submits a timesheet. 

#3. JoomProject

JoomProject is a premium Joomla project management software. It has a series of features to manage your CMS content.


You can manage unlimited projects and clients on this platform. It comes with both front-end and back-end support.

You can also organize and style your project elements with JoomProject.

There is an interesting option to add details to your projects. This helps to keep different members working on the project on the same page.

Main Features

  • Simple filters to find projects. 
  • Let’s change project deadlines. 
  • Insert files and attachments from the repository. 
  • Color coordinate your projects. 
  • Manage several group permissions in each project 
  • Customize the dashboard per your requirements. 
  • Joomla custom fields support. 

#4. JC Project

JC Project is a complete project management system. It allows you to manage all your projects within a dashboard.


It has all the right features to manage your team to complete a project on time. 

This system also allows you to share information with your clients. This way, you can build a smooth communication line with your clients.  

Also, you can add as many projects and users as you want. 

Main Features 

  • Support tickets to resolve customer queries faster. 
  • A dashboard to view all your projects and clients. 
  • Add events, comments, messages, and documents to your projects. 
  • Email notifications on important dates. 
  • Create invoices and quotations. 
  • Assign specific roles to your employees on a project. 

#5. PaperShape

Do you want to track time and plan and organize projects within a dashboard?

Then, the best Joomla project management extension for you is PaperShape.

It is an all-in-one that allows you to manage your entire team. It can increase your team’s productivity with effective reporting.

You can get rid of all paperwork with PaperShape. And better focus on running your business.

You can inform your clients and create invoices with just one click.

PaperShape provides a 360-degree view of your projects so you can know what’s going on with your projects.

Main Features

  • Track a project’s progress. 
  • Know which task is completed and which is not. 
  • Control which information is visible to which user. 
  • Set priority tasks. 
  • Track time spent on each task and project — in automatic and manual mode. 
  • Filter tasks and reports. 
  • Export reports in CSV format. 

#6. JoomCompany

JoomCompany is a nice office suite for freelancers and SMBs. It helps to create invoices and bills and manage client databases. 



You can coordinate projects across different team members with JoomCompany.

It is a full customer management software to keep all your client’s information. 

It has the ability to manage several projects. You can add project details and define pre-settings. For example, set the rate of taxes or currency. 

Main Features 

  • It can divide document folders into revenue and expenditure. 
  • Ability to edit several locations. 
  • You can create different reports like documents, contacts, products, and so on. 
  • It has different categories to organize your documents. 
  • You can set document details like date, number, hint, etc. 

#7. vBizz

vBizz is an intelligent business management software. It has the ability to manage your account and offer help desk services.


It is suitable for all sizes of businesses across different industries. 

It provides real-time reporting and analytical features to grow your business.

vBizz lets you track your everyday operations. It is a single platform to organize your business. 

Main Features 

  • It has all-in-five business management solutions. Including CRM, project management, accounting, inventory, and vendor management solutions.
  • You can create invoices and accept payments.
  • Streamline your sales processes. 
  • Execute projects with ease. 
  • Manage stocks and other business assets. 
  • Manage start and due dates. 

#8. Advanced Portfolio by ExtStore

Advanced Portfolio is the perfect extension for people who are in the starting phase of their business. Using this extension, you can create a portfolio on your Joomla website. 

It helps you set your website in a minute with high flexible features. You can design project layouts and showcase them to your potential clients. 

Advanced Portfolio thumbnails contain several elements. It includes display images, external links, etc.

Main Features 

  • It allows you to manage projects across different categories and subcategories. 
  • It helps you create projects with different thumbnails. 
  • You can use filters to manage your different projects. 
  • You can create unlimited subfolders for images and files. 
  • It supports video formats from YouTube or Vimeo.
  • Allow you to view projects in up to 4 columns.
  • You can show projects in different filters like latest, oldest, alphabetical, etc. 
  • It has a clean and responsive design to create a portfolio.

#9. vChart

Charts are an important part of project management. You can better understand project status with charts. 

vChart is a Google API Joomla extension to create charts. It helps to present complex information in visual charts. 

This extension contains many customizing options to present your data in an attractive manner.

 It comes with several charts — line charts, map charts, pie charts, etc. 

Main Features 

  • It is available across web browsers and platforms, including mobile devices. 
  • You can create several types of charts with data set combinations. 
  • You can select any existing table and add your data to it. 
  • It can import chart data from CSV. 
  • It can copy data from a chart to create a new chart. 
  • Let’s connect any external database to your charts. 

#10. DPCases

DPCases is a responsive case management extension. It comes with several features like forums, tickets, and an issue tracker. 

Joomla project management


You can provide excellent customer support to your customers with this extension.

It can also organize your cases in a proper manner so you can resolve customer queries in real time.

Main Features

  • Allow you to organize cases in unlimited categories. 
  • Define a responsible person to address a case. 
  • You can view the history of each case. 
  • It has a search engine to find old cases. 
  • You can use tags to organize each case. 
  • Scheduler support allows you to solve cases in real-time.

Other Project Management Software 

Joomla project management extensions are great. But what if you want to manage your projects on other platforms? 

Well, there is nothing to worry about. There are many other project management solutions available than Joomla extensions. 

Some of the best project management tools for non-Joomla users are:


Kosmo is a project and client management software for freelancers and independent contractors

It is a simple software to manage different projects and clients at once.

You can create proposals and contracts with this software. It also allows you to generate invoices and receive payments.

The software can integrate with third-party services like PayPal or Stripe.

It is free for up to 2 clients. For more clients, you can get a premium version for only $9 per month.

Besides this, Kosmo has many great features, like:

  • Recurring tasks
  • Custom contracts
  • The option to change the fiscal year and date format
  • Save messages and notes
  • Save files and notes for each client
  • Income goal tracker
  • Change the currency
  • Create quick invoices
  • Export timesheets


Jira is the perfect project management software for development teams to plan and track their progress. 

