Here’s How to Improve Digital Customer Experience (Top 10 Strategies)

Meta Description: Check out the how to improve digital customer experience guide to learn the top 10 strategies to grow your business and revenue in no time. 

Customer experience is an important item for businesses to grow today. But, digital media has made it harder to improve customer experience. 

According to a report, 86% of professionals are working to improve customer experience. 

But, only 1 in 3 people know how to improve the digital customer experience. 

So, if you’re also one of these people, this guide is for you.

This post will walk you through different strategies to improve the digital customer experience. I will also share some insightful tips to build a positive CX. 

What Does Digital Customer Experience Mean?

Digital customer experience means using digital tools to improve customer experience. 

It includes website layout, social media, data, and more. Digital CX has all parts that customers use to interact with your brand.

It involves everything that customers use to communicate with your brand. 

For example, your social media account that customers use to find information about your brand. Or your business website that users explore before buying. 

To improve customer experience, businesses have to work on optimizing their digital assets. This way, customers can better engage and interact with them.

How to Improve Digital Customer Experience in 10 Strategies

Are you moving your business to digital space? Then, this big change is not easy for businesses.

You must change your marketing and customer support strategies to fit digital shoes.

Wondering how to improve digital customer experience?

Well, you don’t have to do much to improve your digital customer experience. Just focus on your customers’ needs and preferences.

Along with this, you should implement these strategies to improve digital CX in your company:

1. Dive into data

Data is what you need to improve the digital customer experience. It will help you understand your customers and their pain points.

You can know what your customers are searching for online. Then, you can create products or services that your customers want.

Moreover, when you know your customers, you can develop better marketing plans.

Your customer’s feedback is the golden data here. You can collect customers’ feedback from different sources.

For example, you can go through your customers’ reviews and testimonials. You can also check comments your customers leave on your social media posts.

Suppose your customers are not happy with your delivery system. In that case, you can use client management software to record the customer’s delivery date.

This way, you will never miss a due date. In fact, you can align your team based on the set timeline. 

Here you can use Kosmo to manage your clients and projects better. 

This is a simple project management software. It has all the features that you require to deliver to your customers on time.

It has a client database management system. You can record all your client information in it. 

The best part is it is free software. For solopreneurs, it is a free tool. 

But entrepreneurs can get it for $9 per month or $90 per year. 

2. Have one-on-one interaction with your customers

Data is important to improve customer experience. But, it can only give you direction to improve CX.

But, you have to go beyond data to know what your customers think of your digital experience.

You must establish a personal connection with your customers. You need to get into your customers’ heads and know what they like about your digital experience.

Now, you don’t need to step into a psychiatrist role here.

Just opening a communication line with your customers is enough to know their facts.

The best way to do this is through social media. It allows you to communicate with your direct customers.

You can add survey forms, host webinars, or offer free goodies to your customers to share their feedback.

Data might not tell you the emotions that your customers feel when they interact with your digital assets.

But, listening to your customers’ words will give you a new direction to improve the experience.

3. Focus on personalization

Customers today want to feel like individuals. They want brands to understand their pain points and provide custom solutions.

Digital customers are very smart. They know when brands are using data or bots to communicate with them.

Today, you cannot expect customers to interact with your robotic emails. Instead, you have to create personalized emails or content for your customers.

Your digital experience must have personalization in it. Otherwise, you can not attract new customers. 

Personalization is important for all your marketing efforts.

For example, custom emails perform better than random emails. 

To create custom emails, you must segment your email list first. Next, you need to organize your subscribers based on different groups.

For instance, income, age, gender, and other demographic factors. You can create email content based on individual groups’ needs.

That’s because customers with different income groups have separate buying power. This can help you personalize emails with minimum effort. 

4. Offer omnichannel customer service 

Digital customers don’t like to wait. They want instant answers from you.

In this, if customers have to wait in a queue to get answers from your support team, this is a sign of a bad customer experience.

So, you should use different digital tools to provide omnichannel customer service to your customers.

Today, you have several options to provide customer support. For example, you can use phone calls, instant chats, emails, and so on.

In how to improve the digital customer experience guide, the customer support point is the most important one.

With different customer support channels, you don’t only get a chance to solve your customers’ queries faster. But, you can also get data from different sources.

Besides this, customer support channels like chatbots can free up your team’s time.

That’s because it can resolve small customer queries without an agent’s help. This way, your agents can use their knowledge to create the best user experience.

