How to Find Slack Communities For Freelancers Plus Our Favorites

If you are looking for support, then you should know how to find Slack communities for freelancers. Hey, it’s normal, even if you are more of a lone wolf when it comes to working (which makes freelancing perfect for you) there will come a time that you may start feeling lonely or bored. Sometimes, it’s just nice to come upon like-minded people, fellow freelancers who understand exactly the challenges you are going through.

It’s a good thing that modern technology helps freelancers find a way to connect with others. Slack is more than just another messaging program that people use for work. Although it is more commonly used specifically only for communicating within companies and with fellow colleagues, it is now possible to chat with others. Not only will you be able to talk to people who are in other companies, but you can also now learn how to find Slack communities for freelancers.

How to Find Slack Communities for Freelancers Online

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So, how can you possibly find this support group that you are looking for? Slack communities are an excellent source for helping you grow as a freelancer. There are also chat groups where you can actually find freelancers to collaborate with or potential clients. Below are some ways you can start looking for a Slack community to join:

1. Google it

The first way how to find Slack communities for freelancers is one of the most common ways to learn just about anything—Google it. Simply type Freelance Slack communities and Google will come up with articles that have lists of communities that may prove to be relevant for you. Of course, this will need a bit of sifting.

2. Social Media

Next, you can utilize your social media accounts. If you have joined Facebook groups for freelancers, you can search comments, threads, or posts that mention Slack communities. Again, this will need a bit of combing for information. You can also explore the hashtag #slack or some variation of slack and freelancer on Twitter.

3. Ask freelancer friends

One of the best ways how to find Slack communities for freelancers is to ask trusted people in your freelance group. If you have freelancer friends, chances are they will be able to recommend you to a slack community that will be perfect for you to join. This way, you’ll be able to get a straight answer and maybe they can also list down a few pros and cons for you.

4. Check Reddit or Quora

Maybe you are new to the freelancing world and have yet to find freelancer friends or acquaintances. Not to worry, there are threads on Reddit and Quora that can offer valuable information on which Slack communities will be best for you.

5. Slofile

Slofile website homepage

If you want to find the Slack community on your own, simply use the dedicated website. It has a simple interface where you can simply type Freelance or any keyword that relates to your work. You can also choose by category, language, or region to narrow down the search for you.

Slofile is pretty helpful as it is specifically for Slack public groups. You can check out trending or popular groups, the current number of members on them, and even the channels.

A Few of Our Slack Community Favorites

If you don’t feel like searching for the right community just yet, you can check out some of our Slack community favorites below:

Creative Tribes

Looking to grow your “tribe”? This is what the #Creativetribes Slack community is all about. It’s about connecting you with other people that can help you with your craft or business. Members in this group vary, from start-up entrepreneurs to writers, developers, strategists, and more.

Designer Hangout

This Slack community has over 10,000 members from all over the world. This space is specifically for UX designers and researchers. Truly an excellent place to collab and evolve.

Online Geniuses

This Slack community is more than just a place for freelancers. It’s pretty much for everyone who is in the digital marketing ecosystem. It doesn’t matter if you are a freelancer, a consultant, a VP, a CMO, or even an agency owner, this space is for interaction and learning.

Freelance Lead

Need a bit of help finding work? Yes, it is quite tough to be a freelancer especially if you haven’t landed a client yet. It’s a good thing Freelance Lead is a Slack community that is here to help you out. They have dozens of categories to help you narrow down your job search. The community covers everything from 3D to programming and E-commerce to content.

Nomads Talk

One of the perks of being a freelancer is you can work from anywhere. Of course, it’s not 100% easy, especially if you want to work all over the globe. Nomads Talk is a Slack community that helps you connect with fellow freelancers or digital nomads who may be in the same city or country you are currently in.

Think about it, fellow members helping you find a place to stay in a foreign country. Or give you tips on how to go out and about, the culture, places to visit, and more.

Tips on Joining Slack Communities

By now, you should already know or at least have a concrete idea of how to find Slack communities for freelancers. But here are just a few tips to help you out as you move forward:

Be sure to read the community guidelines

Community guidelines page on Creative Tribes

Just like every community, Slack communities usually have a set of rules or guidelines you need to follow. Be sure to check these and see if you are able to comply right before you try to join. These communities or groups are here to help you and other freelancers thrive. You don’t want to be an unruly member or guest who gets kicked out.

Request an invite

This isn’t an instant thing where you find a community and you can immediately join. Each community is different and will definitely have a set of questions that you will need to answer. Some are pretty straightforward and will simply ask for your email address or user name. After you have answered the questions, you will then have to wait.

Once you receive your invite, you should then be able to access the community using your Slack account.

Check out memberships

You might notice, especially with larger or more popular Slack communities, that there are memberships available. What are these memberships? And should you get them? There are definitely Slack communities that have paid memberships that offer more perks. But of course, there are also free memberships.

So, should you get a membership? Well, it is up to you. Check out what you will be getting out of the membership and if it is worth it (and if you can afford it), then go right ahead. As long as there is value to these memberships and it can enrich your Slack community experience.

For example, there is a Slack community dedicated to offering channels wherein you can find freelance jobs. If you opt for the free membership, you’ll have access to all of these job listings. However, if you become a member, the job listings will be narrowed down for you (tailored to your job specification and location). You’ll also get direct messages on job matches so you don’t have to browse through the channel plus you’ll also be offered 1-on-1 job help sessions.

Don’t join every Slack community

Not joining a freelancing community is a big mistake for freelancers, but it is also wrong to join just about every available Slack community that will invite or accept you. Again, the community or group that you join should be able to help you grow or enrich yourself.

As a freelancer, you have to manage your time and resources all the time. If something is not contributing to your day or growth, leave it. It’s better to make space for a community that will actually help you. Don’t let your Slack end up cluttered or messy, you don’t need notifications that don’t help.

Contribute to the freelance community

You are not joining a Slack community just to take and take. That’s not really how it works. As much as you need to utilize the Slack community, it will not become a successful one if you don’t make contributions. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to give job leads or provide relevant information. If you are a new freelancer, you might think you can’t really contribute anything. That’s not true. You can always start up conversations (relevant ones), acknowledge other members who help you, be thankful, share the community with other newbie freelancers, etc.


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How to find Slack communities for freelancers can prove to be very valuable for any freelancer. Maybe the reason you started freelancing is that you want to work alone but there will always be a time when you will need to talk to someone else. It can be because you need a bit of help or support or maybe because you want to learn or grow.

Whatever the reason may be, don’t pass up the chance to learn how to find Slack communities for freelancers. Join a community, be a part of that community, and learn and grow together.

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