It is a simple software to plan your project development. It can track issues and help managers provide up-to-date solutions. 

You can also integrate this tool with much other software. It is suitable for every member of your team.

When you are planning to launch new software, use Jira to automate your workflow. 

It will make it easy for your different team members to work on a project. And complete it on time without much hassle.


Wrike is simple and easy to set up project management software. It has a dashboard where you can manage all your projects. 

Wrike comes with features like Gantt charts and time tracking. It helps you track time spent on a particular task. You can improve your team‘s productivity with Wrike.

It can integrate with cloud storage services like OneBox, Box, Google Drive, etc. 


Basecamp is a veteran project management software. The software was first introduced in 2004, and more than 3.5 million users are using it. 

The software has the ability to replace many other paid tools like Slack, Dropbox, etc. 

It is not only project management software. But, it also helps you store files, real-time chatting, scheduling, and more. 

It has a simple interface to find tasks and create reports. Working with several clients became easy with this software. 

It has an email integration option to streamline communication with your clients.

Conclusion: The Best Joomla Project Management Extension 

Joomla has a wide extension gallery. You can find many great Joomla extensions to manage your projects. 

Just define your project management needs and easily find the best project management extension for Joomla. 

For non-Joomla users, there are many other great project management solutions available. 

In my opinion, Kosmo is the best solution. It is simple and easy-to-use software.

So, you can book a free Kosmo demo today to test the tool.

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Kosmo has everything you need to run your freelancing business.

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Kosmo is a free All-In-One Workspace for Freelancers.

Top 5 SuiteDash Alternatives

Are you looking for SuiteDash alternatives? If yes, You are on the very right article.

Let me assume you are aware of SuiteDash, but if not, there is nothing to worry about.

In this article, I will briefly introduce SuiteDash and its features, pricing plans and whatnot. Moreover, I am going to compare the SuiteDash with the Top 5 players in the market having comparable features.

Tools are :

  1. Honeybook
  2. ManyRequests
  3. Kosmo
  4. HelloBonsai
  5. Dubsado

What are you waiting for then?

Let’s move forward with “Top 5 SuiteDash Alternatives And Their Pricing in 2022: The Complete Guide.”


SuiteDash is an all-in-one platform allowing you to run all your business processes in one tab.

With the help of this software, you can integrate your business with invoicing templates, email campaigns, a customized portal, and project automation.

Also, easily exchange and share information and data from one section to another with a click.

It is a robust cloud-based software that takes care of you at every step of the business, from sending proposals, client onboarding, invoicing or tax calculation.

Features of SuiteDash

  • Fully Customizable Onboarding
  • Dynamic Data and Secure Portals
  • Custom “Book Me” Page and appointment scheduling
  • Automated contracts and E-signature Option
  • Time Tracking
  • Project Automation and Collaboration
  • Digital Proposals and Advanced Invoicing
  • File Requests & Transfer
  • Marketing Automation

Pricing Plans of SuiteDash

  1. Start Plan – $19
  • 12+ Integrated Toolkits
  • Unlimited CRM Contacts
  • Unlimited Staff/ Team
  • Unlimited Portals
  • White labeling
  • Custom Branded Mobile App
  • Email Marketing Campaigns
  • 100 Gb File Storage
  • Docs/ Academy/ Community

2. Thrive Plan – $49

  • Everything in Start Plan (Plus)
  • Auto-responder Drip Marketing
  • Dynamic Proposals Toolkit
  • Deal Stage Pipelines
  • Advanced Custom Menus
  • Custom Folder Generators
  • 500GB File Storage
  • Client-Side Live Chat
  • 1 Free Wizarding Session

3. Pinnacle Plan – $99

  • Everything in Thrive Plan (Plus)
  • Task Dependency Logic
  • Automation Toolkit
  • Trigger/ Action Automations
  • LMS learning management
  • Support Ticket Toolkit
  • 2TB File Storage
  • 1 Bonus Wizarding Session

SuiteDash Dashboard Overview

Pros & Cons of SuiteDash

  • It has advanced features that make it robust software, from invoicing to integrations.
  • An advanced customization option is available.
  • Mobile App is available.
  • The UI/UX is old and, most of the time gets cluttered.
  • The complicated interface makes it hard to set up at the initial sign-up.


HoneyBook is robust all-in-one software which manages the business workflow from start to end. It includes managing projects, booking and scheduling clients, sending invoices and contracts and getting paid on time.

It is a tool that controls all the client’s projects without creating delays and skipping deadlines.

They are available and user-friendly on mobile phones too. You can install it from the App Store and Google Play.

Features of HoneyBook

  • Custom Proposals and Contracts templates
  • Professional Online Invoices
  • Accept Online Payments
  • Book Meeting & Schedule it automatically
  • Invoices
  • Automation Mode
  • Integration with Calendar apps, video-conferencing apps, Zapier, QuickBooks, Gmail, and more.

HoneyBook Pricing Plans:

You can learn more about the different pricing plans on our HoneyBook pricing page.

Unlimited Monthly


  • Proposals
  • Online Contracts
  • Online Meeting Scheduler
  • Online payment software
  • Automation
  • Free Account Migration
  • Client Portal Software
  • Payment Reminders
  • Mobile App
  • No limits on transactions
  • Add unlimited team members
  • Unlimited concierge support

Unlimited Annual


  • Access to all Monthly features (Plus)
  • No limits on transactions
  • Add unlimited team members
  • Unlimited concierge support

Honeybook Dashboard Overview

Pros & Cons of Honeybook

  • Compared to Dubsado, its initial setup was way simpler to operate and understand.
  • Availability as mobile App.
  • Batch Email feature wherein you don’t need to waste time on copy-pasting; instead, send emails to all of your clients or entire group in one go.
  • As compared to other software, it has fewer automation features.
  • They have limited customization options.
  • Not a global app, work only in a few countries,
  • Expensive pricing plans with fewer features.