There is one small thing that you should remember while using the omnichannel customer support. You must maintain consistency across all your communication channels.

For instance, imagine your customer connects through email but moves to call in the middle. In this case, they should get the same experience across both channels.

Now that is not an easy part. Your email agent and call agent have different working styles and approaches. And this can reflect in their interaction.

But, this can ruin your customer’s experience. 

So, you have to use customer relationship management software here. 

The software will record all your customers’ data. This will help agents to maintain consistency across all channels.

5. Create a physical experience 

Okay, so this might confuse you. Wondering why I am talking about a physical experience in how to improve the digital customer experience guide.

Well, let me explain myself better. I am not saying that you should create a complete physical experience for your customers.

But, you should use technologies like virtual reality and augmented reality. They can bring physical experience to a virtual environment.

Not making any sense?

Let me share an example with you. Sephora app provides virtual makeup artists to their users.

This lets customers apply makeup on their faces in a virtual environment before buying it.

Sounds cool, right?

So, you can also include physical experience in a virtual environment to impress your customers.

6. Use artificial intelligence 

Artificial intelligence in customer experience can change the entire game for you.

You can manage your internal operations with AI. Also, you can boost your sales and revenue with this technology.

There are several segments of artificial intelligence that you can use to improve customer experience.

For example, using AI chatbots, you can provide 24 x 7 customer support to your prospects.

You don’t need to hire a call center from different time zones to provide 24 x 7 support your customers.

Chatbots can provide around-the-clock support to your customers. People can ask anything and anytime from chatbots.

The best part is that your agents have nothing to do with chatbots. 

They simply focus on creating better customer management strategies.

Artificial intelligence can also help to create a personalized user experience.

Brands like Netflix and Amazon prime are already using AI to sell related products to their customers.

You can up-sell or cross-sell products related to your previous customers’ buying history using AI algorithms.

This way, you will improve your user experience and your revenue altogether.

7. Make buying easy

Look at your website. Give a hard look at it and tell if you can move through your website with ease.

You are already familiar with your website structure. So it will not take much time for you to move around your website. 

But the person landing on your website for the first time is unfamiliar with your web structure.

So, they might not find relevant information or products on your website.

And if your website is not easy to access, no one will take the time to understand it. They will move to your competitor’s website.

So, you need to create an easy buying process on your website. Keep all the menus and pages clear. 

Use simple content and attractive graphics to help users find the right information on your website.

You can also select premade website themes that are already working online.

For this purpose, I will suggest you hire a professional website UX designer. 

Professionals can better guide you in creating websites based on your audience’s requirements.

8. Know your brand and audience 

Before learning how to improve digital customer experience, let’s first understand your brand and audience.

When you don’t know what your audience wants and what your brand requirements are. It is impossible to provide a good experience to your users.

Because every brand has different needs, based on your targeted industry and audience base, you have to define your customer experience.

Let’s take an example of the B2B and B2C industries. Both industries have different audience bases and product bases.

So, you cannot use one user experience strategy in both sectors.

This is because the B2B audience is more mature and professional. You cannot impress them with silly Instagram reels.

You have to offer them something informative and valuable information to connect with your brand.

On the contrary, B2C customs are less mature and professional. They want simple and relatable things.

So, understand your product and audience before creating your user experience strategies.

9. Measure your user experience 

Don’t rest after creating user experience elements. In fact, your real work starts afterward.

You must measure the performance of each element that you have used to improve user experience.

This way, you can understand which element is working and which one is not.

Using this information, you can invest your resources in elements that are producing better results. This will help to use your customer support team resources.

10. Keep on experimenting with new things

Customer experience is a continuous process. Your customers’ preferences and needs keep on changing with time.

So, you have to also keep on changing your customer experience strategies.

I advise you to study different blogs and forums to understand what’s trending these days. 

Based on that, you should implement new things on your website or social media platforms to build a better user experience.

Just keep on trying new things and analyzing their impact on your user experience. And, in no time, you can build a solid customer relationship plan.

How to Improve Digital Customer Experience: Conclusion 

There you go, people! You are now ready to improve the digital customer experience.

This how to improve digital customer experience guide has walked you through the top 10 strategies.

From data to personalization, you should focus on all the simple strategies to make your customers happy.

That is because happy customers are legacy customers. They always help to grow your business.

That’s it for now! You can also check my other blogs to learn more about software and marketing.

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