Top Coworking Spaces in New Orleans

Are you looking for a coworking place in New Orleans? Sometimes, working at home isn’t going to cut it for freelancers. Some people just can’t concentrate in a cozy environment while others prefer working around fellow freelancers.

A coworking space in New Orleans might just be what you need to boost your productivity. Whether you just want to check out what coworking is all about or you need a change of environment, you might want to see the top coworking spaces in New Orleans below:

1. The Warehouse

The Warehouse website

Located in the Bywater area of New Orleans, The Warehouse is a shared workspace that caters to the coworking community. The space has private offices, conference rooms, communal coworking tables, and also permanent desks that have lockable storage.

The Warehouse also has a private phone booth where you can take calls plus printing and copying services. Other features of this coworking space are indoor parking for bikes, coffee, a full kitchen, and of course, high-speed fiber internet.

If you are not yet ready to become a regular member of The Warehouse, you may opt for a day pass where you have access to the internet, communal spaces, and coworking tables. Maybe you’ll just be in New Orleans for a week or two, a punch card might be better for you as it offers 10-day passes.

2. The Shop at the Contemporary Arts Center

The Shop website

For creatives out there, don’t miss a chance to work surrounded by art and inspiration. The Shop is located at the Contemporary Arts Center in the heart of New Orleans. This massive 40,000-square-foot space is designed by award-winning Eskew+Dumez+Ripple, an architecture firm that infuses contemporary design with historic New Orleans.

Aside from the amazing location, The Shop at the CAC offers more advantages to freelancers looking for a coworking space in New Orleans. This includes unlimited beverages, such as cold brew coffee plus beer on tap, high-speed Wi-Fi, a full kitchen, and HD monitor workstations. There is also a roof deck where you can take a breather and enjoy the cityscape.

One of the best things about The Shop at CAC is that they can offer you flexible coworking solutions. You may also stick to getting day passes or regular memberships or flex passes. Each type of membership has its own perks and benefits.

3. The Blue House

The Blue House website

Get the chance to work at a historic building in Central City, New Orleans. The Blue House is a two-story building offering private offices and a coworking space. Set in a civic-minded community, this coworking space also features a library that is open to all members. You can find titles that fall under topics like poetry, economics, design, and more.

Keep yourself fueled and perked up as you work, The Blue House offers an excellent range of loose-leaf teas and delicious coffee (this is free for all types of memberships). You also don’t have to worry about your connection as this coworking space offers reliable internet. Apart from being fast, the internet is backed by load-balancing technology, battery power, and multiple ISPs.

The Blue House offers memberships where you can gain access to the working space four days per month or 24/7 access. For other types of memberships, you can enjoy a dedicated mailbox and a dedicated desk with storage.

4. Club Discovery

Club Discovery website

Entrepreneurs, technologists, and innovators will be happy to find a coworking space for them. Club Discovery is one of the original locations of the New Orleans Bounce. Situated in the funky and interesting St. Claude, this coworking space in New Orleans is in a unique community that is all about work, art, fun, learning, growing, and living life well.

At Club Discovery, you can enjoy amenities like a flexible workspace, free parking, free beer on tap, snacks, plus French Truck iced coffee. There is a receptionist on the premises available from 9 am to 5 pm, AV equipment, a game room, a full kitchen, and outdoor space.

All of the access plans at Club Discovery have high-speed internet. For coworking memberships, there is an open seating plan at the communal tables and coworking spaces. All memberships also have access to printers and copiers plus office supplies.

5. Propeller

Propeller Coworking Space website

Propeller is a non-profit organization that helps support and grow entrepreneurs to take on environmental and social disparities. It has a coworking space for foundations, nonprofits, small businesses, and freelancers.

A coworking area and lounge are open for members and 24/7 access is available. There is also a communal kitchen within the premises as well as off-street parking and bike racks. A copy machine, printer, and scanner are available for all members, and of course Wi-Fi.

There are different types of memberships available, including a Flex pass, ideal for freelancers who have a flexible working schedule or travelers. A 10-day punch pass is also available if you want to try out the space first before getting a monthly membership.

Choosing a Coworking Space in New Orleans

3 women working on a communal table at a coworking space

One of the best reasons to become a freelancer is you can work from anywhere. And although you don’t have an office, you can get the very next thing (or something even better), a coworking space. If you are looking for a coworking space in New Orleans but don’t know how to choose one, consider the following factors:

• Location

You shouldn’t have to travel too far to get to your coworking space. Make sure to choose one that can be easily reached on foot or will take just a few minutes to reach. After all, that’s one of the perks of freelancing, you don’t have to commute to an office every day.

You might also want to consider a location that really inspires you or is close to places that you need to be. Maybe a coworking space near cafes and restaurants or one that is conveniently close to your client.

• Membership

Each coworking space has its own membership options, you should choose one that will really suit your freelancing lifestyle. If you are one who really needs an “office” to work, then consider a full-time membership with unlimited use. Maybe you are a night owl, make sure your membership offers 24/7 access to the space.

It’s a good thing that coworking spaces in New Orleans have varied memberships. Some even offer flexible options that can suit your needs or requirements.

• Facilities

For some freelancers, all they need is a desk and the internet. But others prefer a well-appointed space that can invigorate their minds. So, do check out the facilities of a coworking space before making a long-term commitment. Do ask if the coworking space can offer you a tour before making a decision, some can also offer virtual tours.

Take advantage of day passes if you can. This way, you can really check out the facilities and amenities of the space instead of just relying on images on the internet. If you are the type who needs to take breaks while working, check out coworking spaces that have a full kitchen, a game room, or a roof deck. These shared spaces can help you as they can give you a chance to relax as opposed to just being chained to a desk.

• Community

Another good thing about using a coworking space in New Orleans is the community. Unlike an office, you don’t really get to choose who you work with. But in a coworking space, chances are you will meet like-minded freelancers like yourself.

There are some coworking spaces that are commonly occupied by people in the same industry. It will do you good to join one you are in the same industry in. This can give you a chance to network, branch out, or even collaborate. Who knows, joining a coworking space in New Orleans can land you a new gig or a long-term client.

• Activities/Opportunities/Events

Some coworking spaces foster their community by holding events or activities. If you are an extrovert or simply a freelancer who needs to network or get to know more people in the industry, it would be worth it to get a membership with a coworking space that has regular events. This is an excellent place to meet potential clients and collaborators. It is also a good place for finding opportunities when it comes to new projects and work.

• Inclusions and Freebies

Since there are tons of coworking spaces in New Orleans, each one has something unique about them. Do check out the inclusions as they might be little details but can be a big thing for you. For example, free coffee is included with the membership. It will mean a lot to you if you are a total coffee drinker. Think how much money you can save if you get a free cup of coffee instead of buying one on a daily basis at Starbucks.

If you have a car, coworking spaces with dedicated parking spaces free for members can also be a huge saving. It may not seem much but parking costs will rack up if you need to pay every day. Do take note of these small yet meaningful inclusions and freebies thrown in by coworking spaces.


A coworking space in New Orleans might just be the change you need to help you grow as a freelancer. It’s not just a place to work but it is also a place where you can be inspired, meet new people, and even find amazing opportunities. Do check out the top coworking spaces in New Orleans, what you could possibly learn, or more importantly, what you can achieve there.

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