ManyRequests is one of the best CRM tools specially designed for Agencies. This tool manages all of your projects, team members, tracking and evaluation of bills, project automation and whatnot.

It allows your client to onboard and sign up quickly. Moreover, accepting payments and tracking conversions will get much smoother and more manageable.

One place for all the things – customizable portals, automated dashboard, client requests and communication. It is a long-term and healthy solution to grow your agency business.

Features of ManyRequests

  • Easy to use client portal – Onboard and manage clients
  • Checkout and intake forms
  • Client Requests
  • Integration with other tools
  • Easy in-app share options
  • Automation
  • Easy and fast billing

Pricing Plan of ManyRequests

We dove into the ManyRequest pricing plans and broke down all the info in our pricing article. Here is also a list of ManyRequests alternatives.

  1. Basic – $129/month
  • 5 team accounts
  • Unlimited client and requests
  • no transaction fees
  • use your domain
  • white label portal
  • Integration

2. Pro – $299/moth

  • Everything in the Basic Plan (Plus)
  • 10 team accounts ($20 per extra seat)
  • Affiliates Module
  • Use your self-address for email notification
  • Remove “Powered by”

3. Enterprise – Custom

  • Everything in Pro Plan (Plus)
  • Custom Development
  • One-on-one onboarding
  • Group training and best practices tips for your team
  • Unlimited team accounts

ManyRequests Dashboard Overview

Pros & Cons of ManyRequests

  • User-friendly interface which can be used easily by anyone.
  • Robust software with almost all the features which any CRM and project management tool must have.
  • Non-availability of mobile-supported application.
  • Over-priced for newbies and solo entrepreneurs.


Kosmo is one of the most preferred Project Management Tools used by freelancers and creative creators. Small business owners also prefer this because of the easy dashboard interface and ease of use.

It is very affordable compared to other tools. It allows us to automate the entire business, from sending proposals to sending invoices.

It allows you to track time and create an invoice according to the tracked time.

It is designed after taking care of all the industries, including designers, writers, photographers, artists, developers, educators, and so much more.

Features of Kosmo

  • Create Branded & Custom Invoices
  • Track Payments
  • Accept Online Payments Via Credit card, PayPal and ACH Transfer
  • Time and Task Tracking
  • Create Custom Proposals
  • Professional Contracts Template
  • Track Projects and Clients
  • Saved Email Messages
  • Priority Support

Pricing Plan of Kosmo :

  1. Free Plan
  • 2 Clients
  • 2 Projects
  • 1 Invoice per month
  • One contract per month
  • Accept Online Payments
  • Time and Task Tracking

2. Unlimited Plan – $9/Month

  • Unlimited Clients
  • Unlimited Projects
  • Unlimited Invoices
  • Unlimited Contracts
  • Unlimited Proposals
  • Accept Online Payments
  • Time and Task Tracking
  • Custom Invoice Design
  • Custom Contracts
  • Saved Email Messages
  • Priority Support

3. Team Plan

  • Contact them for pricing
  • Help you set a team
  • Provide APIs access
  • Much More

Kosmo Dashboard Overview

Pros & Cons of Kosmo

  • Above all, Free Starter Plan for a lifetime.
  • Easy and user-friendly interface to set up.
  • No additional PayPal and stripe charges for receiving online payments.
  • Support Team Available.
  • Lack of automation but still a good start for small business owners and freelancers.


HelloBonsai is also a top-notch client management software which allows you to convert all your pen and paperwork into autopilot mode. It streamlines all the business processes, from proposals and onboarding to invoices and tax sessions.

With this software, chances of converting deals get higher because it allows you to structure mind-blowing invoices, proposals and contracts in clicks.

With the help of this tool, you can roam around tension free as you need not worry about finances and conversions. This app will do all for you. That includes automatic expense tracking, income reporting, and tax planning. You can find a comparison with Dubsado on our Bonsai vs Dubsado page.

Features of HelloBonsai

  • Proposals Templates
  • Structured Vetted contracts and Agreements templates
  • E-signatures
  • Manage and organize client data & information
  • Task and Time Tracking
  • Create and customize invoices
  • Manage accounting and taxes easily
  • Create customized forms and questionnaire

HelloBonsai Pricing Plans:

The following are the different pricing plans offered by Hello Bonsai. Those plans may change over time, so make sure to check before signing up.


$24/mo (Best for individual freelancers and starting contractors.)

  • All Templates
  • Unlimited Projects & Clients
  • Payments & Invoicing
  • Contracts & Proposals
  • Task & Time Tracking
  • Client CRM
  • Expense Tracking
  • Up to 5 Project Collaborators


$39/mo (Best for the small business that is growing to kick off a start)

  • Everything in starter (Plus)
  • Custom Branding
  • Forms & Questionnaires
  • Workflow Automation
  • Client Portal
  • Calendly Integration
  • Zapier Integration
  • Up to 15 Project Collaborators


$79/mo (The super-duper all-over package for small business owners and independent agencies.)

  • Everything in Starter and Professional (Plus)
  • Subcontractor Management
  • Hiring Agreement Template ( 1099 contracts)
  • Subcontractor Onboarding
  • Talent Pool
  • 3 Team seats ( Extra seats $9/month)
  • Accountant Access
  • Connect Bank Accounts
  • Unlimited Subcontractors
  • Unlimited Project Collaborators

Add-Ons Pricing :

  • Collaborator (Limited Access) – Free
  • Partners (Full Account Access) – $9/month
  • HelloBonsai Tax – $10/month

Are you still unsure, checkout these Bonsai alternatives.

HelloBonsai Dashboard Overview

Pros & Cons of HelloBonsai

  • Mobile App is available, which makes it convenient to manage your business anytime and anywhere.
  • There is a feature where you can calculate all of your expenses for accounting purposes.
  • User-friendly dashboard.
  • High-priced for a new starter.


Dubsado is a business management software that is helpful for industry freelancers, and business owners, including coaches, photographers, legal professionals, virtual assistants, event planners, legal professionals, and you name it.

You can customize your brand in the questionnaire forms, invoices, and proposals to make clients feel you own this portal. This leaves an excellent impression of the business on the client.

This tool doesn’t need to run after the client to get payments. Still, the application will automatically remind the client of payments, dues, and late payments. It keeps track of every dollar you receive and spend.

Features of Dubsado

  • Customizable and reusable forms and proposals
  • Professional Invoicing and Reporting
  • Automate workflow, payments reminder and emails
  • Project and client management
  • Easy and faster schduleing
  • Brand Yourself
  • E-signature
  • Client Custom portal

Pricing Plans of Dubsado:

  1. Starter – $20/month
  • Unlimited projects & clients
  • Invoicing & Payment Plan
  • Forms & email templates

2. Premier – $40/month

  • Everything in Starter Plan (Plus)
  • Scheduling
  • Automated workflows
  • Public Proposals
  • Multiple lead capture at once
  • Zapier Integration

Dubsado Dashboard Overview

Pros & Cons of Dubsado

  • You are not limited to templates for proposals and invoices, and you can create custom proposals and all types of forms with your branding.
  • There is a feature of URL mapping wherein clients will not be able to see Dubsado, and it looks like your own unique portal.
  • You can add a welcome video at the start of the questionnaire forms and style it according to your website theme.
  • Its interface is challenging to use and understand. That initial setup seems tough due to its fully customizable and automated software.
  • The monthly pricing plans seem expensive for a new freelancer or small business.


All the 5 software mentioned above are good to go. All software is top-demanding and the best players in the market. All have similar features but somehow differentiate based on customization, pricing, mobile application or client dashboard interface.

If one platform suits one particular business, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a good fit for you too. So, you should be very clear about your requirements and demands.

Some of you reading this are fully set up business owners with large teams, so their priority must be advanced features and a fully functional setup to automate their high-end business.

But on the other side, some might be freelancers or small business owners, and their priority must be a reasonable CRM tool for their pockets. Because they don’t have client flow to bear significant monthly expenses.

So, choosing the right software is where you need to brainstorm.



From the Top 5 tools, If you are looking for clean, all-rounder software that caters to all your needs and automates the process, and you feel not spending much on software because you are not sure but want to try it, then choose KOSMO.

It has a free starter plan that provides two clients and two projects that I feel are the best for startups and freelancers. You can use their free plan.

Click here to take a close look at Kosmo.

Good Luck!

Get Organized & Win More Clients

Kosmo has everything you need to run your freelancing business.

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Kosmo is a free All-In-One Workspace for Freelancers.

The Top 10 Client Portals for Accountants in 2022

Client Portals are in high demand. Not only in demand, but it’s also a must-to-have tool.

Client Portal for accountants is a cloud-based software for exchanging confidential files. Securing passwords, sending messages, and collaborating with clients, teammates and partners.

If you use Client Portal, it creates satisfaction and trust with your client. And this leads to building good long-term relationships with clients.

Most clients find taking out the time for long meetings with accountants challenging. And on the other side, it is difficult for accountants to have a timely follow-up with every client to update them.

So, here comes the need for Client portals for accountants.

Ongoing Covid-19 restrictions lead to difficulty for many accountants to have physical meetings. Clients also face the problem, so they look for accountants who can work from their location.

What matters to the client is the data they transfer will remain confidential and secure.

This scenario brought “Client Portal Software” to be in demand.

Security is the main feature for the accountant while searching for a client portal. Because there are thousands of files, this data is confidential, so security is the main priority.

There are many Client Portals for accountants in 2022 but searching for the best one is the main task. Today, I will tell you about The Top 10 Client Portal for accountants.

Be with me!

BONUS TIP: At the end, I will tell you one free project management software you can use to triple your productivity.

What is a secure client portal? And What should a client portal include?

Client Portals are cloud-based software designed for different jobs like accountants, government and lawyers.

This software helps them in their daily activities. These activities include the confidential sharing of files and private messages, and emails. It also collaborates with the client to provide an easy interface & relationship with the client.

There are many options available online for secure file & document sharing. But you are lucky, though; I have done a comparative analysis of the top 10 client portals for accountants.

Below mentioned are the top software you can choose from :


Huddle is a top-notch cloud-based software for leading services firms. This tool helps collaborate with clients, teammates and partners to increase efficiency.

Current Users – Accountants, engineers and service or marketing professionals.

Their interface is professional so that client’s trust factor & transparency will remain constant.

Security : Huddle states that 80% of UK Central agencies prefer it. And it is the first vendor of SaaS collaboration that got FedRAMP certification in the US.

Key Features Of Huddle Includes:

  • Share all Types of Files
  • Collaborate with internal and external team
  • Secure interface
  • Automatic Version Control
  • Manage Tasks
  • Request Upto 500 Files at the same time
  • Accessible through mobile apps

Citrix Sharefile

Citrix Sharefile is best for all types of organizations, big or small. It maintains the security of files and information.

It integrates with Powerful Office 365, which allows co-editing and versioning.

Their email plugin helps in avoiding email clogging. The encryption feature protects these emails from the sender to the end user.

Current users – Accounting and finance, healthcare, legal firms.

Security: It has a secure file sharing option, as all the shared data is encrypted and then stored on their servers.

Key Features Of Citrix Sharefile Include :

  • Share and sync essential files
  • Content Collaboration
  • Document sharing and management
  • Secure FTP Alternative
  • Secure emails and e-signature

If you are not a technology person, this software is unsuitable for your Business. It would help if you had software that is easy to operate and less complex.

Dropbox for Business

Dropbox for Business is another sophisticated file securing and storing software. It allows users to manage information from mobile too, anytime and anywhere.

Current Users – Sales and marketing, and IT professionals.

Security: Dropbox for Business uses 256-bit AES encryption which allows access to your data. Suppose you are looking for a more high-end secure option. Keep reading!

Key Features Of DropBox Business Include :

  • Share, store, send and sync all at one place
  • Protect with e-signatures
  • Helps in organizing and managing a team
  • Automatic backups


Filecloud is a secure content collaboration software for sharing files and syncing platforms.

It operates from any device, including laptops or mobile phones. FileCloud can be a good choice for busy professionals who want to look at their data at any time.

Current users – Government & DOD, accounting and legal firms, and education service provider

Security: Filecloud meets very high standards of security terms. NIST approves it for FIPS 140-2, an utmost need for many US Federal implementations.

Key Features Include :

  • Remote Access
  • File sharing, organizing, and syncing
  • Automated Workflow
  • Incredible Services and Support
  • Un-matched Security


TitanFile is SOC-2 compliant that allows file transfer and information exchange. It has an easy interface. It also helps in collaborating with clients at the same time.

Accountants prefer this most of the time because, on a single portal, they can share all types of file sizes. It helps them to track the work progress and communicate with the clients.

Current users – Accounting, Government, Healthcare, and legal firms.

Security: Titan File secures confidential data in ISO-27001 certified data centers. Their data is encrypted with AES 256-bit encryption.

Key Features of TitanFile Include :

  • Secure Portal
  • Outlook Integration
  • Secure Web Forms
  • Shared Mailbox
  • File and Folder Management
  • Audit Logs
  • Accessible through mobile phones
  • Document watermarking and metadata scrubbing


SmartVault is an accountant client management software that helps automate your work. It also provides bank-level encryption security to its clients.

It is integrated with many apps like QuickBooks, Xero, Docusign, HubDoc, and many more. SmartVault helps in increasing the efficiency of workflow.

Current users – Accounting and book-keeping, Manufacturing and construction, and financial services.

Security: SmartVault promises to secure the sensitive documents of the Business. They use SSL to safeguard documents, files, passwords, and interactions. The data is encrypted by AES – 256.

Along with this, it uses PCI and DSS for a robust framework to give top-level security.

You must know that SmartVault creates many copies of data and stores it at diverse location. It helps them to create a multi-location data backup needed at the time of failure.

Key Features of SmartVault Include :

  • Online Document Storage
  • Customized Client Portal
  • E-signatures
  • Request Documents according to your needs
  • Boost productivity with Workflow Automation
  • Secure File Sharing


Portal is known for its customizability, security, design, and innovation speed.

It streamlines all tasks, i.e. messages, payments, security, help centers, automation, etc. Their dashboard is easy to access and use.

Current users – Accounting, Consulting firms, engineering, education, and startups.

Security: Portal commits the data security in every part of the Business. GDPR, CCPA, and HIPPA compliance. They are SOC-2.

They also use a bot to figure out automatic login attacks.

The company maintains multi-location backup if required at the time of failure.

Key Features of Portal Include :

  • Communicate with clients
  • Create invoices and subscription
  • Share files and get them e-signed
  • Streamline data collection
  • Improve customer experience
  • Embed popular extensions


OneHub is the most effective client portal designed for accounting firms.

It allows the secure exchange of information. Its add-on feature of watermarking the documents and adding a custom user agreement at sign-up is wow.

Current users – Accountants and financial services firms, healthcare and manufacturing firms.

Security: Onehub provides a high level of security, from data encryption to data backups.

Key Features of OneHub Include :

  • Upload Files Faster
  • Easy Customization
  • Dozens of security features
  • Preview Files from desktop or mobile app
  • Stay up-to-date with your customers.

More Features: Watermarked Documents, Embed sign-in form, workspace agreements.


Clinked is another client portal that allows secure communication, collaboration, and file sharing. Its interface is customizable, and you can have unlimited clients and projects.

The curious fact to know here is that clinked is the winner of the 2009 Red Herring and got 100 Europe awards. They were also a semi-finalist at Cisco British Innovation Gateway (BIG) in 2012.

Current users – Accounting, Legal, Government, and Insurance

Security: Clinked uses AWS for its data centers which are ISO 27001, HIPPA compliant, PCI certified, and completed the needs of the US government by being FISMA and FIPs certified.

Key Features of Clinked Include :

  • Customize client portal in seconds
  • Strong encryption and password protection
  • Audit trail
  • Zapier Integration
  • Fully-Functional Dashboard

Thomson Reuters NetClient CS

Thomson Reuters is the best cloud-based software for tax and accounting professionals.

It has a client portal and is also accessible through mobile apps.

It is a bit advance in features as compared to other cloud-based software. So, if you are running a large agency or working with a large number of clients, then it might be the best fit for you. If you are a starter, it may feel complex to you.

Current Users – Government, corporations, and accounting firms.

Security: Thomson Reuters promises security that data centers cannot access the data. They also provide a training program to their employees to maintain security at the organization.

They don’t allow the encryption of data from sender to receiver.

Key Features of Thomson Reuters Include :

  • Audit and accounting
  • Tax
  • Firm 7 workflow management
  • Document management
  • Payroll
  • Client Collaboration and website


To get great success in your Business, you need a client portal.

They are choosing the best software to help you maintain a trustworthy relationship with your clients because the client’s top priority is safeguarding their files and documents.

The collaboration feature will help you stay updated with your clients. It allows you to track the data anytime to check performance.

This list of software is best for accountants in auditing and helps them to make use of time and be productive.

I understand that finding the right client portal for accountants in 2022 is a big task. There are many options available out there.

But, I hope this blog post will help you with comparable features and knowledge to choose more quicker.

First, you need to determine the requirements of your business or work and then prioritize them. According to it, choose one client portal that suits you.

As I said at the start of the blog, I will tell you about free project management software.

Introducing Kosmo!

Kosmo is the best Client management software of 2022 for accountants. It allows accountants to create the proposal, contract, and invoice with one click. You don’t need to hop between different apps; all work is done on a single platform.

Also, Kosmo provides professional & customizable templates, which saves your time.

Above all, Kosmo is free for the starter plan.

Get Organized & Win More Clients

Kosmo has everything you need to run your freelancing business.

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Kosmo is a free All-In-One Workspace for Freelancers.

Ultimate guide on How to Become A Client Onboarding Manager

Client Onboarding Managers are getting fancy nowadays in all industries. There are even job roles dedicated to this that go by “Client Onboarding Specialist.”

Before we jump on what a Client Onboarding Manager is and what they do, let us first understand what exactly is client onboarding.

Let’s Begin.

Client Onboarding means introducing the customer to your product or services. and make sure to address all their questions and queries so they can find value in it and become your “New Customer.”

It seems easy, but no, it’s tricky! Client Onboarding doesn’t end here, but you need to take care of your existing customers too. So they don’t slip away after a few months of using products or services.

Here comes the role of Client Onboarding Manager.

In this blog, we will discuss the A to Z guide of Client Onboarding Manager, so no questions are left unanswered.

Let’s start with who a client manager is and what they do.

Client Onboarding Manager

The Client Onboarding Manager introduces the client to the new product or services. They also ensure that customers receive the best experience from the very start.

They must provide value to their new and existing customers, so they don’t slip away from your company. This responsibility starts from the point the customer sign-up.

Client Onboarding Managers are much in demand in SaaS companies. This is because SaaS companies follow customer adoption and retention.

In a nutshell, the Onboarding Manager is responsible for the client experience. So customers can stick to your company and become your paid client.

Roles and Responsibilities of Client Onboarding Manager

Now, as we get the idea about the client onboarding manager, let’s dig it down deeper to take a closer look at their responsibility.

Let’s begin with their key roles and responsibility :

  • Implementation assistance – Provide detailed instructions to the customer

A Client Onboarding manager should have the product knowledge to help their clients with installation.

A few products need implementation at the beginning, like code embedding, OTPs etc.

  • Advice and tips on best practices

It is necessary to have industry knowledge, not just product technicality. Because while onboarding the customer, there is a high chance that the customer will pop up with general industry questions.

For example, If you are working in Dell and dealing with a client for a laptop. So, you must know about the technicality of that particular laptop. But, you should be aware of recent technology, the latest updates, and the industry.

  • Respond to customer questions, problems, and requests

Being a good Onboarding Manager, you should take care of the performance of every client from their past queries and latest requests and doubts.

You are very much responsible for that. No question will be left answered.

Try to figure it out and pass on the same information to the product team so that things can be taken care of.

  • Ensure that customer expectations are aligned with company objectives

They are the core person to bridge the gap between what a customer wants and what a company can provide. They have the critical responsibility to understand the expectation and bring it down to the company’s value and offerings.

  • Tracking and managing customer accounts and timeline

Client Onboarding managers need to be up-to-date with all the customer accounts to track their performance and regular updates. They also must focus on the client timelines and convey the same to your team.

  • Build a loyal customer base

A loyal customer needs to be maintained and does not develop naturally. They are responsible for providing customers with an exceptional experience with a product or service.

Moreover, loyal customers build a long-term relationship with them that sustains the company, which will create an Aha! moment for them.

  • Get feedback from customers and act on it.

Client Satisfaction is on the top of the list of any company. So, once they help clients to achieve their goals with the product or service, they should take a step ahead and ask for their feedback.

This helps them to know whether their client is satisfied and is up to their expectations.

Job Description of Client Onboarding Manager

A client onboarding manager will be the perfect fit for the organization if they are comfortable with the key roles and responsibilities of the manager.

Their core responsibility is to provide the customer to achieve their goals and meet their expectations. They must guide your customer about the product or service’s features and functionality.

They are responsible for the customer’s expectations, and for the queries and questions they come out with.

Let me jot down the job specification and preferred skills required by the Client Onboarding Manager in the Job Description.

Job Specification

  • The Client Onboarding Manager will be responsible for successfully onboarding the client.
  • Essential Work includes product education, account opening, product adoption, feedback, negotiation, and implementation planning.
  • The Client Onboarding Manager is expected to coordinate with all the company’s critical departments, from the product team to the operation team.
  • Keep records of the onboarded customers and maintain progress.
  • Conduct a meeting or call twice weekly to check the progress and act on it.
  • Client Onboarding Managers are required to provide weekly reports to their senior management.
  • Understand the need of the customer to align them with the company’s aim.
  • Communicate with clients through phone calls, emails, chats, and social media. Etc.

Preferred Skills & Qualifications:

  • Excellent Communication Skills.
  • Strong attention to all the details.
  • Problem Solving Attitude with strategic decision-making qualities to cater to client’s expectations.
  • Management Skills to work and manage different roles at the same time.
  • Team Building Skills to work with all key departments
  • Highly motivated personality.
  • Proficiency in English.

Salary Of Client Onboarding Manager

Client Onboarding Manager Salary depends on factors like industry type, location, company, years of experience, etc.

In the USA, the salary ranges from a minimum of $35,100 to a maximum of $63 200 with an average of $43,900.

This data varies on many important factors such as years of experience, skills you possess, certifications, education, past experiences and whatnot.

I recommend working on your communication, problem-solving, and management skills, which will help you increase your position and salary.

Interview Questions of Client Onboarding Manager

A Client Onboarding Manager is hired mainly to maintain the customer experience.

The skills of communication, empathy, tolerance, patience, and problem-solving are few checked during the interview because learning the product technicality is not a big task.

To check these skills, there is a chance to conduct a role-play assessment where they will match the way to respond to situations, and that’s where you set yourself apart from the crowd.

Below are the few questions we figured out for you that had been asked for the same job role at many companies. It might help you with initial preparation.

  • Tell me about yourself and your experience in your previous company.
  • Why are you interested in this role?
  • How do you find yourself with the team?
  • What do you understand about the Onboarding manager?
  • What is the biggest challenge you see in this job?
  • What are your achievements?
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • How will you manage many customers at the same time?
  • Are you comfortable handling complaints?
  • Will you feel frustrated if a customer does not understand the solution for the third time?
  • If customer requirements are different and that is not what your product offers. What will you do in that situation?

Resume Of Client Onboarding Manager

We all know that a good resume makes the first impression of us on the employer. So, we must dedicate some time to our resumes, and trust me, it will be worth spending every second.

Suppose you are applying for a Client Onboarding manager role. Your resume should correspond to that position so you can grab the employer’s attention in one go.

Your Resume Must Include :

  1. Work Experience
  2. Contact Details
  3. Highest Education
  4. Additional Skills

Moving forward, let me tell you the silly mistakes you may end up making while writing a resume. And this small mistake will lead to rejection. So, read and follow this.

  • Typing Error and Grammatical Mistakes
  • Don’t only mention experience – explain your role and understanding.
  • Don’t send generic resumes to all the companies; make modifications according to the company’s needs.
  • Don’t stretch things into paragraphs.
  • Incorrect Contact Details (Phone number, address, Email-ID)

Best Tools for the Client Onboarding Manager

Finally, you’re very aware of the client onboarding manager and responsibilities. It’s time to put extra toppings on your pizza.

I mean to say, knowing the role is fine but doing it efficiently is another step. So, let’s fasten the seat belts and focus on the journey.

There are tools that are used by the Client Onboarding manager so that they can automate a few of their work and focus on productivity.

Many tools are available online; some are paid, some are free, some are worth going for, and some waste money and time.

I am naming the best ones here, so you don’t need to waste time on research.

  • Userpilot

User pilot is an onboarding tool designed mainly for Saas companies. Without knowing the ABCD of the coding, you can create an extensive customer experience. Isn’t it?

It has features like analytics, and feedback surveys are also available to get valuable feedback from the customer.

User pilot Pricing – It starts from $0 per month up to $299 per month

  • Drip

Drip is the best tool for creating onboarding emails. It also allows the email automation, multi-channel marketing, and email campaigns,

It shows clear and understandable insights that help you to make quick decisions.

Drip Pricing – Starts from $39 per month

  • is a top-notch platform for marketing automation software. It helps in turning visitors into happy clients.

Communication happens through chats, email, calls etc. It allows the gathering of leads, information, and proper communication. It will help you to save time.

  • Kosmo

Kosmo helps you make professional proposals for customers with one click of a button. This tool has vetted templates where you need to make a few edits, and you are good to go!

Not only this, no extra charges are applicable on the payment accepted from Paypal and Stripe.

Sometimes, taking care of admin work seems like a daunting task. But thanks to Kosmo, it has given me an all-rounder solution to many of my problems.

Kosmo Pricing: Starts from $0 to up to $9 per month.

Get Organized & Win More Clients

Kosmo has everything you need to run your freelancing business.

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Kosmo is a free All-In-One Workspace for Freelancers.

HelloBonsai Pricing Reviewed

I know the ones on this page reading this blog will be super-occupied freelancers or small business owners who are handling their own businesses and find it difficult to manage all the processes, from the proposals to the taxes.

After lots of searching, You might google “HelloBonsai” for the solution for your business.

Now the next thought would be: Will this HelloBonsai tool help me?

And, The following questions might be on your mind :

  • Will the HelloBonsai tool manage all my business, from creating proposals to closing deals?
  • How much will HelloBonsai charge for their tools?
  • Will HelloBonsai suit my type of business?
  • Are there any other affordable alternatives for HelloBonsai?

Let me now tell you all the details you need to know about HelloBonsai Tool. Be rest assured that after reading this blog, all your questions will be answered, and you will know whether HelloBonsai is for your business or not.


What is HelloBonsai?

HelloBonsai is an automation software for freelancers to streamline all their work, from proposals to creating invoices and tracking the time to closing it with accounting and taxes.

Because it’s a one-stop solution, it provides an organized end-to-end solution that helps you do 100% smart work rather than hard work.

Why do you need HelloBonsai?

Freelancing is looked at as the easiest work to do from anywhere and anytime.

But the reality behind freelancing is all over different as it does not mean working from home rather it includes finding clients, pitching them, quoting for projects, Setting deadlines, setting a reminder for payments, and what-not.

So, HelloBonsai will help you to organize your business steps to keep you out of the mess. Here is a look at it:

It will help simplify the workflow and make you a faster, more organized, and more professional person.

It’s a big promise of the company that after using HelloBonsai, you don’t need to work on many apps, rather all your work will be done on a single Hello Bonai Tool.

HelloBonsai Pricing Plans:

$24/mo (Best for individual freelancers and starting contractors.)

  • All templates
  • Unlimited projects & clients
  • Payments & invoicing
  • Contracts & proposal
  • Task & time tracking
  • Client CRM
  • Expense tracking
  • Up to 5 project collaborators


$39/mo (Best for the small business that is growing to kick off a start)

  • Everything in starter (Plus)
  • Custom branding
  • Forms & questionnaires
  • Workflow automation
  • Client Portal
  • Calendly integration
  • Zapier integration
  • Up to 15 project collaborators


$79/mo (The all-over super-duper package for small business owners and independent agencies.)

  • Everything in starter and professional (Plus)
  • Subcontractor management
  • Hiring agreement template ( 1099 contracts)
  • Subcontractor onboarding
  • Talent pool
  • 3 team seats ( extra seats $9/month)
  • Accountant access
  • Connect bank accounts
  • Unlimited subcontractors
  • Unlimited project collaborators

Add-ons Pricing :

  • Collaborator (limited access) – Free
  • Partners (full account access) – $9/month
  • HelloBonsai tax – $10/month

HelloBonsai Features & Benefits :

  • Proposals
  • Contracts
  • Client CRM
  • Invoices
  • Time tracking
  • Task tracking
  • Accounting and taxes
  • Forms

Let’s take a brief understanding of all their services

HelloBonsai services include:

1. Proposals

HelloBonsai allows you to create and customize proposals for your clients instantly. It will help you and your business to get the deals super duper faster.

It will provide you to customize templates with the option to add a single or many packages to your proposal.

2. Contracts

HelloBonsai contracts can be created by answering a few questions and getting them e-signed.

It also has a feature of auto-reminder. Hence, it will send reminders to your clients for signing the contract. And once it gets signed, it will notify you too.

This auto-reminder feature is life-saving!

3. Client CRM

Now you can work like a multi-talented person from proposals to projects and from payments to taxes in one single workspace of your own.

Its features include Client management, collaboration, data and document organizing, and payment notification.

4. Invoices

HelloBonsai helps you to create, customize and track invoices all at the same time.

With its automation feature, the invoices are created, sent, and re-send reminders for invoices to get paid faster. It also has a pro feature in invoices: partial payments and attachments locking.

5. Time Tracking

HelloBonsai time tracker can manage and track the time given to projects and shift on other projects in a single click which helps to avoid delays.

It calculates the time taken for each project to set the rate per project and helps to complete the timesheet.

6. Accounting and Taxes

 You can keep an eye on your business finances with the generated expenses and income reports, get updates for tax reminders, and much more.

Also, you can import the expense sheet and save it for taxation while filing.

Now you track your performance for the profit and the loss at different points of time in the year along with your income and expense sheet.

7. Forms 

HelloBonsai helps to create a form for your clients or the questionnaire to understand the brief of the requirements for the project or the work.

It is reusable wherein you can use the same form for new clients or projects.

Now, You must know almost everything about HelloBonsai Pricing. I would like to provide you with an alternate tool that has an easy-to-use interface and is much more affordable to pockets.

Kosmo is here to help!

Kosmo is an easy-to-use automation tool for freelancers and solo entrepreneurs. It helps to create custom contracts that can be e-signed and invoices that allow you to add your branding.

Furthermore, it caters to all the freelancer’s basic needs, starting from managing projects to writing invoices.

Kosmo Key Benefits

  1. Invoicing & payments

Kosmo allows you to create custom invoices with their professional-looking templates. At the same time, it also helps to track the payments received by the clients and send auto-reminders if the payments are delayed.

Kosmo provides ease in payment modes by giving all options including Paypal, credit card, and ACH Transfer.

2. Manage time & task tracking

It’s time not to miss any work or deadline of your projects because Kosmo is here for you. Tada!

Kosmo allows you to allot the specific time for every project so that no task runs out of time and can be managed. It leads you to track the time taken by each project and charge.

3. Creating proposals

To win your customer’s heart, you should have to show some professionalism at the first throw itself.

So, creating the first impression with professional proposals in a click is a happy morning coffee. Additionally, it will help us be up-to-date with the tracking feature when the proposal is viewed and accepted. 

4. Handling contracts

It’s important to save our terms in the legal contracts without fail and get them e-signed by the client.

Agreeing is no hard and fast rule with Kosmo, as it provides the structured templates of contracts to customize them according to business requirements.

Kosmo Features

  • Projects
  • Time tracking
  • Invoices and billing
  • Payments
  • Contracts
  • Proposals

Kosmo Pricing Plans:

 Free Plan 

  • 2 Clients
  • 2 Projects
  • 1 Invoice per month
  • 1 contract per month
  • Accept online payments
  • Time and task tracking

$9/Month Plan 

  • Unlimited clients
  • Unlimited projects
  • Unlimited invoices
  • Unlimited contracts
  • Unlimited proposals
  • Accept online payments
  • Time and task tracking
  • Custom invoice design
  • Custom contracts
  • Saved email messages
  • Priority support

Team Plan 

  • Contact them for pricing
  • Help you set a team
  • Provide APIs access
  • Much more

Kosmo Vs HelloBonsai Price Comparison 

HelloBonsai is not providing any free plan and at the same time, you have to enter your credit card details to avail of their 14-day free trial.

They are offering a starter plan for $24/month, but if you would wish to operate their all features then you need to shift to their $39/month Professional Plan or $79/month Business Plan (as per your need)

Plus, a fee of 1% is charged on top of Paypal and Stripe fees, in case you want to use your personal Paypal or Stripe account.

Kosmo provides an entirely free plan which includes 2 clients, 2 projects, 1 invoice and contract per month, and similar essential features. Additionally, You need not enter your credit card details to get started.

They commit that if your business grows in the coming future then you can anytime upgrade to their Unlimited Plan worth $9/month.

Also, Kosmo allows you to add your Stripe and Paypal accounts without charging any kind of processing or top-up fee.

Let me show you a pricing difference calculated in comparing their yearly plans: HelloBonsai starts at $204/year, but also has a $384/ year and $624/year plan. But, Kosmo provides a free plan coupled with a $90/year unlimited pro plan.


The Final Judgement: HelloBonsai Vs Kosmo

HelloBonsai and Kosmo are both project and client management tools created for freelancers to manage their projects.

Both platforms have almost similar features and tools. They differ based on their use for end-users and their customization and template options.

In the end, you have to choose according to your business requirements and needs. 

If you are a freelancer with no big team and looking for workspace, proposals, and invoices, and task and time management, Kosmo might be for you.

Why should I choose Kosmo? 

  • Provides a free plan to get started for new freelancers without worrying about the cost.
  • Easy platform with simple easy-to-use features.
  • professional and beautiful invoices, contracts, and proposals.
  • You will receive founder-level support from a company that cares about your success.

 Add your Stripe and Paypal accounts without charging any kind of processing or top-up fee.


Get Organized & Win More Clients

Kosmo has everything you need to run your freelancing business.

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Kosmo is a free All-In-One Workspace for Freelancers.